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  1. Whats Your All Time Favorate GC game ??

    F Zero GX and Ocarina of Time: Master Quest are my two certain favourites. Yes, I class OOCMQ as a Gamecube game, as it was only released on the Gamecube and I also class OOC as a Gamecube game, as it was released for the Gamecube, making it a Gamecube game.
  2. CUBE Magazine Discontinued

    CUBE was awful. I won't miss it.
  3. I just cleaned my graphics card fan, and I must say, I'm suprised it could blow at all. Even one I cleaned all the gettable stuff (which was a huge ammount) there was alot of unreachable stuff. On another note, nice campaign you're running Dieter.
  4. Rare talks on THE Revolution controller

    I didn't see any bad comments. Either I read it wrong or it was a fair comment. On the comment of your school buddy (or not) it's just as bad at my school, they daren't try anything new or not "on da scene yo!"
  5. It was asked that noone posts about unreleased games at the start of the thread Stev.
  6. SOAD Album Leaked

    I honestly couldn't care less about my effect on the industry as I'm sure it's minor. But then there is the fact of "if everyone thought like that." Well, I'll download it, but I'll still buy it. Edit: Wow, that was uncalled for Arab Freak.
  7. Make tha cool Revolution name!

    That is realy, realy bad.
  8. I'm suprised this didn't get mentioned. Luigi's Mansion, a debut game for the Gamecube, yet Luigi still looks great in it. Even better than in Mario Kart in my opinion. The dust effects were awesome too. Another underrated game. Kirby's Air Ride A way underrated game in my opinion due to stupid reviewers telling stupid people how they should like the game. Damnable sheep (in my opinion.) Edit: Incase you can't gather, I meant underrated. I blame reviewer.
  9. yey im in the money.

    I didn't think advertising was allowed on the general board, since that is cleary what this is.
  10. Mark Rein talks about Revolution again!

    What he says is correct, we will see a nice pile of toxic gaming waste coming out with all the games that are using what they have correctly. I'm sure the DS has already had some as a result of it's gimmick worthy controls. Just to clarify, I'm not saying the DS is a gimmick etc.
  11. Not true exactly. If you've ever collected anything, think of the satisfaction of it and the appreciation. If I collect I have this wierd habit of just sitting looks at them for hours.
  12. What was wrong with Starfox? Just because it wasn't how it usualy was.
  13. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Awesome detailed visuals which are different every season. I can't find any rain or snow pictures, but they are awesome.
  14. DOOM : The Movie (spoilers)

    Spirits within was nothing like a Final Fantasy, also, Advent Childen, in my opinion, was alot better.
  15. Would you like an N64 cartridge reader?

    It realy depends on how much the games cost. It would be awesome if you got some kind of credit system for online gaming tournements to get games.
  16. Make tha cool Revolution name!

    Probably since that was the original name of the Revolution. I wonder if N5 meant something, like 5 N words or refering to a feature of the console.
  17. British humour or American humour?

    Black Books, Blackadder and Nevermind the Buzzcocks are awesome while most American humor is based around sexual jokes, ie Friends, Will & Grace. British humor it is.
  18. Jordan vs Dieter [56k no]

    Couldn't be that Dieter is the server could it?
  19. Gamesmaster was awesome. I suppose "When games Attack" is quite good. Does the BBC Scotland in Sky work for this? Last I checked it seemed like it was just BBC with the name Scotland.
  20. Cool twilight princess video

    There's a 30 minute video with Cube mag, I don't like cube but it was hard to resist.
  21. Obviously fake, noone with common sense can make a a line like "A Revolution in Horror!" Edit; It's all quite smooth though.
  22. Shadow the Hedgehog

    From what's been said, it would seem quite alot of people care. People like a story line that stays on track for a series like this.
  23. Overrated

    If it ever gets released on the Pc it will be good. I have it on Xbox, but FPS' are much better with WASD and mouse.
  24. Bring back rep points

    Why? What made this sudden greaving-the-loss-ofness?
  25. If there is proof that it makes so much money in advertising, that seems a good enough reason.