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  1. there's nothing to watch on tv anymore

    Taken up poetry yet? Seriously, you should lighten up. I'm no Mary Poppins...No, I'm not.
  2. Shadow the Hedgehog

    And being on Earth instead of Mobius in Sonic adventure 1 & 2 isn't rubbish? I think Sonic Team has majorly screwed up the Sonic storyline and it isn't getting any better as time goes by.
  3. Return of the Great CE Quiz!

    I'll post my round later tonight or tommorow night if that's okay with you?
  4. Black & White 2

    Only 5 days until its release. From what I've seen and heard it looks great. Black & White was always good but they seem to have added alot of new aspects to it. Raising an army for one, instead of just letting humans pray and build etc. Video. Creatures are much improved graphicaly.
  5. How Good is your comp?

    It says my computer blocked it, when it clearly didn't.
  6. Photoshop this please :)

    Since when are thought altering substances the only sin? That and paracetamol. If that was right I am sinless, I swear.
  7. Dont you hate it....

    I don't mind, as most Gamecube games I like/want are Gamecube exclusive and any game that isn't is usualy PC.
  8. I Swear, IGN Wont Stop

    I'd prefer a cable charger ala GBA SP. I'd prefer to play while I charged.
  9. User Image Gallery

    I took a picture of my nostrils today, and they look like stereotypical aliens. Or they toghether look like an alien.
  10. Black & White 2

    Delayed? Poopy. Oh, I live in the UK, don't I?
  11. Gmail invites

    I have 98. It was cool when Gmail swap was up. Yes, that was cool.
  12. Perfect Dark Zero : Info

    Stop all the cockisms. Back on topic, the Kameo screens look awesome. Hopefully when my friend buys his Xbox 360 and Kameo I'll be able to play it.
  13. "Press UP, X or Y to jump"

    I use the Y button, mainly because I used the C up on the N64 version and got used to it.
  14. Black & White 2

    I think I'll take the Lion since it's probably just going to be the same as the tiger. Until now I thought all the creature AI's were the same.
  15. The possibilities for SSB: rev are endless

    I always use the Y button to jump on SSB:M and I hate using the up button to jump, so I would never get used to it.
  16. The "There She Is!!!" series by SamBakZa is nice. There She Is!!! There She Is!!! Step 2 Hot Fish was good until it was removed.
  17. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday jakeee! Platty too, happy birthday!
  18. Revolutions Name

    VES? I don't like the sound of that. Or RES. I'd prefer a new name like Dolphin.
  19. Return of the Great CE Quiz!

    I'll take a round.
  20. Return of the Great CE Quiz!

    Platypus has 10 sex chromosomes if that counts?
  21. Broadband

    What ping should I get on a Counter-strike server that is in America with a BT apparently 2mb connection? I'd expext a better ping on a server where everyone but me has 20 ping and I have 60. On topic: Don't get BT.
  22. Kameo Soundtrack Inside To Listen!

    I hated the fact they didn't release this on Xbox. Well it probably is alot better now. Great music by the way, just watching the video in behind the scenes.
  23. MP3 better than Metroid Prime?

    An extra powerful vibration pack would be awesome for it's charge beam, one where you cam barely hold it in place, of course that probably isn't even legal.
  24. Black & White 2

    I personaly loved the original. My only problem was not being able to get online on it. Creature Isle was good too. What I don't like the look of on 2 is the Evil concience.
  25. N64 Must Buys (please)

    Everyone I know not online said it was "boring". I've also never seen it in any favorite lists etc.