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  1. European Wii Preorders

    That system sucks, I am so glad I went with GAME. GAME allocate a console to each person, and contacts them when thiers is in stock, giving them 48hours to pick it up.
  2. European Wii Preorders

    Apperantly the 2 main GAME stores in my town will be getting in 200 wii's each, I heard this from a friend who was told this when pre-odering his wii. Is this something the store made up, I didn't think stock was allready allocated?
  3. Gaming Has Never Been More Geeky (rant)

    Attack of the big posts....I find them intimidatting -I agree with what you said Fierce_link, I only play games I think are fun, stuff like clock speeds no longer bother me, looks is all about presenation, which is why I think a game like lttp looks 1000% times better than GTA 3. Gameplay and presentation are what matters.
  4. Photshop This: Kaz Hirai & Phil Harrison

    Yours are great redshell.

  6. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    2. The strokes -you only live once. Edit: Nice idea for a round
  7. Playstation Discussion Archive

    I was thinking the same thing. I didn't think it looked that big, untill I looked again at my old style ps2, then back at the picture, then came to the conclusion it would dawf a wii (but only in size).
  8. Extras tonight

    Forgot it was on.....might just catch the ending though... Edit: or not
  9. Playstation Discussion Archive

    That thing is huge and in no way stylish. Anyway, what does everyone make of the fact some analysits are reporting that it's frequently overheating (so close to it's release)?
  10. 45mins sounds well good, surly it's the thing of all hard-core zelda fans dreams. So ok windwakers sailing got a little dull, but I still sailed every square inche of the game, and it only got dull becuase there was a lot of travelling without much new to see, and at the time I was to bussy admiring the grahics to care about how long sailing was taking. I agree with Knifes, 45 mins probaly isn't a stright line.
  11. Dodgems or Bumper Cars?

    I call them bumper cars and aim for everything in sight.
  12. The web browser does look nice, and will mean I can post of here from my bedroom.
  13. Wii Kiosks - Kid unfriendly

    At least it will stop chavs breaking/thiefing the controllers. I won't use my card to play, I'm ganna save the expeirnce untill christmas day, then I'll lock myslef away, untill Zelda:TP is completed.
  14. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    8. Aragorn was 88 when he got married. He is one of the dunedan, blessed with long life.
  15. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    4, Who scored the fastest premiership goal and who was it against? Ledley King for Tottenham against Bradford. Edit: He played for spurs. But still against Bradford, in 10seconds.
  16. Wii Ethernet kit coming...

    Will the ds wi-fi dongle allow the wii to go online?
  17. I remember that didn't it have some sort of fancy flooring/stone work or something?
  18. RE Isketch Tonight?!

    I was 3 times in the top 3, but never first, if only I could spell giraffe I would have won a game.
  19. Rally with the Shabba Massive!

    To... the bat-mobile.
  20. Happy Birthday, Platty!

    Happy Birthday Platty!!! Have a good un'
  21. European Wii Preorders

    I'm only home on the 16th, so will probaly get mine for Christmas, so as long as I get it before the 25th I'm not to fussed.
  22. The Hoff Alert - Get Hoff To Number 1!

    Might get myself a Coke + hoff soon.
  23. European Wii Preorders

    I went in to GAME today and I'm: 111th, yes that is not a typo 111. I went to gamestation who were neraly at 60, and decided that GAME would probaly get more stock, the guy said that thinks the (large) Norwich store should be getting in one wii per pre-order. Norwich is in the top 5 shopping cities, and it was the biggest GAME store in the area, so I'm hopping the get more than 111. I also ordered Zelda:tp.
  24. What does you name mean?

    Type you name in here, and it tells you what it means: http://www.parenthood.com/babynames.html Heres mine Nikolas: Male Slavic - "Victorious; conquerer of the people. Variant of Nicholas." And mario means "Bitter".