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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (29th May)

    Got this on Friday, previously only played about 10 hours of the sequel before getting distracted and then being completely disinterested in getting back into it for some reason (although I think I enjoyed it). Put 10 hours into it already and loving it (bloody good job since I went for the collectors edition when it popped back up on shopto the other week) The only thing about the graphics that's even slightly caught my eye, in a negative manner, is the pop in of the grass, which is also quite a laugh with it being at such a consistent distance. Then again I've been playing Nintendo consoles for my entire life so they're not usually something I'm all that snobby about
  2. General Switch Discussion

    It's a mixed bag to say the least. On the plus side it's pretty cheap and you get access to few NES and SNES games (with online multiplayer) but the rest of it is... well it's a typically "unique" Nintendo experience i.e don't be expecting any of the other online features that have been standard on other platforms for years xD