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  1. European Wii Preorders

    I might be around london launch time, so maybe I'll get mine there...just how early to I have to que up to get one at the launch event?
  2. Rip-off Britain...

    Paying more than anyone else is nothing new, but it does mean wii+zelda for me, everything else will have to wait untill christmas. And £45 for a new pad, that is pricy. Edit: what is wii-play?
  3. Religion

    I blame the news for taking the qoute out of context and showing to the whole world. What next someone qoutes stalin/hitler in a history lesson and gets called a Nazi/communist.
  4. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    Didn't I have the hoff as my charactor, or has my name just changed to Daneil without me noticing?
  5. Slogans run

    "wouldn't you like to be a mario114 to?" Quality stuff!
  6. speculation : Wii opera browser free in europe?

    Intresting, paying for opera seems a little pointless when it's free (with a small add bar) on pc's.
  7. Ask Charles Martinet A Question

    Does Nintendo still pay him for doing voices for new games or do they have them all recorded and just edit the ones from past games when needed?
  8. No DVD

    I wanted one, as I only have a ps2/pc for dvd players, the pc is unpractical, and the ps2 is noicy/slow and bulky. But DVD players are cheap, so it doesn't matter to much.
  9. European Wii Preorders

    I wonder is GAME still has my Zelda TP pre-order which I did like 2 years ago... I may go to GAME or maybe an intepandant store.
  10. Hai guyz i ned help plz

    Love it! I which I could do one like that, what to you use and is it really hard to do?
  11. European Event- General Chat

    So for a wii+second controller+zedla (the bare minimum a person could have), it was probaly come to something like £270. When shells are added, it could be around £330. Then you have to think about memory making it about £360. So basicaly it's going to cost me £360....better start saves up fast.
  12. European Event- General Chat

    I agree about the price, I mean £150 was what I was hopping for, it's not that much cheaper than a 360. If it had 2 pads and the shells, the it would ahve been a good deal, but I agree it's a bit late and a bit pricy. Of course I'll get one, but it will be for christmas.
  13. European Event- General Chat

    8th december, £180, a bit more than I first though it would be, and a little late, but at least it has wii sports.
  14. European Event- General Chat

    All I want to know is the date and price!!! How much longer can they make us wait!
  15. European Event- General Chat

    Their onto the wii stuff now...
  16. Link is now right handed (again), which I think is good new. All he needs is dark hair
  17. European Event- General Chat

    Yeer same here, I just want one this year
  18. Wii WindowBlinds Skins

    It looks really cool, I have downloaded it, but don't know what to do, whats a "windowblinds"?
  19. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    http://www.gamesradar.com/gb/wii/game/news/article.jsp?sectionId=1006&articleId=20060914104935531083&releaseId=2006022811153671099 I hope they make it good, and not some gimic. I really hope it's not on rails, though there is no reason for it to be what with the nun-chuck.
  20. The Hoff is on This Morning!

    I got up too late , but yeer his song is great "get in my car....." or something, the man is a ledgend!
  21. wii sports, and still a good price. Sounds good
  22. New iPods!

    Meh, nothing amazing. The shuffle is nice though, but the rest it to much like the current models.
  23. Japan.... 2 days in!

    Sounds pretty cool. I also look forward to your next update.
  24. 7 Sega VC Games Confirmed!

    I would be very intrested in some golden axe/streets of rage action.
  25. Picture fight! (56K Warning)

    Pirate CD's kill of bands only sales: