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  1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Sometimes I wonder why I should even bother getting out of bed in the morning, knowing that Brawl won't be out any time soon. Haha. I'm quite happy that G&W is in brawl, him and young link are my main's in Melee. I've been playing a LOT of Melee lately. Apparently he's not as light as before now too.
  2. Super Mario Galaxy

    I was a little bit annoyed you couldn't actually get all the stars before facing bowser. I have a thing about collecting everything possible before finishing a game. I didn't attempt the last bowser in mario64 before getting 119 stars (since one of the stars was a red coin one in the last confrontation), and that took me 2 years to complete!
  3. Super Mario Galaxy

    4 days for 120 stars. I'm gonna have to play mario64 again to see if I've just gotten better at games, or if they've made it too easy. I hope I'm just better. It was an awesome game though, and I'm still playing through it with 'bonus guy'. Damn cosmic races! Purple coins were so hugely annoying, the toy and ghost ones in particular, and the trash-blowing-up stars. I wanted to kill someone. But I felt great afterwards and it was good to have something in there I couldn't do. Maybe not a perfect game, but it was pretty good. I've not played many new games this year so I can't say if it's game of the year...
  4. I can't think of any other games that meet your critera but I'm quite happy that someone else in the world remembers Toonstruck. One of my favourite games ever!
  5. First time I played Metal Gear Solid I had an 18 hour session at it! I'm not even sure why it took me that long to finish it, I got really stuck. Ah I miss my gap year.
  6. OOT or MM?

    But damn did I hate the well sequence in MM! (With the gibdos and all that).
  7. Paper Mario Thread.

    Yeah I'm gonna bag me a bit of Thousand Year Door now, I'm absolutely loving paper mario! I wanted it back on the n64 but could never find it in shops (and ebay etc was selling it for an absolute bomb), wonderful game, this.
  8. N64 analog stick

    Calm down kids. I wouldn't worry about wearing it down, that takes years of extreme play, and if you find out you do have an old controller... just head off to ebay and replace it when it's worn out. The N64 controller was one of my favourites, I don't know why people hate it so much.
  9. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    and be set in space.
  10. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Yeah I really had no idea what counted as a "pull" on the line for ages first time through. You catch one and it's hella easy. So how many of you have caught the hylian loach? (Not the baby loach of course) It's a lot easier than the loach in OoT.
  11. I think SSBM has hours into the thousands, though it's played by the whole family almost constantly. I've put at least a few hundred hours into OoT and Perfect Dark too. What're we doing with our free time??
  12. OOT or MM?

    I thought MM was great because of it's hardness. Not that it was too hard, but if you play a 3D zelda you simply don't expect any kind of challange really. I enjoyed that MM cost me a fair bit of health the first play through. I started playing through MM again with 3 hearts and as few masks as possible. And it's only taken a couple of hours to get to the last temple. I think that's a bit of a shame, we all know the main quest is darn short, but I was shocked at how quick you can actually zip through it. That's where OoT is better, the overall length. There are still 20 hearts and tons of collectables, but speed-running the game takes a lot longer.
  13. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Well I just checked the video again on youtube. He does actually say "us three light spirits" and you still only see 3 spirits. Sorry but it looks like a mistake to me! Also I'm interested too to see what people's opinions are, having played Twilight Princess before OoT (or any other zelda).
  14. Fav and least Fav Zelda enemies

    How could you hate bongo bongo? Shocking. I forgot about the sand boss from WW I should add that to my list. You could never target the tentacle thing properly. Frustrating AS
  15. Whats the worst thing about the Wii?

    Well when watching e3 I was excited as they built up to their main feature. They skimmed past mariokart and smash brothers and metroid and the zapper and pretty everything else untill they got to wii fitness. (Okay I didn't mean a surprise, I meant their big event-based feature.) It was a surprise to me that their main feature at a convention for gamers and people already involved in gaming, was something aimed at non-gamers. Maybe I'm not wearing the right tinted glasses but it came as a dissapointment that they were so eager to get through all their other titles to reach this one.