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  1. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    ahhh fair; makes me feel better they werent trying a digital grab by cashing in on desperate demand - and its just market forces. I'd agree same re: you to Bob's point - I doubt there's too many 'multiple' pre-orders causing problems and I imagine its a pretty kind of accounted for thing now in places.
  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Do any folks reckon Sony might have underestimated disc-model demands?
  3. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Yeah was an absolute shocker of a shitshow tbh. I favoured Biden but still was wank all round. I've just been watching this though which has been quite interesting a take(~1hr);
  4. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Played a few random games online - agree its probs better with the discord chat but had some fairly acceptable games - just a bit difficult to chat and sometimes end up very quick finishes. Helpling me learn/practise tasks and ship layout tho - also getting used to a few people's classic mafia tactics
  5. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    "Will you just shut up, man?" Biden just became my soul animal.
  6. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Feel like the fates just woke my dead ass up - anyone gonna be following the debate live? Not sure where to get it in the UK and think it kicks off in 14minutes butseeing as I'm up I mqy give it a crack! Seen a few funny bingos/drinking games knocking about but even for me I'm not sure I'm gonnna chance those yuge chyynnaaa risks right now
  7. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Top games! Up for more at some point - what number do you need to get to 2 imposters? I presume that's a thing? Also well done to all you cheeky and sneaky mofos :pz
  8. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Ahhh nice wasn't sure if we'd be chatting - havent properly figured out the 'silence' mechanics or when so apologies if I slip later(im totally mafia) but we'll figure it out doubt. Should be quite a laugh hopefully!
  9. More confusion for the public from the leaders...🤦🏾‍♂️ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/29/tories-competence-questioned-as-minister-fails-to-clarify-lockdown-rules
  10. Btw a few here will know I study and self-teach a fair few things these days with maths and logic being a bit of a focus/love of mine(mainly classic paradoxes too). However there is an absolute legend of a guy I came across recently very young for a a Professor but I love his stuff(he was doing daily 'Ask Maths Anythings' and it was all mostly at understandable school level essentially then went weekly and stopped a bit cos...hes still a Prof and has work to do but Covid got in the way too). For anyone who might be curious to learn, in a pretty common sense and visual sort of way(Prof Po is so good for that), about some of the mathematical ideas/modellings/approaches being taken to Covid here's a vid he did back ij March iirc(~hour and a half long). Srsly love Prof Po Shen;
  11. lol - depends if I'm still at my mum's and she's listening or reminds me about the show! I always give her a shout as its mostly the only reason I listen/call - I may call in again if the Armenian stuff comes up(and Maajid has a good history of islamic geopolitics iirc) but I'd really like I said have to do some reasearch into the topic even at a base level before I comment on it - the suggestion of Erdogan flaming conflict to stretch Russia is curious to my militant/martial views on society and our potential future progression; but that's really not for here I'm with you on the 'get work done' aspect. We see increasing moves to 'gig economy' too which is probably what we need - the issue is we still need to have sensible legal and human rights protections to workers(sick, holiday, company benefits etc) - but the current way systems work they just are not set up for that and ofc companies/corporations mostly on average are driven by bottom lines - which is actually why I think it's weird you'd hardcore surveil workers in lockdown; its surely not going to be good for mental health and subsequent productivity? Or maybe it is again a thing about squeezing out worker efficiency for maximum profit per time unit of worker etc - if they dont observe work rate how can they get more out of it etcetc.? I can sort of see the balance but I really think home surveillance for covid WFHers is going too far for a productive work environment. Resent can be a powerful force in people. Curious hearing people's thoughts on the app - I too am dissuaded by it due to our Govt's arrogant handling of it AND it being technically in private hands. I understand the data is pseudoanonymised etc and you'd have to be determined to crack it open etc - but in the currrent age of big data and not enough real legal safeguards(plus Brexit removing us from GDPR and potentially holding new laws to come in future that could potentially be retrospectively/retroactively applied to the data etc) against it in my feeling I am not keen to get the app. Even understanding much of what it does and how it works - I'm becoming a big big data and ethics skeptic. I feel our tech/science is marching faster than our societal ethics around the tech is keeping up - but this is something that it seems often tends to happen with all new techs and revolutions over history? So we may just be going through the growing pains - I just feel unkeen not knowing where it goes next. I realise whilst rationalised some of that is, by some people's measures, silly and nonsensicle. However this I guess is part of the original point I was elaborating - erosion of public trust in authority leads to various and increasing forms of non-compliance. Trying to heavy hand it after this seems to make it worse?
  12. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Should be in(tho i have to potentially go to ucc at some point) - spent about 10 hours yesterday trying to hack root and update an old galaxy tab to a customOS that could download this....and it doesnt load So I'll be playing from my phone! I tried a couple quick games online the other day but didn't get too into it(most seemed to just fail out rather than play out fully) but seems like its gonna be pretty cool fun. Setting a 7pm alarm to remind me now!
  13. Logic Randomisers??

    Ahhh wow. I DO like WW but less familiar with it - usually end up not finishing playthroughs because of all the sea stuff and sailing for triumph forks etcetc. It's a bloody great game I just fall off somewhere with it(usually around master sword and two temples). OoT and MM I'm much more familiar with though. I still haven't got round to watching too many of the wind waker ones yet(maybe ill even play one myself!) but more reason for me to look into it.... Re: Fire Emblem - they're advance wars style turn based combat games on a grid right? I know very little of their playstyle but how do the randomisers kinda work? Just thinking back to I think Glen's earlier point of how its a bit less of a doable/impactful thing on say a Mario vs a Zelda?
  14. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    One thing I will say for Sunshine - and I hated it at the time but came to appreciate them more later - the red coin tasks are very frustrating in some places but they're still infinitely better than blue coins and very satsifying when you finally manage them. I think I only played sunshine once/twice through; and they were some of the most challenging shines iirc. Definitely have some weird torturous memories at the back of me head of disappearing sand blocks and time limits...
  15. Was back on the ol' LBC and Maajid Nawaaz yesterday as still at my mums(last 10 mins); https://vocaroo.com/16dEt7mtQaS6 https://www.globalplayer.com/catchup/lbc/uk/b8FPiKG/ The idea/topic was about how apparently companies are surveilling people who work from home? I'm obvs idle atm due to covid and health etc. so not working/able to compare or relate to it - but has anybody found themselves in WFH situations where you employer is still breathing down your neck?? (if you listen to whole show it is 3 hours with the topics hour by hour so tune into the last hour to get a better/fuller debate than just me talking; a lot of good points made by some of the callers)
  16. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    In fact - I spoke of arsebastard stars earlier but here's a Q for you @Julius(assuming you got all 120) - what were your top 5 or top 10 stars to chase?? I honestly feel like I can play this game in my head lol so I'm loving people's experiences. It's kind of what's so mad about it(no not you Sunshine and your blue coin buffoonery) - despite having 120 stars in it youu almost can easily remember/recall each one. Probably aided again by that 'shunting' out of the level between stars(and I understand why it was done in parts) but it'll be interesting to hear from you! I also btw never partocularly liked Tall Tall when I was younger because I found the stars hard - but the monkey the slide the ascension idea etc is pretty cool. Not a favourite(and being quite...brown and stony its kinda boring) but I came to appreciate it far more when I was playing through when I was older. Hell, if you like go and rate all 15 courses in order! I love seeing others' appreciatons for games I love
  17. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    Bruv; I really enjoyed this post. You mentioned so many moments I expected you to love, too! Obvs I haven't played this version but much(except the camera cos I played at the time - but yes it is certainly outdated) of what you've expressed is very akin to my own affinity with the title. One question - did you ever start utilising somersault+wall jumps? They can sometimes add a nice bit of height and distance - tho ofc as you mention you can long jump everywhere too(especially in races!) - one thing overlooked about SM64 at the time and still now imo is actually the fluidity in the physics engine when it comes to comboing/chaining/interrupting moves - its so clean barely anyone notices. Really really REALLY loved you enjoying the painting mechanics - specifically found it difficult to contain my excitement in my earlier post knowing you hadn't been upstairs yet without accidentally spoiling Wet Dry World/BigLittleLand/Snowman's World's 'invisible' painting(plus a look at that useless cameraman :p) and then TickTockClock too - all such little bits of charm! So glad you loved the experience
  18. Logic Randomisers??

    Interesting! Sadly difficult for me to relate to how the methodology would work as I've barely ever played a fire emblem game - but its interesting to see the range of different games and genres they seem to be applied to and how they manifest! The Zelda ones seem pretty cool though I have only barely even tickled a scratch at the surface - what's your favourite titles from the series so far? I jumped in with the LttP cos it was a pretty easy thing to do(and given its an actual patch I'm really tempted to try and dig out my old GBAs and R4/M3 if it still exists and is working and load a few old schools on it to have as an on-the-go gaming ting away from usual screens etc.)
  19. I kinda agree(tho not been to a pub too much recently) - the blanket EVERYONE out at 10pm surely just concentrates peoples and crowds? Not sure what it's like for people locally genenerally but a pub tends to be much bussier at 21.30 than 23.30 if kickout is half hour after - besides which the last orders/doors around my ends can vary depending where you're at - surely encouraging everyone to go home on public transport(hope too many arent driving!) at the same time again encourages the virius' potential? Apparrently on top of that the 22.00hrs thing actually never had any basis in anything - govt set it arbitrarily. Again - how do you expect people to have faith in a govt. or rules that seem to be laid out without any real justifiable rationale?
  20. Glad we agree across the board. Do keep yourself behaving according to the measure you accord to others - that was the point we were actually making after all! Back to it tho - peoples thoughts on the Covid app? Are folks downloading it or not? I presume most of us here are fairly tech aware and whatnot so I'm curious how many are actually going to choose to engage, actively avoid, or remain indifferent?
  21. Yeah. Kinda hard to want to trust that the people telling us what to do are trustworthy and have our actual collective macro best interests at heart over their own individual micro selfish/egotistical ones isn't it?
  22. Technically a 'special adviser' btw not a govt official - but tbh the ideas of official and order seem to be getting blurred as is the point - resulting in chaos amongst those expected to follow the rules.
  23. Yep. A long way too. He also took a luxury trip to Barnard Castle(and some sources will even tell you he was up there signing secret deals with Roche - but who am I to consider the ethics of Big Pharma when they heal us all right?) and all sorts. Shady fellow imo; but I'll just chuck a top google result in for ye. Also btw...he DROVE to Barnard Castle to 'Test his eyesight'. He thought he may not be able to see properly so he got inside a vehicle with his wife and kids and drove them over there to 'test his eyesight'. Apparently opticians are a thing of the past; and whilst the mildest of medicines would advise you not to drive or operate heavy machinery - if you think you have poor eyesight the most sensible and rational thing to do is to load your family up into the car and go for a wee little drive in an area you don't even live. Then look at a castle. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/52828076
  24. Curiously on this note I've been wondering - how many people here have got/are getting the tracking app? What are you reasons for your choices if so if not or even if just indifferent?
  25. Nice post edit following my response to try and make yourself look better there Ronnie. I will sure be remembering to use the 'quote' function for you in future - interesting to see in this discussion you are of the 'dirty delete' brigade whilst also complaining elsewhere of cancel culture. But hey, you keep doing you. People here love it.