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  1. UK Wii Tour - Details FINALLY!

    Went back today as I said I would, and took like 3 pictures, but I took them from the top floor as the sign said no pictures and I didn't want them to get arsey about it. I'll upload and post them later, but as for the wii I played alot more today, mainly wii sports, more tennis, some bowling, baseball, golf and a tiny bit of wii play too. We had to do alot of queueing for the different gos on wii sports, but it was reasonable, couldn't be wiihogs! I definitely feel better about the wii after reading reviews that seemed worried about the controls, although I'm still feeling iffy about the pointer though. Ice9, I see there appears to be 4 wiis on display there, did they only have wiisports and wiiplay across the 4, or other games too? I can't make out whats in the bottom right of that picture, but I hope it isn't zelda...
  2. Now theres something I hadn't considered at all, is this going to interfere with the online gaming support and push that back even further??
  3. Dissappointed they only announced this now, although the thing about VC titles every monday is nice, but does it mean america will be getting VC titles before us? Will we have different release schedules, like different games to them etc? Is everyone across the globe going to be getting the weather and news at the same time, or will it be even later for us? It's not a big deal for me, but I am disappointed in them. Why haven't they got it sorted out already?
  4. To drink or not to drink?

    How cheap is a pint in swansea? Also, are Wetherspoons's prices the same all over the country? I wouldn't know, because I haven't been to a wetherspoons too far away.
  5. This is driving me mental, I have yet to find someone else who knows what I'm talking about. Hopefully though, that's all about to end right here, as this forum is full of the perfect people for me to ask, do you watch E4? Fear not, I'm not crazy, that isn't the only question! Have any of you that just answered yes played OoT(or possibly MM)? The reason I'm asking is because theres this little esting(what they call the little bits in between breaks and adverts, where something happens involving the E4 logo), in which I can't remember what visually happens, all I can remember is purple and white, but what I do remember is what I hear. Unless I'm very much mistaken, it is none other than the music which you hear in the bombchu bowling game building in OoT(and probably some games in MM). Has anybody else other than me noticed this? Am I just crazy or mistaken? I know theres gotta be at least one other person out that who's noticed it too. (I wasn't sure if this was the right forum for this, feel free to move it along if it's the wrong one)
  6. UK Wii Tour - Details FINALLY!

    Why yes, yes I was! I didn't try to play on it too much because I didn't want to look greedy, but I'm going back with my mate tomorrow like I said and gonna try and get a go at all the different things. I just hope there aren't lots more people there this time.
  7. UK Wii Tour - Details FINALLY!

    Hidden? I don't think so. It's cool though, quite basic but fun for a while. I dunno how long it'd last at being fun, given that I only played for about 5 minutes. Gotta agree with hiyaz, the girl there was pretty hot.
  8. Wiinjuries

    Kind of funny link, until the cancer one, I find that highly offensive. Jk, pretty nice thread, I don't see a problem with wearing the strap though, I barely noticed it, and I KNOW that at some point I'm gonna get carried away and fling my control out of my hand, I'd rather it fell limp or possibly broke my wrist than fly out of my hand and break itself. My wrist'll fix itself for free, a controller's gonna cost me £30!
  9. To drink or not to drink?

    Whoever's knocking underage drinking, assuming somebody is because I didn't read everything properly, don't knock it. I had some of the best times drinking underage, it was much more interesting than just sitting down in a pub and drinking with your mates. Whoever buys coke and has a problem with the price, try getting a pint of coke instead, in wetherspoons it's only like 10 or 20p more, and about twice as much! I say that, but I haven't had to ask for a coke in a wetherspoons for about a year.
  10. UK Wii Tour - Details FINALLY!

    I played the Wii today in bluewater, both Wii play and WiiSports. On Play, I played the horse racing one(twice) which was great, the hockey one which I found a bit tricky to control because the wiimote seems very sensitive, and some weird thing where you have to match 2 miis out of a crowd. I didn't play duckhunt, but Colin has pretty much summed up what I thought of hockey and the horse game. The spot the mii thing was basic, so I won't really comment on it, it's basically just a competative pairs game(think of that minigame in sm64ds where you have to find the character in the crowd, think 2 of the same character in a crowd of many more other characters, kinda). It was still fun, although we got stumped in the 3rd game because we couldn't find the matches on some escalators. Anyway, I played WiiSports Tennis too before I played WiiPlay, which I thought was actually pretty good(I think I won 2/3 games, then me and the random guy I was playing with got kicked off). I liked tennis, and it even got me working up a sweat(because I was wearing about 12 layers of clothes and a scarf), but it was pretty fun, I love the way the characters jump about and stuff, at one point the other guy even ended up jumping one of his people into the crowd for the ball! The wiimote itself is much smaller than I reckoned, as is the console, and the sensor bar, and the wiimote has little bits of rumble too, although it felt quite mild. Whilst I didn't hear it myself, the guy I was playing with pointed out to me after that there was sound in the speaker on the serve, which is a nice touch. The reason I think the horse game and tennis felt so good however, is because they were easier to control as they didn't rely on the IR of the wiimote, whereas hockey seemed to, and so when I tried to rotate my paddle I'd end up tilting my wiimote up or down causing my paddle to fly all over the place as I try to sort it out, often knocking the ball into my own goal. I wouldn't say I played enough to make a firm judgement that 'the wii pointer craps everything up' though. I am pretty impressed with things though, and I'm gonna go back tomorrow with Marcamillian to play some more. As for graphics, they seemed quite good to me, although I'm pretty sure those were HDTVs and I don't know how they were hooked up, but I'd assume it was using the best possible. I say the graphics seemed good, they didn't look particularly challenging to render, the miis themselves look really cute in the game too, when they run around and move and stuff.
  11. This here is a thread for pictures, pictures which I have no doubt a number of you are acquainted with. I'm talking about none other than...CAT CAPTION PICTURES! I love them alot, and am on a mission to scour the internet for all of them, so post here any ones you have, or sites you know of that have a collection of them for all to see and enjoy. Hell, if you've got a cat and a camera then maybe even think about making your own! If this thread should be in the Creativity forum, please move it along to there, I wasn't sure whether to put it here or there(as it isnt our own creations). I shall start the ball rolling with a few of my favourtites. I found some more on some forums once, but I seem to have lost the link to it, expect it to arrive sometime around this weekend probably, when I have more time. Oh yeah, and this one, it's more cute than funny though.
  12. To drink or not to drink?

    Do what you like, it is apparently possible to have fun without drinking, so give it a go and see. If I ever have a choice though, Im drinking. If you'd rather drink at home, why not buy a bottle of something or a box of beers and suggest it? As for the venue, despite my uni being right across the road from it, I've never actually been.
  13. UK Wii Tour - Details FINALLY!

    I'n gonna be in bluewater tomorrow from 2ish I reckon, cos I get out of uni at 12(sposed to stay until 3ish, but i wanna play wii so im gonna skip my tutorial and get a slap on the wrist for missing it). Looks like I'll be there by myself, but I'll probably pop into GAME to see the old workmates. If you see me, feel free to say hello, I look pretty much like my avatar, despite that being about 2 years ago now. Does anyone know any sort of times for it, like when it starts and ends, and where it'll be? I imagine it'll be by M&S, as that's near both the GAMEs too, and it tends to be host to random display stuff.
  14. I saw the forum description, and that question caught my eye, I decided to step on in and see if it was actually explained, but it isn't. So I'm curious, what exactly is the difference between the two? As far as I'm aware, they both have the exact same capacity, it's something I never really understood.
  15. Photoshop Reggie

    Better Che one from that NG thread.
  16. Does anybody watch E4?

    It don't see it often, but I saw it last night after Stop Treating Me Like a Kid, right after the credits had finished.
  17. Nintendo Advent Calendar

    I get the feeling this thread is not actually about advent calendars of the chocolate kind, but I shall talk about such anyway! I would really love a proper nintendo advent calender with little nintendo related chocolates in it, made from advent calandar kind of chocolate(theres something magical in that chocolate). That is all.
  18. What the hell is this thing?

    Hey man! Pass me some more of that d-pad shit! *sssnniiifffffff* I never even saw one of those interact superpads before, but my sister DID buy an interact memory card in poundland once(and they have yet to appear again, if it wasn't at all like her, i'd be inclined to believe she got it elsewhere then lied to me), that memory card was pretty darn good, still works today and has all my saves! I also think that whilst the original photos posted do look a bit ugly, that is absolutely no bearing on how they would feel and play, consider your first ideas of tee n64 pad.
  19. Age

    Is anyone actually going to average out all these ages? I make this post in the hope that they will, for I am 19.5ish.
  20. Your Wii, When, where and how?

    If my local store is having a midnight opening, then I'll go to that, but I don't think they are. If they aren't I'm getting up early then getting ready for uni, going to GAME, buying the wii, bringing it home and leaving it in the box, then going to uni for a few hours.
  21. books

    gggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkssss. Just kidding. I read from time to time, normally fiction stuff like Discworld and Harry Potter, and Marvel comics. I'm reading Spider-Girl graphics novels at the moment though, which are better than I expected. For anyone looking for a good read, I would recommend HDM trilogy(Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass) by Phillip Pullman, possibly my favourite story ever.
  22. Does slowaga actually exist?! :p Just while we're on the subject, for Brawl, are all 3 controllers compatible? I think they should have made it possible to use all old controllers with the wii(as my mother said just yesterday as I told her how much im spending and why 'controllers?! MORE controllers?! what are you gonna do with all of these ones??', I was tidying up all my game stuff at the time, which has snes, n64 and gc controllers together). Maybe it could have been done through the use of a cable attachment to avoid there being 37 different ports on the wii, like those PS2-PC, XBOX-PC, or PS2-XBOX things(they sell all sorts of them in GAME). Now that I think about it, I might not need to get a VC controller at all, just use my GC one. Another reason I think this is a good idea, means less recharging of my batteries! If I'm correct the VC controller doesn't wire directly into the console, or does it? I saw a picture of it in a display cabinet and it looked alot like it was simply wired to the wiimote, not the console. Speaking of this, can anyone give me a source about the GC pads being able to be used for all VC titles, I posted about it on another forum but have no decent source.
  23. Going Bluewater?

    I hope this is the right forum for this, I think it is anyway. I'm just curious how many people here are going to be going to bluewater next week for the Wii tour, hoping in some sort of way I can figure out how crowded it'll be there. Also, does anyone have some proper times and locations of the tour in Bluewater? I'm most probably going on thursday, and friday too.
  24. Going Bluewater?

    Ok, I was after a more bluewater specific count to try and measure up the numbers, but I'll just give the other topic a read through. A mod can close or delete this whatever.
  25. Wii TV Remotes

    Isn't that gonna get real confusing for you when you have your wii? :p