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  1. Nintendo Magazines

    NOM was poop when I got it years ago, they rated 40 winks at like 90+%, and Wetrix pretty highly too. I bought wetrix, which was pretty damn cool, and never bought 40 winks, but when it came out I heard nothing about it, and think it turned out to be pants. I had 2 issues of N64 magazine, that was pretty good, dunno why I didn't start buying it instead(probably too expensive). If thats still around, or changed to something else, it'd be my recommendation based on about 6 years ago. Another problem with NOM is the way their prices were rising, it's probably about £10 an issue by now. In fact, forget gaming magazines, get a spiderman comic instead!
  2. Synaesthetic? Post here!

    Thats cool, I'm multicoloured! It really does fascinate me, think I might do my 3rd year project on it next year, although I dunno how I could go about it. As for the anally retentive thing, I dunno why I thought it, I had absolutely no base for it. Here's a question I asked my the lecturer who told us about it, and she told me it was an interesting question, so I just thought, who better to ask than you guys! In an image such as this one, which illustrates synesthesia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Synaesthesiatest.jpg What would happen if in the black version, instead of being black they were all the colour of either 2 or 5. Say for example if you happen to see 2 as red, and 5 as green(as in the example), what'd happen if all the 5s and the 2s were red, or green? Of course, replace the red and green in this example with your respective colours.
  3. Rate the last film you saw

    I actually only thought to mention it as your original review for starsky and hutch mentioned it too
  4. 1 day to go!

    What are the exams? I'd say to give it to your mum or something to put away somewhere, I don't think you'll be able to handle that. Especially if you're still browsing these boards with all of us talking about how fantabbytastic the thing is, which IS going to happen. Hell, I don't even have a wii yet and I can't manage to do any work due to it being the only thing on my mind!
  5. 1 day to go!

    I think I got a GC on release, which I was kind of excited about, but I'm much more excited about the wii I think, it doesn't even have very decent games with it, but I'm excited! Why? I dunno, but its stopping me from working.
  6. 10 Most Wanted VC Games!!

    You know what, maybe you should just get off the topic of ROM use, it's just going to be one of those arguments where both sides are trying to prove their point because they are right in their eyes, and due to that, there will be no winner or victor as the outcome of it, I honestly see this going nowhere other than derailing this thread. Does anyone know of any other titles previously released in the US but not in the UK? When it comes to VC titles, I'm looking forward mostly to Mega Drive games over alot of Nintendo ones.
  7. Synaesthetic? Post here!

    How old were you guys when you found out about synesthesia, and that not everyone thinks like it? Also, would any of you describe yourself as a bit anally retentive? I dunno why, but it's the sort of thing I'd associate with it for some reason.
  8. Smoking ban comes kick in on July 1st 2007

    I think it's a good idea, I mean, it's not going to kill those smokers to just go and step outside for a smoke(does it apply to pubs where there are outside areas?). I don't smoke myself, unless I'm drunk, and I wouldn't mind doing that outside anyway. There's a wetherspoons near me thats been non smoking since april, I used to go there alot when I was younger, but I've only been back a few times since the smoking thing. I have to say though, it does feel nicer being in a smoke free pub.
  9. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Here's something I've been confused about for a quite a while now, it's possible it's already been mentioned in this topic but it's also a rather big topic to have to search through to find it, so apologies if it has and I'm asking again. The Nunchuk, does it have tilt sensors like in yoshi's universal gravitation, or gyros like the wiimote itself? I swear when I first heard about it the word was that it had tilt sensors, but now I thought I read on more than one site(or maybe just the same site twice, I can't remember where I read it lol), that the nunchuk would have motion sensors like what the wiimotes got, just no pointer functionality. Is this true? EDIT: Just seen the pictures, looks like I'm screwed, I've spent 3 months picking scouring the lands for four leaf cloves to put into my wii vent's holes, and now I find out I'm not sposed to! GAH! Nintendo Suck!
  10. 10 Most Wanted VC Games!!

    What really needs to be localised about it compared with the american version?
  11. Synaesthetic? Post here!

    Ohhh, I didn't know that. I suppose thats my something new learnt for today then!
  12. Synaesthetic? Post here!

    Why did your last two posts say 10 characters at the end of them?
  13. Rate the last film you saw

    School of Rock last night, then Zoolander right after both on C4, so I'll just rate them both. School of Rock - A great film, I can't see why anyone wouldn't like this, amusing and heartwarming. Jack Black poses as a schoolteacher when he is a useless bum who's trying to make a life out of music, then ends up lying to everyone and turning his school class into a rock band. I'll give it an 8/10 Zoolander - A slightly weirder film, I think the only reason it gets away with it is because it has a top cast in it. If some random people you didn't know did this, you'd probably think they were all idiots. It's kind of random comedy that doesn't make much sense as it's all overexaggerated stuff, but it's still amusing. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are (really dumb, like blonde dumb) male models in a business where a fashion guru is secretly recruiting male models to become top notch assasins, with a twist. Amusing, but not as good as school of rock, so a 7/10.
  14. Post Your Strangest Dream

    I don't think I do alot of running in my dreams, and when I do, I don't think I have much problems doing so, although I recall running on all fours like some retard, but I was hella fast! I do however, seem to have trouble with violence and hitting people in my dreams, people get to batter me to their content, but anything I throw ends up really weak and non-effective, like I put LOADS of effort into and it comes off so weak. Anybody else get this?
  15. The Christmas Thread

    I wish I could be a kid again for christmas. Time passes too fast these days, and things like Christmas don't feel as good as they used to. I'm hoping Wii might bring my family together this christmas though, and it'll be really enjoyable. EDIT:This post seems alot more dramatic than it really is.
  16. Synaesthetic? Post here!

    I wanted to refrain, but I can't take it any longer! ... What colour do you guys see me as?
  17. 10 Most Wanted VC Games!!

    The real point should be that it is illegal, you are breaking the law and ripping off people's intellectual property. I think one reason for the VC is to give Nintendo more clout to start prosecuting against people who have emulators and ROMs in their possession, as they can now argue it's directly taking away from their revenue, whereas before things like NES, SNES, N64 etc games are no longer produced.
  18. Wii have a problem...

    So, most of us have heard about the somethingawful dude who got his TV broken, and probably haven't heard of much other cases and assumed it to be an isolated problem right? Apparently not, a website appears to have been dedicated to wii mishaps entitled Wii Have a Problem; http://www.wiihaveaproblem.com/ Gotta love the video of the ultimate fanboy(man) in line for a Wii, having not slept for 5 days.
  19. FAO Shorty and Calza.

    Happy Birthdays!
  20. 10 Most Wanted VC Games!!

    At the moment, nothing really. I'd like to see alot of those though, theres alot of N64 Rare games that I never got to own or even play, PD, JFG, Tooie. I don't need blast corps though, recently bought a copy on ebay, and probably for less than I would have on the VC. I'd like to get alot of the old Kirby games though, Kirby rocks alot. I'd like Super Mario RPG actually, and the original Paper Mario because I never got to play it. The Final Fantasies would be cool too, I only recently played my first FF game, which was FFX, and so I'd like to get the older ones, though I might get them on GBA/DS instead. I'd like to play Gunstar Heroes actually, turns out I really lied when I said nothing really. Turns out this post has alot of "I'd like..." s As for what Nintendork said about Duck Hunt, it's all correct, the gun had a light detector in it, and so if it could see the white dot it would count as a hit, it also meant you could point the gun at a light and just trigger away apparently. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_gun I don't think it'd be possible to directly port duck hunt to the wiimote due to this, it'd need to be remade for the way the wiimote works, and I don't know how good it'd be as I've heard the wiimote isn't 100% absolute accurate(some guys stuck a laser pointer on it with TP, and the fairy on screen wasn't where the laser was).
  21. Nintendo Wii Launch Date Announced!!!

    Something else I'm a bit disappointed about is the fact that some of the games have turned out to be a bit more pants than expected, according to some sources. Namely I'm talking about Red Steel, and I also heard some people saying ExciteTruck wasn't all that either. Lack of colour choice also, what a stupid thing!
  22. Post Your Strangest Dream

    Did you just call everyone gay?! I dunno what my strangest dream would be, I've had quite alot, I write them down sometimes and read them months later and think what a freak I am. I love how dreams make so much sense during the dream, less sense after you wake up, and seems bordering on crazy a few months later. It all started in an effort to achive lucidity towards the beginning of the year when my friend told me about it, however, I have yet to actually be successful. I tend to wake up when I realise I'm dreaming and am still asleep, or promptly forget whilst remaining asleep.
  23. Suggestions

    I saw Nintendork mentioned it, I'd like a rep system too, I frequent GameWinners forums(I do believe it's vB), and they have a rep system, it's nice to have, and makes you feel good when you get good rep. It's also quite a good deterrent to those same people to not make stupid or rubbish posts as they get bad rep for it. Anyway, I didn't come here to suggest that, I came to suggest a strikethrough option! I wanted to hilariously strikethrough a word in a quoted post to change the meaning in a obvious and amusing way, but alas, I could not. I tell this story, because whilst I want strikethrough, I don't see any other good reasons for it except making jokes.
  24. Synaesthetic? Post here!

    Wikipedia's page is also good for reading, got alot of detail on it and some nice pictures(the test with the 5s and 2s is a good example of the concept). It sounds pretty amazing to me, and kinda handy to have maybe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia
  25. Methinks I'm gonna change my plans a little now, found out my store will open at 7am on friday, so I might just wait until whatever time I wake up and go then, rather than getting up early for it.