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  1. Help with shoessss (girls mostly)

    According to my knowledge of women (which comes predominantly from watching Friends) they don't. Women like a shoe that makes them suffer apparently.
  2. Do you use Mr Sheen?

    I recommend simply ragging the dust off daily. You save money and you can do it while you're ragging your teeth. On another note don't buy toothpaste.
  3. Help with shoessss (girls mostly)

    Call me an incredibly fashionable hunk, but where ever I go I wear sandals in the summer. I started this summer with a pair of plimmy's but they completely shredded my feet.
  4. Experimental thread lock

    If the desired effect of this experiment was to create a forum full of Stuwii wannabe posts then I declare this a grand success already.
  5. General Retro Discussion

    I really hope that was achieved by slowing the game down, otherwise I feel super inadequate right now.
  6. The Moat Saga

    Just think of me as a Raoul model.... ...Too far?
  7. The Moat Saga

    That joke wasn't even raoulmoatly funny.
  8. The Moat Saga

    Freedom of speech is fine, it's just a good job there's no freedom of action.
  9. The Moat Saga

    Believe it or not many people have been at the receiving end of the nastier side of the police, just or unjust, and have gained a less than friendly view of them. I know a few people with attitude akin to Moat's, and they're probably the people heralding him as a martyr.
  10. Comedy Rainbow

    All that jazz? I really don't get what called for an and.
  11. Comedy Rainbow

    Comedy Rainbow benefits everyone who watches it. To the open minded it can be entertaining and to the closed minded it gives a sense of undeserved superiority over the author. If I was a doctor I'd be prescribing Comedy Rainbow to everyone with any form of depression.
  12. My body is broken

    I'm 6'8/9. I think I crossed the threshold of awesome tall into awkward tall at 6'3 though :p It's never fun to walk into a room and hear people giggling about how big you are.
  13. My body is broken

    I'm too tall and I'm covered in stretch marks. Sure, they may just be cosmetic issues (and door frame banging issues) but it's still pretty depressing.
  14. Gotta Catch Them All-Things Pokemon

    That was awkward to watch. Didn't know Rez was taking commissions for scriptwriting outside of Comedy Rainbow.
  15. 3DS Console Discussion

    I love it personally. The fact that the 3DS forces the big boys to stop with-holding technology so they can profit can only be a good thing. Not that Nintendo aren't just as bad.
  16. The underrated Wii games thread.

    It can't be that underrated if we all love it :P
  17. Rock Band 3

    Fark sake, I only just bought a real guitar last week, now everyone's going to learning it and probably doing it better than me. As if most people already can't. Sadface
  18. The underrated Wii games thread.

    Haha, well I've bought a Dreamcast 3 times before, but for very different reasons why I need to buy another Wii. Sadly food>games nowadays.
  19. The underrated Wii games thread.

    If you played the original you'd probably notice where the problem lies. The Saturn version had such tight controls and a subtle but engrossing storyline, and somehow, despite ten years of advancing tech they managed to make the game control less tightly, the whole story was convoluted and held your hand throughout, and Sega's love for gimmicks overtook the core gameplay mechanic. The game had potential, it looked great in the first video's that were released, but then too much unnecessary bollocks was thrown in. Anyway, enough of my fanboy whinery :P One Wii game I love was the original Excite Trucks. Easy on of the best multiplayer experiences I remember having on the Wii, and it just brings back that "new console feeling" every time I pick it up. Never got the chance to player the other Excite games but if I ever pick up another Wii it'll be on top of the list, right next to DKC Returns.
  20. A Day In The Life Of HWYD

    Mcoy does not understand the meaning of this thread.
  21. 3DS Console Discussion

    I'm not buying a 3DS until the Purple version comes out. That shit is bitchin'.
  22. Status updates I hate

    I used to enjoy facebook updates until I added an old friend, lets call her Stacey, and it turned into "Staceybook". I can't go on it without being flooded with her updates, literally everything she does she has to inform the world of. If she wasn't so attractive I'd rip into her for it.
  23. How was your day?

    That's because the past happened over a space of several years. We've only got right now.
  24. Has there been any word on weather they've fixed the RROD issues in this model? That's such a pleasant colour man
  25. How was your day?

    If we're comparing exercise penises then I bike 40 miles every two days and walk atleast 3 a day, and still find time for the gym and masturbation. Then again I also have no friends. 'Tis the price you pay for perfection.