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  1. I know you're somebody familiar, but I can't remember who. Who were you before you were Frank!

  2. I didn't want to end up clogging the pets thread with videos, but this one's for you;

  3. Oiccc, I wondered, cos I used to use it when gaming, but then thought I'd never played with you(except sexually).


    Also your notification of writing on my wall got me excited that the G maff had begun :(

  4. Lord Rummy, did that come from somewhere?

  5. I had to look him up! So I'd say no :( I only know that song which was a cover of something for the bouncy ball advert, why do you ask?

  6. Rummy

    You in first year at uni? I spent a lot of my mate's first year at seething wells lol!

  7. Hahaha, no frickin way! I live right near erith! Though I guess everything's next to each other here. That so weird, small worlds and all that eh!

  8. You know what come to think of it it's actually just her, I was flitting over someone else's profile(who I wasn't feeb friends with) and saw you was like a mutual friend, and I was all like 'say whaaaaaaaaaaa' why do you know people from here! Though as well I don't really know Louise anyway, just one of those primary school people but weird you'd know anyone here! Where was your friend Cerys from?!

  9. My friend, I have been meaning to mention it ever since originally become the friends of feeb with you, but it seems me and you have some weird friends/links in common on there via the mutual natures, however do you know these people!

  10. Honest to go I thought it's one of those most retarded things that only proper mega retards do, and then *I* go and fucking do it. At the worst possible time too, he was HERE in my house, seperated by a FLOOR, and family around! I was expecting explosions, I was getting prepared. I was confused, when there was not. Anyhow, honestly, haven't felt jittery like that in a LONG time.


    Except maybe when I met you. Anyhow, a thank you, and a happy 2011 to you and your face!

  11. Do you know what kind of aikido it is? I'm not up on all the variations, but does it have any competitive element? I had been doing it for the last two years or so, though I haven't actually been since like June time now, but I really enjoyed it and keep meaning to go back.

  12. So you've been doing Aikido eh? How does one find it?

  13. wolf of the night! did you get your live woes sorted?

  14. Oo, Zazzle looks like it could be a bit more suited, though I'll probably just tell her about all of these and let her look into them herself :p

  15. Well, by patterns I mean it's more kinda just...not quite abstract but not really anything(quite symmetrical in certain respects). I think she'd be more likely to be making them into cards, really. Mainly I'm just thinking for her to get her stuff out and about in an easy way for now, but yeah mostly I think people are telling her it'd make good cards/prints and stuff. I think she's a bit reluctant to sell off originals for now though. Thanks for the info! x

  16. Hey! I was wondering a few things about RedBubble, and thought you'd be just the lady to answer them! It's for someone I encountered through work who does some amazing pattern/pattern design and is thinking of trying to make some money off her art.

    Do they charge anything, or is it just a cut of a sale?

    Do you retain all rights when you upload stuff, or do they hold some?

    Uhh...anything else she should know?

  17. That Av's pretty cool, where's it from?

  18. Somebody told me earlier that they have an eye appointment at like 8 tomorrow. I told them that that's pretty early, so they should make sure they're looking good.



    Nobody present found it amusing, but I thought of you <3

  19. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

  20. Downhearted? Ha! I have no time for downheartery, though the lack of nice regular money coming in is a shame.


    London was awesome! I wish we did it more often! How did you like london? I'm guessing you did all the touristy things?

  21. The interview went well! Or so I thought. Alas, they have chosen not to employ me, saying they were very impressed and liked me, but thought me not experienced enough for the jump up to a band 3, which is just doing what I do already but being like a 'senior' member of the team. Maybe I was shit, maybe I'm too young, I know not, but I do know...that I'm still freeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

  22. Coming out to us about something?

  23. I posted this in the meetup thread but I repost it here;


    Do you still have my number? Does yours still end in 830? Text me over numbers for people who are in london today(if they're cool with that), basically jimbob and flink I think, really gonna try and work something in tonigh

  24. You're a pretty cool guy, have you ever considered joining in the hilarity that is Forum Telephone, in the N-Europe playground? Artistic ability is not actually needed!

  25. Counted you out I have. Just remember though, you can't spell count without cunt.