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  1. second batch

    i also searched everywhere but no hope:( did manage to get wii play from comet tho... annoyingly as i was walking past the tvs' they all came to life with the wii advert
  2. i have come to a hard yet reasonable descision regarding the wii... since i cant seem to get my hands on one anywhere i have decided to wait until the end of december to try again.. i currently have a pre order of red steel and a wii at gameplay.com however they do not know when they are getting thier new stock in. and since i dont think i shall have it by xmas (pre-ordered very very late:( ) i shall make THIS FRIDAY my last attempt at getting a wii. Of course if i find one i shall snap it up... if not i shall buy maybe a couple of games/accessories if i can get my hands on them. then get the wii after xmas.. anyone else come to this theory or has every1 still got hope??
  3. European Wii Preorders

    I have just been on the live chat thing on the gameplay website. i asked when they are expecting the next shipment of wiis and the 'agent' said next week.i also asked if it was possible that i would get one before xmas (pre-ordered yesterday) and the answer was the same:) so i guess i shall just wait and see
  4. European Wii Preorders

    maybe itll be worth me ordering with them then:)
  5. European Wii Preorders

    i cancelled my pre-order at play.com last night as they screwed me over and i thought id have a better chance of getting one from toys r us this morning... i got there 10 minutes after they opened to find out they had just sold the last 1:(... i got home today and registered with as many sites as possible trying to atleast secure a pre ordered one... i went on gameplay ordered a wii with red steel (zeldas in the post) and it says ordered.. what does this acctually mean? will i get one in the near future or after xmas
  6. European Wii Preorders

    Well its confirmed:( play will not be sending me my wii for tomorrow even though i pre-ordered. i am however on a new list which will let me get one in the next batch... think im gonna cancel it and go looking for 1 in town tomorrow.... its the only option i have:(
  7. European Wii Preorders

    im thinking about cancelling with play.com:( i still dont know whats going on... my order status is preordered when i made the initial order agggess ago what you guys think??
  8. European Wii Preorders

    has anyone ordered from play.com?? they have just confirmed that I will be getting zelda on friday but the wii still says preordered :( any one else ordered from them?? if so when did you order and whats your status;)
  9. European Wii Preorders

    i pre-ordered from play.com in september and they dont seem to know if ill get 1:( has anyone here had emails from play.com confirming their order being sent on launch day ??
  10. European Wii Preorders

    Ive just realised... this is the 1st time ive EVER opened up my online banking account and prayed there is money missing lol
  11. European Wii Preorders

    less than 4 days away and i still dont know if ill be getting my wii from play.com on launch day anyone else getting worried that friday may turn out to be not as good as expected ??
  12. European Wii Preorders

    well he seemed to know nothing and put me on hold 4 times lol
  13. European Wii Preorders

    not that im aware of lol.. its all rubbish lol
  14. European Wii Preorders

    I believe it is time to panic i have had a wii pre-ordered at play.com since september. I rang up today as i got worried as i have not recieved an email from them confirming my wii to be dispatched for launch. the 'helpful' man said to em to cancel my preorder as they had all been taken up... anyway i hung up on him as i didnt like the words which were coming from his mouth lol.. i rang up again and a different person said that I SHOULD recieve an email before friday although she did not sound confident... i need advice guys what should i do???!?!?! Ive been looking forward to friday the 8th since it was announced as launch day and i just NEED to play it:(
  15. if you look at the wii website and the experience videos on that site EVERY single person who gets the chance to play the console looks as f they are having fun, this is what Nintendo brings most of all to this generation... im really looking forward to having a round of gold with my mates on a cold winter day haha