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  1. Fifa 10

    on what console?
  2. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Can anyone suggest any good PSN games? It'd be much appreciated :awesome:
  3. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I would have done if I didn't buy it on my day off
  4. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I'm not rich, I get staff discount and receive a beautiful thing called a student loan lol
  5. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I gave in and got a PS3 slim on tuesday even though I already have a 60GB. I had to get it just to see what it was like (pointless I know, I just like the look of it). I actually prefer my 60GB. I don't know whether to keep the slim, trade it in for a PSP go or just sell it
  6. DS/DSi General Discussion

    yeah i work at GAME, you just need to bring in the invoice sent with the item. If you have a reward card they'll put your points back on it for you (if you've used any that is)
  7. DS/DSi General Discussion

    I've pre-ordered a black one from GAME online... I might just change my mind and go for a white one... Hmm, decisions, decisions...
  8. Resident Evil 5 Demo Hits XBL Next Week

    LMAO! Funny guy, that cracked me up
  9. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Great my elite has just died for the THIRD time!!! My manager at GAME said he'll try and swap it for me so its ok I suppose. I really can't be bothered to phone microsoft up and then wait a week for them to get my console back to me...
  10. Pro Evo 2009

    The PS3 version of this completely sold out in a matter of hours in the GAME I work in
  11. FIFA 09

    Its just the diving headers im having a problem with. I know you have to hold LT and double tap X, but the keepers always save!
  12. FIFA 09

    Yeah, the odd few people come in saying they're holding out for pro evo because 'its a football players game'
  13. FIFA 09

    In the GAME i work in the 360 version is selling the best followed by PS3 and then PS2... I've only sold 1 Wii version and haven't seen anybody buy the PSP or DS versions
  14. FIFA 09

    I work in GAME so i get a 25% discount
  15. FIFA 09

    Whats this exclusive mode then? This might just sway me towards the PS3 version...