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  1. My Christmas Miracle

    Thats really good news. Happy christmas!
  2. Shrek the Third Trailer!

    Shrek 1&2 are great, so can't wait for this. And that pinochio bit was very funny!
  3. Hi guys, n00b here.

    3rd greetings from me
  4. The Christmas Thread

    I got a capo for my guitar in a sectret santa, for my person I got gave a box of little goodies. We had a £5 limit in place, which was very hard to stick to, so everyone went over.
  5. The Suffolk Murders

    I don't think brothels would be a good idea, instead I think there should be more support to get them off drugs and their lives changed. I feel really sorry for the ones who need to still work the streets (while theres a murder around), becuase they need the money for drugs.
  6. I want to learn how to play Electric Guitar

    O yeer, well I can do a "d" and an "a" and stuff... -lol. (I don't even know what 16th notes are but they sound hard and confussing). I think I'm getting better now, got a capo the other day, and someone gave me a spare tunner, so kit wise I'm good for now. Need to get more pics though, as I lost my faverite ones, and the ones I have left I find to hard). I am going to learn chords, strumming and start basic scales on my acocustic, then get an electric at some point. I might get a cheapo flying-v off ebay just for a laugh.
  7. Bad Influence

    I can remember that, wasn't to bad a show.
  8. Post Your Christmas Tree 06

    Don't have a tree up yet, as I may be moving house before christmas.
  9. European Wii Preorders

    Can't wait untill christmas, then I'll get to play my wii, for 2 weeks, then back to collage and no more wii for 10 weeks.
  10. I want to learn how to play Electric Guitar

    I'm learning guitar, I started a few weeks backs, got myself a £300 electric-acoustic. I can do all the (normall)open cords easy now, but can't do any bar ones yet, and am finding strumming patterns a bit challanging. I have lessons off a friend for a very good price. Am going to learn electric next year.
  11. Are they going to release that cool music track with shield/sword in the UK?
  12. MS Windows Vista Box Shot

    I'm ganna buy myself an AMD 64 dual core 3800+ proccer pc, in the januray sales, and get one with vista home premium. It's about time I upgraded my 1.2 ghz machine.
  13. Wii Hardware Discussion

    I'm ganna get a 2gb mini sd card for my phone, can I also use it in the wii, if I wanted to?
  14. European Wii Preorders

    Yup I did :p
  15. HDTV to go with Xbox360

    They sound well good.
  16. Ubisoft: ‘We Will Beat EA’

    The more firms the better, as there will be more choice and better prices, also I like their (Ubi) ideas and wouldn't want EA to force new teams and prodjects on them.
  17. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    Yup they were the same, I put the old one up and edited it with the updates, dunno why. Did it really say it on the scope my screen is quite bad quality so I couldn't make anything out on it, opps.
  18. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    yup and yup. Ok, I think I have updated this list right: Ninja Mullet - 16 Twilight_Link - 15 Noodleman - 14 dabookerman - 12 Shino - 11 gmac - 9 Meik - 9 ViPeR - 6 EchoDesiato - 7 weeyellowbloke - 6 Katie - 6 Rokhed00 - 6 Aimless - 5 Conzer16 - 5 Platty - 4 Cubechris - 4 Monopolyman - 5 Mario114 - 4 Tom - 5 Moria - 3 Dan Dare - 3 Jordan - 3 Cube - 3 Caris - 2 Fierce_Link - 2 Zell - 2 The3rdChildren - 2 The Fish - 2 McMad - 2 Kaeporagaebora - 2 Moogleviper - 2 Arragaun - 2 Mario_jr - 2 CVD - 1 Ashley - 1 EEVILMURRAY - 1 welsh_gamer - 1 Enigma - 1 spirited away - 1 gaggle64 -1
  19. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    nope. yup (go hoff!) -2 left to go- Edit:Unless this is the last round, someone needs to do the next one?
  20. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    Ninja Mullet, yup thats right Twillight link yup also right. I guess.
  21. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    -All the above are correct- Mario_jr I'm pretty sure it's one answer per person. Edit out your second answr, and I'll count you top one. soz ninja mullet looks like Meik just beat you to it. (within the same minute)
  22. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    Correct (and fast)
  23. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    Ok some of thse are really easy, but here goes: 1. Name the film: -Meik (Richard Attenborough directed it) 2. What is this console? -mario_jr 3. Name the country -Ninja Mullet 4. Name this gun -Noodleman 5. Name the breed of dog -Twilight_Link 6. Name the country this mountain is in. -Monopolyman 7. What is the building called? -spirited away 8. Name this game? -EchoDesiato 9. Name the car? -Tom 10. What day is it today according to radio 1 -gaggle64
  24. Playstation Discussion Archive

    hehe, very ture.
  25. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    One left to go (right?).