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  1. where are you mr.bears? it has been a while and i wondered where you might be...

  2. Haha, not 'pursuing' per se but just getting round to catchup plans. There's some great games on there which I've still go to get through, I'm just a bit terrible all round at sit-down and TV gaming(a social aspect encourages this a lot for me, which is ofc lacking for WiiU and as you'll know a big tenet of my feelings to gamings these days).

  3. :o Was it all the sexy pics of me you were hiding on there?
  4. Did you just present our penises in the possesive? I know they're pretty fucking huge but I didn't realised they were entitled to own anything! That's awesome, what does he win!?

  5. Ya cheeky bastad! Why N-Europe eh? :p

  6. Ahh, but what happens when I add a new new friend? Do you get chopped in half? I'd rather not get you chopped in half, though it is a reason no less, and a good one at that, jayseven's quite handy for general stuffery, and so I deem you...my friend!

  7. Good show old chap. Procured myself some Henry Hatsworth on sheer mystery and intrigue at one's avatar and have so far found it to be a rather delightful bit of fun. Jolly good!

  8. I want to make this/have something like it made;



    What kind of set am I going to need? Where when why and how much etcetc

  9. Jamba, you're a man who knows his networking and routers! I have a friend looking to possibly use a router as a wireless repeater - he's in a point in his house where the signal just won't reach for some reason. What would possibly be his best budget(student) option for this? He was considering trying to DD-WRT hack one he has, but is lost and doesn't want to anymore so might buy one that can just do the things he wants. Do you know his best budget option, either a router with firmware(dd-wrt or otherwise) that can do it or a cheap repeater otherwise? He'd like it to recieve the signal then repeat wirelessly, but doesn't mind if he plugs in *if* he can get it a bit closer to his room, really.

  10. Hahaha, no frickin way! I live right near erith! Though I guess everything's next to each other here. That so weird, small worlds and all that eh!

  11. Got one for you man.


    HALOL, jokes for muslims. I know you know I know you love it. Stop laughing so hard.

  12. Forum Telephone is upon ye! I made a post in the thread, but shall still request, that you forward it onto Sinistar, he's having in on the end :)

  13. What mere mortal comes knocking upon my virtual door to seek me as a friend? You must come bearing good reason upon my immortal visitor wall, else you will find no friendship here!

  14. Seen the thread, contemplating at the moment. Feel the need to share with you this most excellent gem I found earlier. People have to turn a mspaint of a penis into not a penis. It makes sense, trust me.



  15. Yo I'll open my gates feel free to come grab dresser.

  16. You appear to have dutched at me in IRC when I wasn't there! The Little King and his story did eventually arrive today, but no sooner than I had it, a friend rang me and I've been out all day, so it's a story to be played tomorrow!

  17. Yo! Always assumed you'd be called Luke! If it looked like I kicked you I didn't! I am closing gates for tonight though, tbh I'd forgot I left them open whilst I was half chilling in Club LOL!

  18. Rummy

    What system you playing Overwatch on Guy? Just saw your post in the Color Splash thread - I'm looking for more PS4 friends so I can get my 20% group bonus when playing!

  19. Rummy

    Sure thang! Should be on the side of my profile but my name's Rumdumcious. I play with a few of my mates too, but if we're on feel free to join! They all know about my N-Europe buddies :)

  20. Whatwhatwhat what is this? Some scurrilous lass with a friend request? For such a thing, I demand...a fantasmagorical reasoning for me to accept! Answers on a postcard, directed to my visitor wall thingymabob thankyouplease.

  21. I never knew you were a SE london sort of lad! How comes you've never been to the meets?

  22. Loving the Halloween mixup for the avatar!

  23. ...DeadShell?


    I'll get my coat.

  24. Ya breakin' my heart! I was hoping to post a picture to you yesterday, but it seems for a reason I can't understand GAME took it out of their sale(£25!) between Monday and yesterday, so I didn't get it :(

    I will though...one day...

  25. I know I know, my mate just started working there though so was gonna go in yesterday and buy it when he was there with some extra crap to make him look good. Now I regret my life choices.

    There's still time though. As soon as I see it start hitting £25-20 online I'll grab it.