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  1. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    It is just me or is this now the offical thread of funny cat pictures.
  2. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    Geoffrey for the win!11!!!! the mans a ledgend.
  3. Those Damn Dogs

    Some breeds are much more violent that others, I used to have a big dog which was so nice, it never once bit or grawalled at anyone. It could easily cause a lot of damage, but it wasn't in it's nature, it was fine with my rabbits and other dogs. It was a much bigger and stronger dog that a pit bull, (alsasion/labourador cross), but it no way was it ever dangerous. I now only have a minuture yorkshire terror (which is physicall uncable of hurting anything, being thats it's only 7 and half " tall), and a westie, both are very good tempered and never grawl or bit or anything like that. I agree it's down to the owners, the dog mentioned in the article above had allready once before shwon signs of agression so there was no excusse.
  4. Lost - Series 3 [spoilers]

    The island must be close to something of intrest, the boat that Micheal took was very small and not exactly fit for huge sea voyages and can't have that much fuel in it.
  5. Yeer I guess so, it's just the though of all that text on a normall tv.
  6. Would it only work well with a HD LCD tv?
  7. N-Europe Hall of Fame.

    Hehe nice.
  8. Revolution and the Wavebird.

    It would be cool, if you didn't even need to plug the adapter thing in the wii, maybe it will pick up the frequeinces like it picks up the wii remotes.
  9. Lost - Series 3 [spoilers]

    I wonder why lock wasn't on the list, as henrry said something about lock being good or respecting him in a past eposode, right?
  10. N-Europe Hall of Fame.

    Your to good for such a list.
  11. European Wii Preorders

    I need to get to GAME soonish. I only want a wii+zelda. I won't be able to pick it up untill the 16th, so am worried GAME will just sell it on.
  12. Sounds good, as it would be useful but not quite worthy of money.
  13. Graphics aren't important? Bullsh*t

    I play games for the fun, graphics are not the main thing I look for, but they can add a lot to a game. A game doesn't need to have a powerfull system to look nice, take wind waker, it looks amazing, and I am yet to see a game which I think the graphics look as good as it.
  14. Rate the last film you saw

    I just watched the first half of that today (again), am going to watch the rest tonight. I agree a 10/10.
  15. N-Europe Hall of Fame.

    I've been here since C-E, thats long enough right....
  16. Trading in My Gamecube

    I am going to keep mine, the controllers will be useful for the wii, and I use the scart wire for my N64. Also free-loader for AC is I ever want to go back to it. And how could I sell it, all those memories, it shall now take pride of place in my box of old consoels/wires and random controler pads.
  17. Channel 5 - 8pm - Greatest Ever Blockbuster Movies

    Some of those films were just trash, and so many better films were left out.
  18. Connect video lead to tv, connect sound leads to high-fi. Put in zelda. Put self on seat in front of tv. Remain in said posistion for a unhealthy amount of hours.
  19. N-Europe Hall of Fame.

    Retro lover should be on there as he's a cool chap, a regular user and the admin of the N-Europe counter strike clan.
  20. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    Maybe we both chose him without noticing. Anyway the hoff is big enough to be shared around.
  21. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    Ok I vote for the hoff as he's my charactor (though he doesn't have my name next to him?). Reason being.....it's the hoff. "Don't hassel the Hoff!"
  22. Religion

    I disagree with the above I have seen and even been part of Christians events etc which do reach out work such as helping people, the motive is not to brain wash the needy, it's to help them. I have never heard of any such Christian outreach, which only helps those who listen or do bible studies. So, on you basis all Christians should stop doing charity work? If there is some that (and there probably is) that only helps people on a basis that they have to become Christians or do bible studies, then I would agree it's wrong. The should make known they are Christians, but they should help the needy first, and not care what the needy people believe. I do think it's a good way to convert (helping them), as people will see the unconditional love that is given to them and wonder why it is people are so kind, but a Christian should not show love and kindness to just convert people, they should show love unselfishly always (which is easier said than done).
  23. Picture fight! (56K Warning)

    I also can't think of anything that can bea bill&ted. hmmm...*I'll be back*. Haha.... a better time traveling film: http://daw.dyndns.org/images/movies/posters/Back%20to%20the%20Future%2003.jpg With Nintendo's seal of quality, surly nothing can beat it...? Edit: Link wouldn't work....so no ninty seal anymore. Edit2: To slow with the editing so IMG tags removed.
  24. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    Don't know who either are, but Dogtanian is a cool name. I vote: Dogtanian