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  1. Getting two versions seems kinda of pointless. Dunno, maybe if I see the cube version cheap, it may be fun to complete it with differnt controlls.
  2. Nintendo in Talks with RockStar/Take 2.

    I wouldn't buy a GTA game, I think they are over ratted and as dull as a driver game. But lots of other poeple like them so it would only be good for Nintendo.
  3. Playstation Discussion Archive

    I wonder if other developers will go as far as having major content as a micro-transaction. I hope not.
  4. Richard Hammond Accident

    The bbc is saying he is out of intensive care now, which is good.
  5. If Wii has more power than an Xbox...

    If the cube was able to give us the amazing resi4/ww which I think are better than anything on xbox, I just can't understand why every wii title isn't at least a little better than resi4. Zelda is, but some other look a little plain at the moment.
  6. Rate the last film you saw

    Veer-saara A bollywood film, about the love between a Indain man and a Pakastani woman. The plot is containtly changing and makes for a gripping film. The sets allways add to the plot and the subtitling is decent enough. Normally I wouldn't ever watch this sort of film, but I found it very gripping and moving. I would say it's a must watch film, so it gets: 10/10
  7. It's like the army, they make you shoot off you right hand, regardless of your preffrance. All we need is a boot camp for lefties.
  8. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    I am deeply desturbed by the huge amount of batman votes so it's time some chuck norris propergande came out: http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=4225694162568122140&q=chuck+norris You heard right "nerves of steel". And some facts (you can't argue with facts): "The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain." "Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there." "Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice."
  9. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Well I had given up on ps3, but I though maybe they will do something intresting with ps4, but now I don't even care if they do or don't.
  10. Richard Hammond Accident

    Thats well bad. :(
  11. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Gt HD....what!!! thats just crazy and very greedy. Gt is about winning cars and buying them with virtual money won from races not buying cars with your own money. So: GT Hd, could cost £300-500 for the game, £500 for the ps3, £1000+ for the tv. So 2 thousand £ for someone like me to get the most out of a game series I "used" to like. Sony are just greedy, I may have got a ps1, and have got something stupid like 4 ps2's because they break easily, but I will never buy anouther sony console again. Ever.
  12. Richard Hammond Accident

    He is a top presenter, hope he pulls through ok, and gets back to doing what he does best.
  13. Super Mario Galaxy

    It would be really neat if they put a couple of co-op levels in it.
  14. European Wii Preorders

    I'm ganna go to GAME soon, and ask "how many pre-orders have you got so far, and how many consoles have you been alocatted" If they answer correctly, I shall place a pre-order with them.
  15. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    Chuck doesn't need a car, he doesn't travel ever, he just calls and stuff obeys and comes to him.
  16. next gen discs

    They don't/can't own the whole format themselves.....right?
  17. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    Yeah of course :indeed:
  18. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Not sure what it's off, but it looks pretty neat. 8.5/10 Check out this beuty that Fresh made for me:
  19. 1ups Wii test (they were disappointed)

    I agree, that is a killer line up.
  20. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    Batman wouldn't stand a chance against Chuck. Chuck would rip his wings off, and stir fry them for breakfast. Chuck wins
  21. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    The Bauer facts:
  22. Happy Birthday Chuck!

    have yeee selfs a yarrrrrrr-ing good day...aaaaaaarrrrr
  23. Y'arr, it be Mike Zim's Day

    havvv yaaaaaaaar self's arr happy day....arrrrrrr!
  24. But the CDI ones wern't even made by nintendo. I'm sure I will like it lots no matter what score it gets, and I still think it's online for a 99%.
  25. Blind Kid Gets a Wii and TP

    Yeah, you are right on both points, I mean his hearing is just the same as ours and we can't hear clicks ecoing off stuff. And if he is blind, with or without "eco powers" he still won't be able to play it properly. But if he does have some vission then he'll like it.