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  1. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Don't even have one of them sadly haha. I'm online now because I came back to clean my room up a bit and pick some stuff up. I'm gonna play a game or two while I'm here though if anyones interested?
  2. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    You have to have the slugs on to get that accuracy though, but it's definately worth the trade off. I've run up right in front of a sniper and they've just stood there aiming thinking that I wouldn't be able to kill them from that distance with a shotgun, I took a second to stand still and aim down the sights and took him out before he could aim down the trigger. And you're damn right about this game. I've maxed out vehicles, sniper and medic and dabbled in assault and engineers, there isn't one of them I haven't enjoyed. There's so many ways to play with each class that it's hard to ever get bored. This game is the only reason I'm going to regret living on my own xD It's gonna be months til I get a tv and some internets so I can whip this bad boy out
  3. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Is that why you were complaining I revived you too much last night? :p That's why you need to stick near an assault and hope they realise that your character saying "I need more ammo" is their cue to chuck out a handy ammo crate.
  4. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Drop me a message when you guys are on, I gotta get all my BF out of my system before I move out on Tuesday so I'll probably be here all night :p Scratch that, seems everytime fun is on the agenda EA breaks the servers.
  5. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Count me in, still haven't tried that mode yet so it should be lols.
  6. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    They were undoubtably the best matches I've had thus far guys, MEGA props. I'll charge up my headset for next time, then we'll really be cooking with lard. Its such a shame the servers messed up so early though. I was just about to C4 a tank after stealing a sniper loadout and bam, no more gold squad pins :p
  7. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Hey hey hey, I'll have you know that I love the idea of SOCOM...I'm just not willing to pay money for it.
  8. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Before I go into GAME tomorrow and part with my 40 wonga pieces , is there any better places for me to get this cheaper? I don't wanna get home feeling like a mug because Sainsburies have it for a tenner or something rediculous like that. Oh, and is it true that everyone dies quicker than in the demo?
  9. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Heck to the yes, I'll be popping into town on Friday to get this so I'll be on for a N-E squading fiesta. Out of curiosity, how many PS3ers here are actually getting it?
  10. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Well Game is dispatching copies early for preorders apparently, so whichever it is, if you preordered you'll probably get it a day early
  11. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    It's like the Millenium Bug, only ten times scarier.
  12. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    That's a really good point actually. They seem to be pushing as an alternative Modern Warfare 2 in the mainstream public, and with good reason. What with hype for CoD dying down and complaints about glitches and the like its convenient timing to say the least. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but didn't 1943 sell better than BC? If so alot of sales could be attributed to that. Even I didn't own BC1,and I'm still set on buying it.
  13. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Speaking of Little Big Planet, I just bought that beast. Anyone up for some games or whatever you do on it? (Haven't even opened it yet so I don't know :P)
  14. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Don't worry too much, it only happens on certain building to keep the match moving. Its impossible to destroy the final 4 buildings that was for example.
  15. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I had that experience once, only it was the final objective and the guy was stood next to it, looking at it, and doing nothing with it. It took me a while to realise, and when I did it was already on the final siren sound. I saw the humor in it though, I hope he did it for the lulz as opposed to actual stupidity. :p. Anyhow, I cancelled my preorder on this, as much as I've adored the demo. I figure all the items you gain from ordering in advance are unlockables anyway, and I much prefer gaining things from my own efforts then being awarded them at the beginning. It'll still probably be a day one though, and if I still get the unlock code I'll just throw it up here.
  16. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)

    Fucked the cake? Is that what the kids are saying nowadays? Pretty shit if they have messed up jumping though, it's like when you play a flash platforming game and they can never get the jumping physics quite right.
  17. Final Fantasy XIII

    Killer kirby isn't happy in this world of lines. He was brought up in a town where rulers were spherical, you could join a queue where ever it took your fancy and structure was generally frowned upon .
  18. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)

    I know Sonic's getting old but damn, does he have to run like he's just shat his pants?
  19. Hahaha, oh God yes. Even as a naive child I understood that Sonic R's soundtrack was somehow laughable, but that wouldn't stop pulling out the moves to "everybody's super sonic racin'!" Speaking of games from my childhood, two games always stick in my mind that in hindsight probably weren't that special, Cool Spot and Zool on the Amiga. They always seemed like the games I wouldn't be afraid to talk about in the playground just for the coolness factor, and considering the two games were just big advertisements it's a testament to their success that I still remember them that way. I still have the Chuppa Chups logo engrained in my psyche to this day.
  20. Modern Warfare 2

    I made pretty much the same class and I didn't get on well with it. The ACOG sight really seems to exaggerate the recoil on the gun to sniperesque levels. It could just be me though, but by the time I waited for it to recover from my first shot I was either dead or the enemy was out of sight.
  21. Final Fantasy XIII

    Oh, don't get me wrong, I do understand there can be appeal to a world map. It serves quite well to give you a bit of scope and context for the place you're fighting for and they offer a pleasent distraction in marathon sessions, but I feel that now RPG's are these sprawling 40 plus hour experiences, excluding sidequests, the genre has really outgrown the need for such petty distractions. A well crafted game gains the same effects in other areas, especially with the budget Square Enix has where they can call in the CG team, writers, and an orchestra on a whim.
  22. Final Fantasy XIII

    Overworlds are just a glorified menu really. I never saw what good they brought to a game.
  23. Final Fantasy XIII

    Stop being such a big negative :p I bet if you gave it half a chance you'd be shitting rainbows over it.
  24. MAG -Massive Action Game

    I loved the beta of this, but I was so hyped up about MW2 that I assumed it'd just be a shitter version of it so I decided to buy that instead. In hindsight Modern Warfare was waaaay overhyped, it feels so claustrophobic and repetitive compared to my experience with MAG. The one good thing about MW2 however is that I know it'll maintain its original value for a good ammount of time, so I can just sell it when I don't need it anymore, something less true of MAG. I reckon I'll wait till I can find it second hand.
  25. Modern Warfare 2

    That's not really the case. The shield is an asset if anything to aknife class since you can work your way towards your enemy and quickly switch to your handgun and knife. You also have the option of keeping it on your back to deter back stabbers. The only issue thats difficult to work around is grenade launchers and the like, the riot shield has a tendency to attract them. If you're skilled with the throwing knife it can do the triick, otherwise crack C4 in your setup and lure them around corners.