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  1. Dreamcast retro-ing

    I play Quake III online from time to time but Sega announced they were shutting down the last online servers for PSO (Europeon servers) but apparently they forgot. Last time I went on the servers there was 2 people besides me on PSO so I stopped going on it. Powerstone II is still very playable. Awesome styleness.
  2. Who do you think you are?

    I though there would be alot of people registering with other peoples name, apparently not.
  3. Rev controller protected?

    They'll change it "just enough" to make it legal.
  4. strange Rev Controller images

    How constructive. I honestly don't see what's stupid.
  5. Wired Controllers

    I think that most swordy games won't need an expansion. I quite like the wires being there though, wires make me feel secure. (I do use a wavebird though.)
  6. Just started FF7

    'Tis the best Final Fantasy in my opinion.
  7. Sweet Salvation

    Post more for me. And the best thing about these new forums....The awesome smilies!
  8. Lovin the new look

    Call me a big silly, but I prefered the old site, I found it more pleasing on the eye.