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  1. SSBM - Stage Select

    Fountain of Dreams and Final destination. Both with no items.
  2. You could say Nintendo stole the analog from Sega, since the analog controller came with NiGHTs.
  3. Super Mario Ragdol

    How did you put walls in Sprout? Or am I just imagining them?
  4. Now your playing with Paper

    That's genious! I'm going to try it.
  5. Sig, Avatar requests.

    Right click the image, go to properties, copy the link, go into the signature editing part in user CP, type and it will appear
  6. Best ending EVER!

    Oh, Mario 64's ending is good, when he finally gets that cake he's been longing for.
  7. Sig, Avatar requests.

    Thanks alot Sprout, that's great.
  8. Next Gen Mario Art

    I believe after the sexchangual mushroom, they should be referred to ash Bowsy and Pinapple.
  9. Sig, Avatar requests.

    Could anyone possibly make me a NiGHTs: Into dreams signature? Thanks for any consideration.
  10. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Cool anime character people and one being kidnapped or something. 4/5
  11. Rate the above users user name

    Pedrocasilva Reminds me of Only fool and horses for the "No way pedro" line, Shooting stars for the pidgeon round on it and the pidgeon going ca and silver or money. 8/10 I don't remember any real specifics on this name, but my first name is Tyson. And everyone loves toast. Sorry E3. Anyway, I like your name for reminding me of the great going ons at E3. 7/10
  12. Favourite Retro Console?

    Saturn, since it has had at least 2000 hours of my life just playing NiGHTs. Coming in at a close second is Dreamcast, which always seemed to have something I wanted. Also, Chu Chu rocket was the best puzzle game ever online.
  13. Next Gen Mario Art

    Cutest thing ever.
  14. Purepwnage playes cube =)

    I believe it was on the Xfire forum and it didn't seem much like being in character.
  15. SSBM - Who do you go?

    I prefer Donkey Kong for suicides. I used to use Kirby most, but I got into Marth and he has now matched his high kills. Also, does anyone but me prefer duels as opposed to 4 people?
  16. Best ending EVER!

    Sonic 3's ending 3 was good in my opinion.
  17. N64 Must Buys (please)

    Yes! Finally! Someone agrees. Nice relaxing game too.
  18. Purepwnage playes cube =)

    Wow, I thought they would stop making them due to the "It isn't the FPS Doug show" sayingness by Jeremy when everyone spoke about Doug and not him.
  19. SSBM - Who do you go?

    Agreed. 'Tis a shame I can never play against anyone with skill, the computer teaming on me is easy because of there repetetism. I have one friend with slight skill but he is nothing to me! NOTHING! Can't wait for the revolution smash bros, the only problem is getting used to new ways of playing it. And also, if Nintendo removes Marth I will cry.
  20. Marmite anyone?

    What is Marmite actualy made from? What's it actualy meant to taste like?
  21. New controller picture!! ....x and y?

    Wait, realy well thought out comeback! *Snigger snigger*
  22. N64 Must Buys (please)

    Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Diddy Kong racing are definately yes yes's.
  23. Marmite anyone?

    I never dare try foods like that. I generaly don't dare to try any food new.
  24. Still playing NiGHTs Into dreams. It owwwwns!!11!!
  25. Gamecube a Letdown?

    I would say it was on a par with the Dreamcast, meaning it was awesome as hay. If it got more support maybe it would have had more big games made, but it was definately no let down.