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  1. Calling any American/Canadians/Related

    I thought the british jolly ranchers tasted nicer than the american ones, but I never really liked either too much anyway, the green ones tasted kinda funny.
  2. Wii

    What are the chances of SD cards going up when the wii comes out? I imagine they're kind of slim given that alot of stuff use them already, but I'm also thinking it's still possible they might go up. I've seen have a 1gig maxell one for like £15, but I'm also weary about any compatibility issues. Are there any known issues about SD cards with Wiis? Like will only certain ones work or anything, I don't imagine theres been much chance for it to be tested by people yet. I just don't wanna buy an SD card then find out I can't use it, because I have nothing else that uses them.
  3. OMFG! Norwegian Wii prices.

    This is unbelievable, I was outraged enough by the british prices, but now I feel silly, it isn't simply just the tax pushing it up, somebody clearly thought they'd capitalise the higher tax and push the price up more. Nintendo really treat people like crap outside of america and japan, seriously. (In something completely unrelated, I think I have this AdrianDX fellow on my msn, what a small world)
  4. Turns out the letter thing DID come, but it was in my sisters name as the reward card is still registered in her name, being the idiot she is she didnt think to tell or ask anyone about it. I feel more at ease now, I'll probably go down on the 10th to see what this pack is all about. The small print on 'Your preorder was successful! You will get your hands on a Nintendo Wii at launch*' says; '*GAME cannot be held responsible for chanes in stock delivery dates or launch date however, you are guaranteed to recieve a Nintendo Wii from our launch deliveries' Which to me implies to me I'll have one on launch! w00ties! I dunno what the little Wii Gift Card is all about though, seems like a regular gift card to me, which I don't think you earn store points on, so I won't be using it. Samdecahedron, try going down to your store with your pre-order reciept on the 10th to see if they will let you have one. I think they only sent these little info packs out to reward card holders because otherwise they don't have complete postal details. To any reward card holders who haven't recieved a letter, it might be worth making sure your reward card address details are correct, sometimes they aren't put into the system correctly.
  5. GAME are a horrible, terrible, corporate company and I quite dislike them, yet, not enough to not take my business there. I want the Wii asap, and so thought the best and most reliable way is a high street store, and I felt GAME would be best for doing it, but I'll probably buy further games online. I hate the company because I used to work for them, and maybe it's just because my manager was a ****, but it really made me despise the company after a while. They used to have everyone in the store on a part time contract of like 4 hours a week so that they wouldn't have to pay us more than 4 hours holiday money when we were off, even if people have been working 30 hours a week.
  6. Games that break your controllers!

    I actually broke a controller somehow on MM, because I did the stick swirly spin attack alot(which does consume magic but is the same as the lower one that does), I was doing it in the stone temple when suddenly my stick just got 'stuck' in one direction, I couldn't fix it at all by recalibrating it in weird positions. I was real upset, because it'd been with me throughout the game, was competition pro and had turbo/auto switches just like my beloved snes controller! Speaking of that snes controller, the B button on it has worn a bit thin through overuse :s
  7. Street Fighter 2 Turbo

    I never had SF2Turbo on my snes , but I did borrow it off a mate for ages! After a while it just sort of broke though, which was weird, it would just stick at the loading screen and you wouldn't believe how upset I was about it, and my mate. I remember whenever I used their specials, I'd always use the most powerful kick/punch, although I always got my arse handed to me by Bison, the fiend! (heh, this reminds me I have the film and the anime floating about on numerous VHS tapes)
  8. Was the n64 controller a success?

    I love it, thought it was weird at first but it felt so right! I've heard this thing about the analogue sticks wearing down quite a bit recently, although I've never experienced it in my controllers myself, nor have people I've asked. It sets standards too, which Nintendo seems to be good for doing.
  9. I recently decided to start going through zelda games again, and managed to 100% OoT in just a week! I had to use a few guides for skulltulas and heart pieces of course. Now I'm currently playing FFX on PS2 which my friend lent me with a bit of burout revenge on my xbox in between, and LttP on the go in GBA form(just finished turtle rock). Unfortunately I actually ended up spending most of the last couple of days playing Runescape
  10. Time Lengthy Bosses

    I'd have to second this guy, it took me about 3 days to beat her, just trying over and over again. The worst thing is, whenever you died and wanted to fight her again, you'd have to watch like 15 minutes worth of cutscenes all over.
  11. so.... What are you taking home on the 8th?

    Having read a review of Marvel Ultimate Alliance over at 4colorrebellion, I'm also considering getting that on launch too, if GAME still do their 10 day returns thing, I'll probably try it out then take it back, then buy it cheaper from play if I like it. Given what I've read about the amount of playtime in Zelda though, I don't feel like I really need more than 1 or 2 games until the new year.
  12. The latest South Park episode

    I found it on youtube(after finding about 6 defunct ones due to copyright reasons), and thought it was a great episode. I haven't seen south park in ages but I loved it, I just hope I find a way to see the next part!
  13. Wii

    Thanks, I am new and didn't realise there was another thread about it, and this thing about the SD cards is news to me, I'm glad you told me because I was planning on getting a big SD card and using it for the life of the system, I'll probably get smaller ones instead now though. Sorry about not looking around, bit overwhelmed by the amount of activity on here, although the in before lock thing did make me wonder, don't you guys count that as SPAM here?
  14. Wii

    Do you mean to say that you won't be able to use SD cards bigger than 1GB with it, and if so, why not?
  15. Wii Invite You to Play

    Congrats to you, I feel better knowing that if I'm going to be working on the 18th anyway, although thats some weird twisted up logic. I'm hoping I'll be able to pop down to bluewater on the 16th though, maybe get a play in there!
  16. so.... What are you taking home on the 8th?

    I plan on waking up nice an early, getting ready for uni, going to GAME, buying my wii, then bringing it home and going off to uni, spending the whole day wishing I was at home instead to play it. I'm gonna be getting the Wii, TP Wii, an extra nunchuck&wiimote, and probably a classic controller too. I'm also gonna pop next door to argos and get some rechargeable batteries . For my VC titles there aren't many that appeal to me, only really considering Golden Axe and Gunstar Heroes at first, both great games which I played on my mates Mega Drive.
  17. Just seen Coolit's post saying he ordered in store, which worries me greatly as I ordered in store and they told me I was number 11 in the queue, but I never got anything through the post! I hope they haven't messed things up, because I pre-ordered mine before they got the proper pre-order books through. (btw, I'm new here, so hello everyone!)