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  1. Rummy

    Just noting that you like TD stuff, anything awesome you'd recommend? Also, did you ever check out Ninjatown?

  2. Hmmm. I set limits on my prices to make sure I don't spend too much(monies for living tings and all that) but maybe I'll sway near the next free weekend I have. What's this expansion business I've been seeing about, hearts of stone or something?

  3. Awesome sig! Who are the people three in on each side? Is one of them that wesker guy?

  4. I'm just wondering, because it's the only one that's ever confused me but...you're Aaron Clegg...right?

  5. Peepsworth! I was going to joke to MilaGi(I think) to pester you into getting a PS4 and OW and joining the console master race but he informs me you quite possibly already have?!!? Get me added up on PSN - Rumdumcious and get someone to get you in on the Bro-verwatch whatsapp group!!


    Unless this is all just a cruel joke. Then I'll go cry in the corner instead :'(.

  6. wolf of the night! did you get your live woes sorted?

  7. Ahaaaa, I was never quite sure and it always confuses me on the news articles! I rather enjoy your reviews though :)

  8. For the first time in many years I have just rediscovered the joy of eBay sniping.

  9. Yeah MilaGi said you play it quite a bit on PC so I was jokingly thinking we'd coax you over to the PSN side - didn't think it'd actually happen though! Hopefully you get on with on console; having the company will help I imagine! Anyhow I see you're in the whatsapp now so you'll pick us up from there! What else you going for PS4 wise, and what spurred the decision to purchase(other than just the tight black friday deals)?

  10. Rummy

    You in first year at uni? I spent a lot of my mate's first year at seething wells lol!

  11. I've put maybe a few hours in? Not done too much, find it a bit overwhelming so far tbh! Currently just attending to some question marks before taking on this Griffin thing. Died more than I'd have liked to, too.

  12. Moogle! Stop being a penis and get on the phone!

  13. You doing ok brah? Just seen about being in hospital and stuff, thought I'd just ask if you're cool :)

  14. I wasn't kinging, no! I had just left myself as that and I wasn't really there. Did some kinging this morning though, basically extended all my kingdom it seems I can without taking the Jolly Kingdom, so I guess that's my next stop! I've got my wii set up in my room atm, so I'm more inclined for long term bouts of playing but more importantly....my online presently works!


    My point? Well, I understand you're a brawler...:D

  15. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

  16. Maybe it's fate or some sort of craziness, the blasted wii's internet broke again after I finished brawling you :(

  17. Check the playground for my latest thread, I know you'd be on board.

  18. Ahh, well I've only played RE4 and RE5, and he was only in one of them! I thought I'd played the DS Castlevanias, but maybe I didn't play all of/finish OoE, was that the one where they mixed things up a bit? I remember playing Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin, excellente games!

  19. Aww, you're no fun :( I'm gonna go hang with ReZ, he'd do it if I asked!

  20. Rummy

    Ahh, of course it was you! Was convinced when I saw the bowser pic in miiverse. You've got some really good stuff!

  21. ...


    I hate you guys.

  22. ReZ! Give me one awesome reason why I accepted to be your friend on here! Molly's being rubbish, I have faith that you wouldn't be!