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  1. Man, Juda Beaning moves far too fast, and I think each/every round should be brand new, in its own thread, with no attempts to get original round beans, it's just...way too confusing, there's too many beans! We don't even know about them and there's too many of them!

  2. Ach, I apologise I wandered off after being called to do something halfway through our IRC convo! Until our next, keep it...kirby.

  3. Hello! Welcome to the forum! I've seen a grand total of 2 of your 3 posts, and thought I'd say hello, which I've done, so um...Hello!

  4. five days until i can touch you!

  5. I've got three across two of the compost pots(the other compost pot and the sand seem to be fail :(), maybe cos I covered those two with some cling film. But I am excited! If they survive and grow I could get more seeds! In fact, I still have some seeds I haven't planted yet...I shall take some pics/vid when they grow big! :D

  6. I has shoots!

  7. You'll have to excuse me, I well fell asleep halfway through talking to you last night, I'm pretty bad for doing that when drunk :x

  8. Dissappear'd cross country, back in 7.

  9. Chat, you mother.

  10. Ahh Dyson my dear penguino, thank you for the wall birthday message!

  11. Booo! You're rubBISH! And well played on the rumdiddlyumcious, that is in fact how I decided my xbox live name!


    P.S badger badger badger badger...

  12. Yo, do you still need a cd to fix your comp with? I've got that ERD commander and can burn it and post it, but I won't be able to post it before monday due to busyness, that cool?

  13. Be awesome; Be my friend.


    (and, like, post more)

  14. Coolness Bears, are you a BISH or BISHer? Come join the thread in the playground and BISH with us all!

  15. Dissappear'd over le Pond, back in 10.

  16. What mere mortal comes knocking upon my virtual door to seek me as a friend? You must come bearing good reason upon my immortal visitor wall, else you will find no friendship here!

  17. Good show old chap. Procured myself some Henry Hatsworth on sheer mystery and intrigue at one's avatar and have so far found it to be a rather delightful bit of fun. Jolly good!

  18. Ahh, but what happens when I add a new new friend? Do you get chopped in half? I'd rather not get you chopped in half, though it is a reason no less, and a good one at that, jayseven's quite handy for general stuffery, and so I deem you...my friend!

  19. ReZ! Give me one awesome reason why I accepted to be your friend on here! Molly's being rubbish, I have faith that you wouldn't be!

  20. Aww, you're no fun :( I'm gonna go hang with ReZ, he'd do it if I asked!

  21. Whatwhatwhat what is this? Some scurrilous lass with a friend request? For such a thing, I demand...a fantasmagorical reasoning for me to accept! Answers on a postcard, directed to my visitor wall thingymabob thankyouplease.

  22. Weee, we're friends on N-E! My life is complete!!

  23. Yours is rather yellow and fit inducing, I dissapprove...but I still wuv you.

  24. Oh, ok then. Glad we got that sorted. *friends*

  25. *Comic Sans high five!*