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  1. UK Wii Adverts

    i saw the fist one on tv a few days ago, looks really good i reckon, its gonna out sell ps3 and x box!!
  2. wii pre order

    I read in another fourm that some people are pre ordering from a few diffrent places and then cancelling the others, just incase they dont arrive. Do you think its worth doing, i do not want to wait for my wii i want it on the launch day!
  3. How much would you sell yours for?

    Just dont think i could bear to part with it, dont care how much u offer me!!
  4. Most impressive feature

    Just wondering what do you think is the most impressive feature of the wii?
  5. Wii Adverts

    Recived my first wii e-mail advert this morning
  6. wii maro game

    Does anyone know if they will be a mario game for the wii, i havnt seen any on the advert ive seen.
  7. Wii testers

    Oh thanks, how do u become a ambasador
  8. Wii testers

    Ive heard that nintendo are promoting the wii by giving some out early to games testers, anybody got any info on the subject?
  9. Wario Ware

    I was gonna sell my game cube on e-bay coz i cant find any good games, any other recomended?