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  1. A Thread About Beer

    So, as I sit here, drinking some Young's London Special ale or something like that(whcih is actually quite strong, and going to my head on my small breakfast of a packet of monster munch) I am thinking, 'Is there a thread about beers anywhere?' but I couldn't find one so I decided to post my own. What are people's opinions of beers? Whats your favourite type of beer? Ales? Lagers? Bitter? I remember when I was younger, I never liked beer much, but since I've found myself with quite a taste for it. I like to try all sorts of different beers, recently trying various beers from Young's, and so I've created this thread, about beer. Whats the best beer you ever had? Whats your favourite/regular beer of choice? What would you recommend? I haven't really got alot of good questions, I don't know *that* much about beer really, though I do like to try all different sorts. So...erm..yeah, discuss beer! As for myself, I tend to like bitters, my beer of choice is usually John Smith's Extra Smooth. I like Guiness now and then, but I can't stand too much of it. When it comes to lagers, Carlsberg Export is usually my choice, though sometimes I'll settle for regular carlsberg.
  2. How's your Arm?

    Boxing is a killer, me and my mate were playing it for an hour or two yesterday and it really made my arms ache, otherwise, my arms are fine with everything else. I've calmed down a bit now, not swinging and jumping around like a lunatic anymore.
  3. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    To everyone who has PMed me, I believe I've added you back. I don't have miis for all of you(because I didn't have the mii when I added you, dumb system) and my plaza is currently overun with miis, I don't know who's who! It doesn't help that some Miis are different to forum names and such. So if you want to, send me a little message with your mii attached to it, just if you have the time, it'll help me make my address book look more snazzy!
  4. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    When it gets something new through WiiConnect24, pretty much just email at the moment. If you wanna force it yourself, email yourself from your wii, then you need to reply to that email from the computer, then you can email the wii. If it recieves the email whilst on standby and in WiiConnect24 mode, it should start to glow blue. It didn't glow a few times I tried it, and even if you don't read the message, if you turn your wii on I think the disc glow is gone(won't come back after you switch it off) Tingler, you sure you've got it on its side properly? It's not at any funny angles or anything? It's sitting in the stand properly? I shouldn't have thought it'd be as much of an issue with it being a slot loading drive, but meh. As far as I'm aware you cannot connect it using any sort of USB cable, must use the USB to ethernet adapter and an ethernet cable. Second, can't you just access the router from a wired computer and get the passkey?
  5. Wii Play Thread

    It's a nice little wind down sort of game, good for taking a break from the action of wii sports, I haven't played it much other than to give everything on it a go. I might play it a bit more tomorrow though, gonna encourage people to play it if they're gonna play the wii, I think it's good for helping them understand the capabilities if they aren't already aware.
  6. Wii Porn (Post your Wii setup: 56k warning!)

    Looks like your wii's got The Angles.
  7. Wii Porn (Post your Wii setup: 56k warning!)

    I think this current wii location is only temporary, but I took pictures anyway(whilst QI was on just now) The quality is kind of poop because I have shaky hands and I tried to get rid of the light so I could show how the glow of the wii matches the glow of the TV Theres more here; http://s126.photobucket.com/albums/p102/Threereef/Wii/
  8. Ridiculous BBC article

    I thought you can divide by zero using complex numbers or something?
  9. I was considering downloading something, but theres really no need considering sports, play and zelda, so I'm gonna refrain from even using the VC yet, because I'll just end up buying lots of stuff I'll never play. Anyway, what are you playing DKC with? I'm curious as to how it plays with both the VC and GC controllers, and which is better in your opinion. When you bought the points, did you use a credit card or buy them from a shop? If you used a credit card, did you at any point worry about how secure it was?
  10. WiiPlay and Extra Wiimotes AWOL?

    I went into GAME and picked everything up off the shelf today, didn't seem like any shortages at all. I got my Nunchuk from WHSmiths though because they had it for £14.99 whereas GAME wanted £17.99 and the guy said they don't price match on launch.
  11. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    If it's wireless, then it should work, I don't know anything about SysLink routers though, or how to set them up. Do you have a friend who might know about that sort of stuff?
  12. Wii Sports Thread

    I've found that, I've taken a break to get my energy back. I tried some of the training modes on wii sports, but I seem to suck at them all, I just can't get the tennis shots right! I think I'll break out zelda in a bit, it's what I really wanted Wii for.
  13. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    Wii Code : 7181-9216-5093-7750 Mii : Rummy Console : Guyana Dunno if you need all or any of that, but you've got it anyway. PM me your details if you want to add me! It's just to help me keep track of things. Otherwise I'll end up with tons of people who might not have added me back, and you might end up with the same.
  14. A Thread About Beer

    Hmm, this thread makes me realise theres still a fair few beers I haven't tried! Kopparberg has mostly been my drink of choice in the pub lately(I only tend to drink in Wetherspoonses), but it's not a beer, as previously mentioned it's a cider. The pear flavoured one is real nice, but I think theres been tons of sugar added to it to make it taste so nice.
  15. 1 day to go!

    Are you not at least going to read the manual? I don't normally read the manual on things, but I think I'm gonna read it for the wii, it seems like the sort of thing you'd need to read the manual for, if you know what I mean. I won't be getting my wii until sometime tomorrow though, whenever I wake up I'm gonna take my mum to buy it so she gets some sort of points on her credit card, but I hope there aren't massive queues or anything.
  16. A Thread About Beer

    I had Boddington's once when a place didn't have any John Smiths, not only was it expensive, but it was nasty too. I couldn't stand it, although I can't remember why not, I doubt I'll ever try it again to find out though.
  17. 1 day to go!

    You people suck, really, whats the point in arguing over stuff like this over the internet? Starting with name calling and stuff, I thought these forums were cool because there really doesn't seem to be much of that at all, I liked them for that. I can't believe I'll have a wii in less than 24hours(hopefully), I haven't felt too excited since I finished my work the other day, but its building up again. Man, the Wii is gonna rock! I just hope I gets my wii play, nunchuck and TP with it, otherwise someone at GAME is gonna pay.
  18. PAL Virtual Console Games Run In 50 HZ

    That's a bit sucky, although one of my TVs can't actually display 60Hz. Even so, there should have somehow been a way to sort that out anyway, because my xbox can play 60Hz DVDs on my 50Hz TV fine. I'm not sure why I'm mentioning all this... To be honest, I've never noticed much difference, but then again, I haven't played alot of stuff in 60Hz either.
  19. Don't open your presents early

    Lol, I saw that too, well funny. Where'd you get that report from Dante? Maybe the mother should have thought twice about having a kid so young, sounds like he's a little shit to me. Heh, 'Christmas Shopping' would make a good title.
  20. If Only . . .

    Kirby would be one of my top choices, what a lovable little pink thing. Alternatively, maybe ganondorf, cos sure he got his arse kicked in the end, but I bet that was a bloody fun 7 years.
  21. I saw in the other thread about uniqueness that some people(well, I only saw Letty and Supergrunch) have synesthesia, and I wanted to hear more about it from them! I came across it quite recently in a lecture(Psychology Undergrad) but as far as I'm aware I have yet to actually encounter someone who has it, despite the lecturer telling me it's fairly common. Anyhoo, I just wanted to hear more about it from people who have it, such as how it manifests itself in your case etc... (I dunno if Synesthesic is acutally a word, I made it up) EDIT:It is apparently synaesthetic, so anyone feel free to fix my title for me *looks at Shorty*
  22. Synaesthetic? Post here!

    I don't :P I don't think I can describe how I see next week, I think I don't actually see next week at all.
  23. Is it true that you are unable to save VC games onto SD cards?
  24. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Half, if not more, of those warning pictures mean nothing to me. Them japanese are crazy suckers.
  25. Nintendo Magazines

    You realise you've just encouraged a larger majority to go buy it now than if you had said nothing, right?