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  1. Imagination vs. Realism

    Well I don't really know, it just feels really fresh. I got it on launch at 5AM with Zelda, Red Steel, Wii Play and Monkey Ball. I'll be the 1st to admit that Zelda is the most dissapointing. Since then I've played alot of crap, CoD3, FarCry, Sonic, Tony Hawks, and I also think the Wii has more terrible games than any other console. At launch I LOVED Red Steel. Generally speaking its a fairly poor game. Technically its not brilliant. What I loved about it was the fresh, new feeling I got kind of like the FPS had been re-invented. It was an experience similar to playing goldenye for the 1st time. It's an intriguing game by the fact that despite all its short comings its can be extremely fun to play and very its challenging. I finished monkey ball in a week and found the main game incredibly fun. Again it was very tough, requiring alot of time and skill but it felt extremely rewarding to finish. I would say its the most rewarding game I've played in a long time. I've had lots of fun on 2 player with my girlfriend on Wii Sports, Wii Play and Warioware. Before she had only played Animal Crossing but she Loves the Wii. Since launch I've bought Excitetruck which is immense ammount of fun and really reminds me of the SNES and 64 days. I still can't finish platinum on Super Excite. Certainly the most fun game I've played on the Wii. I have Godfather which the control system truly brings to life, sure the location is very poor and plain but its so much fun just to wander round and take over shops! Kororinpa has a really old-school feel to it, again its quite hard but also quite rewarding. It strips gaming down to it bare roots and delivers a challenging game that rewards true skill and patience. The of course there's the VC which I don't need to say much about because everyone knows how awesome it is. I used to think I was a bit of a Nintendo Fanboy, but its actually Nintendo's games I've enjoyed the least. There is just SOOO much crap out on the Wii its hard to see the good games in the pile of turd ones. I guess the thing is about the 360, which I think is an excellent console with excellent features. It's just too.. "expected." It's like developers have given up on giving us someting new and just stuck with the formulas that work. This doesn't surprise me due to all the spiraling development costs though. I think the PSP proves that if you just keep getting more and more powerful you eventually come to a halt, there are no really standout games on it. I think it's crucial for the 360 and PS3 to really strive to break the formulas and find their own identities instead of competing to be the "most powerful" or "feature packed." It's exactly like the SNES being bundled with a VHS and the Mega Drive a BETAMAX. In 10 years time people wont care what music you had on your console, if it could play HD-DVD or Blue-Ray, at the end of the Day its the games that make a console stand out.
  2. Imagination vs. Realism

    I totally agree with you, the sense of unknown and learning new control methods really appeals to me. I can't wait to see what new experiences the Wii will bring. What really gets to me though is the idiots that are like "WOAH PS3, Hi-DEF GRAPHICS, 5.1 Surround sound, Totally ralistic physics, it's SO IMMERSIVE AND REALISTIC!" However, you press circle to punch and your controller cant even muster up enough courage to rumble.
  3. Imagination vs. Realism

    I have Viva Pinata, and while its my favourtie game on the 360 which I feel definately brings something new to the console, its just not up there with the likes of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon in terms of gameplay. I have played PGR 3, which was awful compared to the excellent PGR2. I found gears or War dull, repetative and short. Crackdown is fun for about 5 hours and then the novelty wares off... I am yet to play Virtua Tennis but will keep it in mind. As for Xbox live, I have 2 seperate month long trials and I don't think I've ever been so insulted in a wide manner of ways in such a short amount of time. It's INCREDIBLY difficult to find a decent game, with decent opponants on any game. Whenever I was winning a 1-on-1 game the other user would quit. I guess it would get better when you have an expansive friends list, which I don't, though I don't think it can compare to having 3 mates round and some beers. Downloadable content is a good idea though and I'd like to see that implamented in some form on the Wii in the future.
  4. Should I sell my Wii for a 360?

    I bought a 360 2 weeks ago, to support my Wii! CRAP! I'm already selling it, (http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=504313). It's got NOTHING on the Wii, the games are stuck in the last generation with prettier graphics, bigger worlds and silly ragdoll physics. It offers nothing new and Live is a pain to find equally matched opponants. I would save your money if I was you, I had much more fun in the 1st 2 weeks playing my Wii than I did playing this, Pro Evo 6 and Smackdown are basically PS2 games. PGR3 is turd compared to PGR2. GoW is overrated tripe. Perfect Dark is a poor excuse for a shoot 'em up that pales in comparison to Red Steel and has poor cinematics and awful level design. Oblivion is the only decent game I've played which still feels really like Morrowind v.2. Project 8 is awesome, but available on the PS2. TRUST ME THE WII IS THE REAL NEXT-GEN!
  5. N-Europe Xbox 360 Gamertag List

    Nicketendo - Nicktendude
  7. ExciteTruck

    Bought it this evening from Gamestation. Pretty fun game. Got an S, 2 A's and a B in Bronze Cup. I like how easy it is to pick up and play and the sense of speed is really good too. I think I will like it even more as I get into it. A good game in my opinion. Nice Graphics. Definately has that Nintendo feel to it.
  8. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    This looks amazing!
  9. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Majora's Mask was my favourite Zelda. Just the shher amount of thought and effort that went into completing the bombers notebook alone was awesome, never mind the main quest! The world map was cool aswell especially Zora Beach and Snowhead.
  10. great bargain

    You can't I'm afraid. You can only use the 4 that are already on the game.
  11. What is a good game to get?

    I would definately recommend Smash Bros. Melee, Resident Evil 4, Star Wars: Rogue Leader, Eternal Darkness and Animal Crossing. Pretty much every game mentioned on here is good but they are my pick out of my 50+ Cube collection Super Mario Sunshine, while not as good as the 2d Classics or SM64 is still frickin' awesome and something different for a Mario Game. Harvest Moon games are good, Starfox Adventures is quite good, its certainly not terrible it's kinda like a hybrid of Zelda, Jet Force Gemini and Lylatwars. Not great but good. Other games... ToS is awesome as are Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin 2, F-Zero GX, Burnout 2, Wind Waker, Beyond Good and Evil, Chibi-Robo, Resi 0 and 1, Waverace, Viewtiful Joe. The gamecube has loads of great games and their mainly the exclusive ones. If you want to get all these rare games cheap go to EBgames.com its an American site but most games are around a tenner or less! Including paper mario and ToS. Buy yourself a european freeloader (Play-Asia 12 quid delivered) and your away. You do pay slightly more for delivery and a small handling fee to UPS when they deliver it but it works out MUCH cheaper than ebay. I got 7 games for $100 delivered which is roughly 55 quid, then 12 quid to UPS. Thats a total of 67 quid. On ebay I was looking at nearly 130 quid so it just shows that its better. Good luck anyway!
  12. New GC Freeloader works on PAL Wiis.

    Just bought it off play-asia. I hope it works cause all my best GC games are US Imports and I've had to move my GC upstairs to a tiny little 12" screen. I don't see why Nintendo would release a firmware to block this as its a Gamecube device. Surely the gamecube data inside the console runs off a seperate emulation device and why would nintendo need to update the gamecube? I think if the ever bring out a wii-specific one firmware will be released to block that eventually but not for Gamecube-only software...
  13. Ideally I would like 2 componant inputs, if thats possible. I have a buget of around 750. In the near furure I want to connect a Nintendo Wii, an NTL box and An Upscaling HDMI DVD Recorder. I will be buying before september, is there anything particularly special I should know about between now and then? I have been Looking at, TOSHIBA WLT66 My mate has one and says its rather lovely. PANASONIC LXD60 SONY BRAVIA (I have no idea whats better out of S, U and V series so help would be appretiated! I don't want a Philips, Samsung or LG as I've heard there picture quality is not as good as the above. Ghosting, Pixellation and Black levels really annoy me, I had a cheap, terrible 20" LCD before reverting back to an CRT for now. if something's not black I will notice it and it will annoy and I wont be satisfied so Blacks have to be as black as possible. I am looking for - in Order 1) Picture Quality 2) Connectivity 3) Looks (important to my GF, not so much me) 4) Sound I also don't care if it has a Digital tuner in but it must be HD ready. Thanks for taking the time to read this and solve my dilemma! What are HD CRT's like, are they better picture-quality-wise than LCD?
  14. Which 32" HD reday set should I Get?

    I've read excellent reviews of the Toshiba though, Heard great things about it and its considerably cheaper online. I'm pretty much ruling out a Sony as I've heard the new models are slowly getting worse and generally it's overpriced crap. I do LOVE panasonics though...
  15. Opera Trial Channel Impressions

    try iloveim.com that has msn messenger working on the wii browser.
  16. For non-HDTV owners desperate to play wii/gamecube games in 60hz and a with a better picture, they are now in stock at amazon.co.uk for the generous price of 17.99! They are sold out in all shops where I live (Leeds) and its likely to stay like that 'til next year. Snap 'em up quick!
  17. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Why does red steel have black borders in 4:3 mode. And why wont my Action Replay work. I am becoming very dissapointed with my wii...
  18. 10 Most Wanted VC Games!!

    What VC games do you want more than ANYTHING??? 10) Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES) 9) World Driver Championship (N64) 8) Perfect Dark (N64) 7) Super MArio Allstars (SNES) 6) Beetle Adventure Racing (N64) 5) Aladdin (SNES) 4) Jet Force Gemini (N64) 3) Goldeneye 007 (N64) 2) Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie (N64) 1) Blast Corps - I NEEEED it! (N64) Sadly most of those games are by RARE so they're unlikely They would all be cool though.
  19. 10 Most Wanted VC Games!!

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Me - :horse: - Microsoft
  20. ExciteTruck

    I think Excitetruck looks awesome. I'm really gutted this want a launch title and despite the poor reviews I will definatly be picking it up in February. Oh yeah and Waverace was truly awesome. I was dissapointed by the last level, I think that was because it was 3 years before I managed to finally reach it...
  21. Nintendo Wii Launch Date Announced!!!

    I'm really looking forward to Friday, my local store, ironically "360 Games" is opening at 7AM where I have the pre-order. This is the first time a console has launched where I don't need to borrow money or rely on my parents so I'm gonna be walking out with ---> Wii Console + Wii Sports Extra Wii-mote and Nunchuck 2 Classic controllers Wii Play Zelda Red Steel Monkey Ball RGB Scart Lead 4000 Wii Points I'm debating whether or not to get Downhill Jam though... I think it is pretty expensive but not so in America or Japan, I thik living in Britain we kind of have to expect price hikes. I'm really hyped up though much more so than N64 or Gamecube.