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  1. Hi mate, I'm booking delivery details now but I need a phone number form you to complete the order. Can you send it to my inbox?


    Cheers, Nick.

  2. Hey man, wanna try our PES games this morning?

  3. Yeah 1 sounds good, I'm off to work at 2.30. I've added you anyway so just msg me when you're ready. Do you want to do both games with the classic controller or one with it and one with the nunchuck?

  4. Added you this morning so when you come online it should show.


    Yeh I prefer classic as well. Just send me a message when you're ready later on.

  5. What's your friend code? I'm online now, mine is 3867-4668-7501


    Are we playing classic controller for both games or one of each?

  6. Seems like Home Delivery are 'closed' over a weekend, so I'll be calling back on Monday morning. I'm really sorry about all this fuss, I'm extremely unhappy with them and won't be using them again.

  7. Yo, sorry I didn't stick around on the Conduit earlier I had to go out, I have no Wii speak which was why there was no response but let me know if you fancy a game sometime.