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  1. Revolution iPod like ads

    Yes Nintendo, please advertise this Macromedia Revolution poster, it will sell like hot cakes...
  2. New controller picture!! ....x and y?

    It does make more sense to have X and Y anyway, since there is already one A on the controller.
  3. Sony losing support & money?!

    Choze doesn't still come here does he? Oh how I loved his extreme mood swings.
  4. New controller picture!! ....x and y?

    And the A is capital. Freaky.
  5. Good, cheap, third party controllers

    My Gamecube original controller broke on the analog, it is lose and goes up always and my unofficial one melted. I got a Wavebird after that and it was awesome. There realy is no good third party controller. Edit: And to the 4Gamers controller comment, which is my melted controller, it does strangely screw with my games. On Tales of Symphonia it goes at a very fast speed when running downwards. Wierd.
  6. Zelda Halo

    http://www.halomaps.org/index.cfm?PG=3&fid=1141 A team of people have translated the Ocarina of time maps into halo as a Zelda FPS, and replaced vehicles with horses etc. Sounds cool to me.
  7. This Month's NOM.

    Games Master is awfully biased. NOM started to become less biased when the NOM leader made that post on Cube-Europe about improving magazine, and did alot of other things asked for (More 'clean' front pages etc).
  8. Adverts That Blow - Secondary Remix

    Picture, with the over the top acting. "You know, it's realy easy to talk to those people at Picture...You can actualy have...an adult...conver...sation...." *At this point the man burst out crying of his love for Picture."
  9. If you were a plant..?

    A dafadil.
  10. Hit or Miss - Vote Now! (BBC webvote)

    Does it even mention the controller extension?
  11. SSBM - Who do you go?

    Marth, because of the sole reason I rock with him. I used Jigglypuff to kill Giga bowser and stuff though, that was awesome.
  12. Games your currently playing.

    Re-living the smash brothers addiction. Also Kirbys air ride.
  13. what consoles do you own ?

    Snes, 2 N64's, Gameboy, Sega Saturn, Mega Drive, Dreamcast, probably more I can;t think of.
  14. Industry Response: Revolution Controller

    "The Wavebird is only second to the Sony controller." Am I the only one who hates the setup of the PS1/2 controller?
  15. Face transplants

    Wouldn't they kind of make it become part of their body, so it gets all there blood etc. Or something along the lines. Still, it sounds kind of wierd.
  16. Doesn't sound very Nintendo-esque.
  17. Guild Wars

    Before I'm sure.
  18. Change your Mind?

    I'm not thinking of getting an Xbox 360 anymore, but just because my Xbox only got 2 games of usage.
  19. Do this to make R-E Forums Better!

    I agree with Fierce Link. Probably for different reasons. It just doesn't seem like it fits the theme, and I also think it looks a little tacky. Also, it would be like re-adding post counts-ish.
  20. Better idea: DS or Revolution ?

    Revolution just seems awesome. I would have to say Revolution, using the controller as a sword is like a dream come true, the Revolution makes it legal.
  21. Guild Wars

    I've just stopped playing that after getting addicted. At least I noticed though.
  22. Ninja Training Flash Game

    Fun to the EXTREEEEEME!
  23. Mockup adon thread.

    I think most things will be included in games that need them, like Donkey Konga and such. And I doubt they would cost much if they were selling.
  24. Sonic Riders

    Acualy, there is Sonic R, which is exactly that.
  25. I've Played Revolution!!! (Picture inside)

    We have the same DVD player.