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  1. RGB cables IN STOCK at amazon.co.uk!

    Eeck i still remember getting 0/10 for wiring a plug in school (the wire just came out when the teacher held it) I don't think i'll risk DIY :p (destroy it yourself)
  2. cube version of zelda

    Well personally i sometimes press the + when i want the - and vice versa. I guess i'm not used to having a button down there :p It's all personal taste.
  3. cube version of zelda

    Graphically they are almost identical apart from the Wii's 480p/Widescreen Controlwise they are completely different... took a while to get used to the Wii Zelda control system but it feels more involved than a normal joypad. It's not without flaws, but the aiming of projectile weapons is flawless. If you have both i'd go for the Wii version.
  4. RGB cables IN STOCK at amazon.co.uk!

    Yep! There would be nothing to stop them doing this. Nintendo are all about the money i'm afraid.
  5. Official component cables vs madcatz

    In the past no unofficial cables have compared to the Nintendo ones, but surely they must be an improvement over composite.
  6. RGB cables IN STOCK at amazon.co.uk!

    If you have a non-HD TV then RGB will give you the best picture quality possible. I have the gamecube RGB cable and the difference is amazing. Thats why im trying to get hold of a Wii one!
  7. RGB cables IN STOCK at amazon.co.uk!

    Which one? I live in Holland and I am having big trouble getting hold of one
  8. Wii Sports Thread

    Okay i've given Wii Sports a thorough play through Tennis: Fantastic multiplayer experience, i'm pretty even when playing against my girlfriend (even though she doesnt understand the rules of tennis). The feeling that you're in the game is amazing. Bowling: There's so much skill involved in this and i play Wii Bowling exactly the same way that i play the real thing, ie terribly. But i am improving! Baseball: The timing of the swing is extreme, i am not enjoying this one as much as Tennis Golf: A pretty simple golf game that i am secretly enjoying when in multiplayer Boxing: Wow what a workout. I've had no arm problems playing any other Wii game (i also have Play, Zelda and Rayman) but after one game of Boxing it felt like my arms were going to fall off. Its the most frantic of the five games. If you have excellent reactions and timing you will have an advantage but my guess is most players will just flail their arms as fast as possible The training and testing minigames complete the package. If there was one thing i would have added it would be more single player options, for instance choosing which Mii's the CPU plays as in Tennis. But its a small complaint.
  9. Some Europe locations already selling Wii

    I was planning to check the local shop tomorrow for my Wii but i hadn't considered two days early O_o