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  1. Yay, we're friends! Check out the N-Europe playground, subforum in General Chit Chat for the mafia games etc. General Chit Chat's a cool place to hang too, post and say hello!



  2. Lol, it actually took me a lot of effort to write that proper, kept correcting it, didn't want to be called out on a drunk excuse. Also I was probably feeling less mental as I don't work saturdays :p

  3. Ahaaaa, I was never quite sure and it always confuses me on the news articles! I rather enjoy your reviews though :)

  4. I'm just wondering, because it's the only one that's ever confused me but...you're Aaron Clegg...right?

  5. Rummy

    Just noting that you like TD stuff, anything awesome you'd recommend? Also, did you ever check out Ninjatown?

  6. I want to make this/have something like it made;



    What kind of set am I going to need? Where when why and how much etcetc

  7. Ahh, well I've only played RE4 and RE5, and he was only in one of them! I thought I'd played the DS Castlevanias, but maybe I didn't play all of/finish OoE, was that the one where they mixed things up a bit? I remember playing Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin, excellente games!

  8. Awesome sig! Who are the people three in on each side? Is one of them that wesker guy?

  9. Woopsie! Thanks for the move, mixed up my tabs!

  10. (well thats the start of a most awesome story arc)

  11. Oh my god sorry! What's wrong with me! I totally forgot the comic >.< Here it is lol;


  12. Don't know if you've ever read this comic, but this is a fantastic little story line that I loved, and if there's one person who I thought would feel the same, it's you! It's about 10 parts long with a few interludes, but really well done.

  13. Fair enough. It's difficult for some people not to look at things through their retro-specs, so I value opinions of newcomers to old games.

  14. I have been coming on the forums for fucking ever meaning to ask this but kept getting distracted.


    OoT, what did you personally think of it playing it now having now played it before?

  15. Why so serious, Beverage? Is everything all right?

  16. Powdeeeeeerrrrreeeeeddd tooooooaassst maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

  17. Well out of touch but wanted to wish you a happy birthday for last week! I even saw the thread but briefly and never knew of you in your previous incarnation!

  18. Phone has literally just arrived! Excited I am! Thanks :)

  19. Ahh, looks cool. I'll go with that then, though my stupid PAYG only just took my money for this month's texts so I might not start using it for a while...

  20. Looks like I am gonna be joining giffgaff, how do we sort out SIMs and that? Can you just give me a referral link and it works like that or what?

  21. how d'ye find giffgaff as a provider?

  22. Rummy

    Hows the kitty doing?

  23. i left my phone at home like a bum, if you come online/see this let me know if you're out later/plans etc, fatman's off this week so im feeling an early out, early in

  24. ahhhhhhhhh, i seeeeeee! for ages i thought you were caris(sorry dont know why) but then i saw caris and was like 'wut' but i knew i did know you...somehow.