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    However, in recent times I've become, sadly, quite disenfranchised with Nintendo. I've had a busy year which doesn't help, but some of the things they've gone this generation have annoyed me despite owning a Wii U - and the whole Zelda issue rubs me the wrong way too. I could get in to a long rant of it(and I'm sure you'll find them down in the Nintendo forum, too) but my main reason for being Nintendo all the years was what you sort of mention - they'd always been kinda cartoony/fun and different.


    I do realise the irony of being somewhat inactive/non-Nintendo enthused atm whilst being a mod of the forum - but again as I said if anything does come up down there that you feel needs a bit of mod input feel free to send me a PM to flag it up and I'll look into things! There's also the option of using the report post button which we encourage, as it'll give a wider notification to the mods, but I'm always keen to be approached personally if people prefer that too.

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    Ahhh, the NX! It was the buzz of the revolution/Wii that brought ME here almost 10 years ago, after a few years of general news and forum lurking. Out of interest how did you come across the place? Randomly or via someone else etc?


    Did you never jump on for the Wii U? If not, was there any particular reason why?


    Personally I'd always been a Nintendo guy since playing Super Mario Land on my cousins' gameboy as a child. Then we got a SNES I think, then a Gameboy, and it was Nintendo(fanboyish, too) all the way until I broke onto Xbox about 12 years ago as my first ever non-Ninty console!

  3. Hey there Nuntendo!


    I'm Rummy, one of the current mods, and whilst I'm a little bit inactive in current/recent times I just wanted to say a hello and welcome to our little forums here having seen you around recently. If there's anything that pops up that you have questions about or just wanna chat to mod about do feel free to send me a PM or so too!


    Out of curiosity(mostly sparked by your recent age thread) - what brings you to the N-Europe community forums? Many of us have been here for very many years(and many older than me, I'm actually more of a recent mod), but everyone's very lovely as you'll probably have seen in GCC and it's always good to have new people joining the community. Hopefully you find it enjoyable and stick around for as long as some of us too! Again if there's anything that comes up in your general wanderings of the place please do feel free to get in touch with me :)

  4. Rummy

    Oh wow, sounds like you're rather busy!! Did indeed finally cave and get the PS4 - tbh so far it's largely been a Destiny machine for me, but there's a few other small things I've been playing too. Sadly it has left my WiiU rather by the wayside, and Splatoon with it - I've missed most of the new levels myself too!! Would be nice if we got a few of the old crew together for a bit of a sesh sometime though...

  5. Rummy

    DuD mate! How you doing? Was casually foruming and noticed that I haven't actually noticed you about in recent times, so just wanted to say hello and hope all's cool :)

  6. Just clocked the gem in the signature, sneaky!

  7. Haha, knew this was gonna be you! Sadly not touched it for maybe a week or two(sure it's a week but my time concept is off) - been busy and ting! Don't think I'll get back on it until next week at this rate. Which reminds me of Blade's thread...

  8. I've put maybe a few hours in? Not done too much, find it a bit overwhelming so far tbh! Currently just attending to some question marks before taking on this Griffin thing. Died more than I'd have liked to, too.

  9. For the first time in many years I have just rediscovered the joy of eBay sniping.

  10. Hmmm. I set limits on my prices to make sure I don't spend too much(monies for living tings and all that) but maybe I'll sway near the next free weekend I have. What's this expansion business I've been seeing about, hearts of stone or something?

  11. I know I know, my mate just started working there though so was gonna go in yesterday and buy it when he was there with some extra crap to make him look good. Now I regret my life choices.

    There's still time though. As soon as I see it start hitting £25-20 online I'll grab it.

  12. Ya breakin' my heart! I was hoping to post a picture to you yesterday, but it seems for a reason I can't understand GAME took it out of their sale(£25!) between Monday and yesterday, so I didn't get it :(

    I will though...one day...

  13. Yeah sadly, got a big deadline this week so no chance of taking it off, probably would have otherwise :(

  14. ProPro's putting a score on his head for anyone that can take a game off of him at Meltdown on Monday - I've decided I'm gonna go watch! Times like this I wish you was in Londontown to enjoy such tings with me.

  15. I just nix'd your post there - whilst I appreciate the sentiment I thought Kounan was already asking in jest and not seriously - despite everything I don't think it's fair to rile Serebii on that point right there(or won't do the topic many favours).

  16. I can't believe you've just claimed not to have insulted people after what started this whole thing off. I think that speaks volumes on it all.

  17. Given the previous complaints about your own behaviour and what punishments you've had, yet still continue, I think I'll stick with what I know about dealing with matters for now.

  18. Will throwing insults do any better? What do we do about your behaviour, as well? It takes two, and you're both as guilty as each other - in this instance I'd say you're even worse because you KNEW you'd get into this trouble and said you'd avoid it, yet did NOTHING of the sort.


    Anyway - you're free to continue to dictate to the moderation team what they should do and how they should handle things, but I offer you no guarantee of results from it.

  19. Haha, not 'pursuing' per se but just getting round to catchup plans. There's some great games on there which I've still go to get through, I'm just a bit terrible all round at sit-down and TV gaming(a social aspect encourages this a lot for me, which is ofc lacking for WiiU and as you'll know a big tenet of my feelings to gamings these days).

  20. Rummy

    Thanks bro!

  21. Ya cheeky bastad! Why N-Europe eh? :p

  22. where are you mr.bears? it has been a while and i wondered where you might be...