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  1. Ahhh, I've only just seen a notification for you posting on my wall and someone's done cleanup so I've no idea what it was! Though I can probably think what it was. Silly old place this, sometimes.

  2. y u delete post in relation fred

  3. Sold out to the dark side. Who are you maaaaaaan.

  4. Haha, yeah tried to add me! Saw she was following(but not friends) with Welsh and friends with yourself - wondered who the hell she was! Not sent me any messages(literally a blank request) - maybe you're a bit more special than me ;P

  5. Do ye know who Lisha/Lisha09 is?

  6. So...does this essentially mean that rs3 has replaced 'rs2'? Like rs2 is no more? Not that I have any idea at all of what that was these days, but I might check it out sometime.

  7. Ahh, well it's nothing pressing for me as I don't see my playing again - just remembered when it went from 'classic' to rs2 and there was a fixed transition period etc. Just hoped it wasn't one of those again...JUST in case I ever go back ;P

  8. Had a feeling you probably didn't. Is it just another major engine upgrade/overhaul like 2? Forced to play on 3 or still a choice of one or the other? Don't think I've logged in for a few years...

  9. Do you still work for Jagex? I've just stumbled upon the fact there's a Runescape v3...what is this madness?!

  10. Ahh that's pretty cool, is it IAPT stuff or something else? I ended up just rolling around in mental health for a while as a HCA then about couple years ago ended up in our pharmacy tumbling into various jobs by chance; currently mainly an RA on two clinical trials in addition to a managing a small monitoring database, occasional audit work and whatever else lands on my desk. Was only gonna be there for a week or two but two and a half years later I'm still knocking about!

  11. So man, what you up to these days? Iirc you were a psych grad right?

  12. 'No surprise.'

  13. Yo! Always assumed you'd be called Luke! If it looked like I kicked you I didn't! I am closing gates for tonight though, tbh I'd forgot I left them open whilst I was half chilling in Club LOL!

  14. Yo I'll open my gates feel free to come grab dresser.

  15. Oh! My bad, I'd seen you around the Nintendo forums from time to time and wasn't sure!

  16. You're not our Katie of old under a mild name change are you?

  17. That sig is brilliant.

  18. You may not be 'having a go', but in some ways I am. Behaviour like that is plaguing the forums, and I hate to see it. As I said, both you and Tissue had good points; I hate to see it reduce to personal insults. Even if it escalating that topic in particular, I wanted my own stance as someone invested in the positive future of these forums to be known. We've got an awesome community, and I want to keep it as awesome as I can. My comments really are quite impartial, I only make my comments really for what I consider the future of the forrum.

  19. Rummy

    Ahh, of course it was you! Was convinced when I saw the bowser pic in miiverse. You've got some really good stuff!

  20. Jamba, you're a man who knows his networking and routers! I have a friend looking to possibly use a router as a wireless repeater - he's in a point in his house where the signal just won't reach for some reason. What would possibly be his best budget(student) option for this? He was considering trying to DD-WRT hack one he has, but is lost and doesn't want to anymore so might buy one that can just do the things he wants. Do you know his best budget option, either a router with firmware(dd-wrt or otherwise) that can do it or a cheap repeater otherwise? He'd like it to recieve the signal then repeat wirelessly, but doesn't mind if he plugs in *if* he can get it a bit closer to his room, really.

  21. are you in another country or some shit what is this racism

  22. Yeah sure! I haven't actually played HoR in a while due to annoyance at their website's issues, and currently trying to breeze through Bowser's Inside Story, but I'll add you back when I get home from work(silly 3DS needing to be online to add people grrr!)

  23. You're awesome, site looks fab. Thanks for all your hard work, even if we don't all see it :)

  24. I hate it when you post because it's generally amazing and more annoyingly it really really really makes me want to watch FMA again!

  25. No, there isn't one. Just post a hello in General Chit Chat! They're fairly cool round here modwise, basically don't be an arse and you won't get fucked.