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  1. A05VXM531JBF5F72


    Got another if anyone wants it


    Thanks for all the help with the final smash, have now done it a few times. Got to say, I love the villager. His attacks feel so powerful, he has been animated so well and is just pure comedy.

    Final smash is Tom Nooks new home? I was crying with laughter watching Mario get done over by those raccoons! They're not content with putting people in debt for life it seems!

    I can't wait to try out each and every character!


    I just popped on and happened to catch this. Thanks a billion Eightbit!


    Just in case anyone who remembers me from the Brawl days is still about, I'll be about on release day. Missing the N-Europe brawls with @Captain_Falcon @Sprout @Pookiablo @Chococobokocococbo @Zero and all the rest! Hope to see you all there!


    Edit: This feels so right! Mario's meteor punch, Pika-physics, Villagers pockets, it's all just so good! Can't wait to get my hands on the Pik Man. Add my 3DS code guys, this is gonna get spicy.



  2. It feels like I haven't bought a game in quite a long time now, let alone played one, or felt the need to participate in forum activity, but this looks so FUCKING INCREDIBLE that I'm going to break my gaming silence!


    I loved Pikmin so much when I got it, and I can't even fathom that it's been over 10 years since I first played it on the Gamecube. Everything about the game was amazing to me; the gameplay, the style, and especially the atmosphere, which to me was partly so engaging because I genuinely felt the pressure of the time limit. Everyday I felt I had to strive to achieve some goal, which is a sensation few games can emulate. I'm aware the time limit is gone, but it'd be great if they managed to somehow recapture that feeling, but even without it, the music alone takes me back to that time when I could spend all day immersing myself in other worlds without feeling that I should really be doing something more productive with my time in the real one.


    This and Smash are the only two things that can make me want to pick up a controller again. Sadly I've reached a point in my life where pass times such as gaming and music are now predominantly driven by nostalgia as opposed to freshness and new experiences, so it's nice for me that Nintendo continues to build on old franchises while shoehorning something new in.

  3. I went on the server today, looks like the only person who's been on is Happenstance. I was expecting to see a big city like the old one :P I love how unmodified the server is though, I started building my house in the sticks but it's so lonely, and I'm no good at defending myself without a bit of armor.


    It'd be really nice to see some familiar faces about so if anyone fancies a bit of spelunkage then I'll be online :)

  4. Brother don't understand the sexxing up of hedgehogs

    I think what's more concerning about this isn't the fact that this fetish exists, as you say, name any thing and you can probably find a person who wants to fuck it, it's how openly vocal about their desires. I'm certain that had the internet not been created, a fetish of this nature would never be as prolific or as accepted as it is now because there would be no outlet for it.


    I prefer to turn a blind eye to these anonymity spawned phenomena for the sake of my mental health, my upbringing never prepared me for this kinda shit.

  5. I won't lie, I heard Shine a Light and quite liked it, then I recoiled in horror when I found out who it was singing. If this was a couple of years back I'd pretend I didn't like it, but I'm a big boy now, I've got to take this as a positive learning experience.


    Never enjoy a song before you know that you don't morally object to the singer.

  6. I have to agree with Happenstance. Maybe we should make themed zones as warp points for us all to build in. For example, our current city's theme is clearly "gray". Maybe next we should go somewhere more whimsical. Maybe a Christmas themed zone in a snowy area?

  7. Have we also found the person that kept borking up the old city too?


    If you mean me then sadly not. I never played in the old city as Fish was my accounts holder, and the only cybercrime I committed was the manslaughter of Happenstance's fireplace.

  8. Hahaha, I'm pretty sure I've already been outted as Plomps. I totally understand the removal to be fair, so I'm not offended. I actually rushed on to the server to apologize about my little mistake after I read the post, I completely forgot about the fireplace after I lagged out. Sadly it was too late by that point.


    I haven't bothered to appeal the decision because I assumed it was a joint thing. I know I annoyed quite a few members with my less than serious demeanor so I assumed it was a joint decision. I also know a certain member who happens to have taken the stance that I'm a trouble maker, and has been making "jokes" about having me banned for a while, so I half expected it anyway.


    Regardless, it has been a lol on the server while it lasted. Y'all seem like a cool bunch, if a little jumpy :p Hopefully someday you'll let me wreak havoc on you all again or atleast let me make big trees for you all to burn down.


    Sorry to:

    Hannata, for hating on your mustache

    Fish, for stealing back my account

    Nightwolf, for "existing"

    Martinist, for turning your house into a haunted tree house (I'm not really sorry, my puns were off the chain)

    Mcoy, for the great diamond heist. Loljk, but sorry for not making myself known sooner



  9. I named my home network side 7. I name my car according to how I feel about it at the time, names so far are:


    Little red (riding hood)

    Red comet

    Red rust bucket

    Red lightning which I think shall be the naming convention for my furure cars (color here) lightning.


    Get a white car and you might get sponsored.