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  1. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    Ahhh you're smashing it! Don't think I even got there on my original playthrough - I'm still not playing and probs on the boat just after getting the alkhemy pot from the djinn(forget his name but im sure it's something like al-khemi?)
  2. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    Not sure I recall if I even have jurisdiction here but may split out OnRush posts on laptop later just cos. @Fierce_LiNk where you upto with this atm? I really wanna kinda pick up where I left off alongside you but no idea how you're pacing it. I imagine with Xmas you're blasting?
  3. Questions

    Aha! How is it that you find out? Was half-aware of it as a thing didn't think it was much done by many tho(gotta get dem views innit)
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    man just wtf why is the ps messages app obsolete now you gotta get ps app from these same ass motherfucjing bitches who split the two just a few years ago its minor but like wtf bro make up your mind you wanna be unified or distributed jeez
  5. Questions

    Hmm I was just speculation there may be a correlation in your content that more of what you want to use doesnt work. Youtube has certainly gone hard on the ads recently and I did note some stuff doesn't preview embed in whatsapp lately - I'd be curious if its happening to the same videos both here and whatsapp. I think I'd conclude rights/drm issues similar to yourself - poss linked to tevenue protrction and Youtube's monetization schemes. Pure speculation tho.
  6. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Doesn't it just make you feel so dissonant though? All 'where are the adults in the room' abd Emporor's New Clothes - its an absolute madness. I've been following politics more closely since reading the Cambridge Analytica files a few years ago - I read the 440+ page Mueller report and I've read I'd say 10+ court summaries from these election challenges(not much of a feat they're very samey lack of standing lack of merit lack of recourse/moot for court) I read the UK russia report(v diff styled to US Mueller...either lazy or very obfuscated for reasons) and I just keep wondering; 1. Why is NO-ONE taking any responsible action? its like a collective helplessness/diffusion of responsibility. The UK Russia report actually quite much concluded and criticised the government for that - knowing and taking no action. The services that investigate do their jobs but it is not the job of Intelligence to bring the actions forward that are concluded from investigations or operations. This actually was echoed somewhat by both Mueller at his time(people seemed to think it was 'his' job to go after Trump and act on the report - No. He was the objective special counsel. John Bolton similarly kind of explained his reasons for not testifying in the Impeachment - it was a theatrical more than practical trial. They weren't bringing it well - the Democrats got into tribal 'Us and Them!' ideation over utilising the facts and findings of it. Why they didnt have more killers to really push that I do NOT understand. 2. How anyone can be in any doubt - the 440+ pages whilst long are not unclear. It's all there. Plus testimonies from witnesses(i watched some of the hearings too - Gordon Sondland was interesting and essentially a slightly damning piece imo) AND THE FACT HE IS NOW PARDONING ALL OF THEM. Like I literally knew from back then he would. Also with all this election shit - how can anyone believe it? Or Trump? More importantly - where are our voices in society that should be drawing these lines very firmly in the sand and why are they not being heard over patent falsehoods? It's confusing and infuriating. I just cannot comprehend it. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes??
  7. Brexit - UK negotiates a deal

    Not tackled the doument yet apparently its like ~1250pages and the time they had a whole deal text before a few years back it was far too mundane - apparently this is still quite vague and has a number of conditional arbitration committees and councils etc all written into - basically its a piece of paper saying we've got a few basic rules but we're now going to spend our future constantly in negotiations on every little issue. Likely the EU will batter us as they will be united and - as we have been for all of this - we will be the ones divided and unable to make up our minds(because our domestic politics and house is so split; even the govt and their backbenchers - and this is all part of the huge price the UK must pay for chancing its stupidity on the political idealogy of populism and identity over real terms benefits).
  8. Questions

    It does seem weird - I apparently can't paste your link either but Gangnam Style parses fine(picked a super popular filter in case its youtube's backends blocking embedding of videos - speculating merely because my whatsapp 'embeds' of youtube videos dont happen recently but other links continue as normal). Can you find any videos you WOULD post that you find DO work? (i am nothing on the technical backend of this place btw these are all my speculations lol)
  9. Christmas 2020

    You guys. You're guys are OK, you know that? Good guys. Best guys. You guys.
  10. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    I knew it was gonna happen. We all knew it was gonna happen. Still - the rage fury anger and sheer dissappointment that the pardons have been allowed to fly free irk me - Manafort is beyond the pale. High level foreign/Russian agent and...allowed to walk scott free now. I knew it was coming. I fucking KNEW it would - but I am SO angry at the whole nature of the systems around all of this supposed democracy that have failed so many checks and balances and let this filth run so rife and deep. I'm so furious.
  11. pop me a psn @Rumdumcious will probs OnRush any time lol

  12. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    lol yeah I got into it a bit heavy when they PS+'d it - lemme know if you fancy any random online teamage at any point I'd love an excuse to get into it again /off-topic
  13. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    I forgot you're a secret Dragon -.- You're basically where I left off! Maybe I'll steal some Christmas magic and jump back in to try and keep up with ye! No promises yet but I do need a motivator to keep me going...maybe if I could steal just a little bit of your Enthusiasm!
  14. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    OnRush? Isn't that a random racer? Why?
  15. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    I started it up recently when it was on Sale myself - but fell off a fair few hours in. Ironically just when it was opening up a bit more(Swaine/Boat). Need to get back into it - how far in are you @Fierce_LiNk? I fell of on my PS3 later than I am atm originally but thought Switch would get me to stick with it. You played the whole of the original before?
  16. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Not actually directly Trump related(though I've kept following much if that and a number of the lawsuits and political theatre ongoing) but I guess I'm using this as a surrogate politics thread atm plus his bumchumming of Russia and Putin irks and disturbs me immensely; Is there anything quite more Russian on the internet than this? Get half-murdered to death on Putin's orders with an internationally banned nerved agent THEN being defiant enough to recover THEN being so Russian you literally just ring them up to collect your reciepts? Is this not literally your typical action movie revenge hero plot?? Someone get this guy some guns and bombs and shit, stat! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/dec/21/navalny-russian-agent-novichok-death-plot
  17. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    I don't actually invest or follow except peep a thing or two I think relevant from time to time(eg when i was in supermarket with mate at paddys i suggested watched Diageo - ofc alcohol shot up during pandemic) but im too poor for the money game alone too slack. I think you're not in with a bad shout punting on it at that price looking at its history tho - I think they will long term recover on that financial front. Market being AAA gaming helps a bit too imo.
  18. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    I saw they're actually on the open market as stock in the Polish/Warsaw exchange or something? So they have that side as a publicly traded company both bolstering AND detracting from their success. Their price tanked around paddy's/pandemic time peaked around 4th dec then tumbled to a similar price again now as around paddy's. Shares are basically back to their early January prices. Their stock market side may help them survive and may help them get funding again in future?
  19. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    Not to harp on about my own point - the branding and integrity of the PS Store *especially* for AAA style releases is becoming tountamount going forward - the ps5 has a huge diskless console install base meaning that gateway of the PS store is front left right and centre of everything they do with the next generation going forwards. I actually, whilst it is weirf unprecedented shocking can be compared to smaller titles etcetc - I think there's a shrewdness in Sony of saying right here and right no this is not cool it hurts our customers and hurts us. We'll be fine without you ty bruv. Srsly. PS Storefront is HUGE for sony moving forwards with PS5. These are smart enough next gen decisions given their current models imo.
  20. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    The issue also surely comes into the fact thag it's quite brand-damging for sony/ps store as a storefront/marketplace that they're the owners and facilitators of? Can you really be having a game of these many issues sitting front and centre of your brand - especially similar to point HoT made about mass market gamers who may end up very confused and annoyed about it?
  21. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    Came here seeing the news myself. It's a pretty bloody damning indictment for CDPR by Sony imo. Not that I had much care/interest for the game(seen you can cure the disabled with a good ol' bit of the healing punch tho) but this for me is a huuuge nono now. Similar like you I feel sorry for folks who may have been unaware of what they're diving into.
  22. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Can't disagree with this and been kinda playing it in a similar way of a few games at a time. It definitely has its charm and stuff no doubt but I'm kinda wondering if it'll last of fizzle out - given they have a lot of options of past theme-age to draw on though I can easily see them adding different content or rotating stuff out. I haven't fully gotten the trigger instinct for my bat but I do agree its a decent beast - just need to remember it more! I'm very bad at actually knowing what I do or don't have up and/or on me that I don't really have a decent handle on efficiency may be intended like that cos its classic worms chaos but i just suck at HUDs/details small and far from my screen focus it seems/getting used to each game's. Le sigh. What an old man I am now.
  23. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Gave JC4 a bit of a go - really put a fair bit of time into JC2 but JC3 didn't grab me as much. JC4 feels different in its traversal which is jarring atm but I only gave it lile half hour or an hout and ofc I expect loads more to open up - weirf grapple gadgets/loadoute confuzzling slightly but none too many yet. Worms BR is....different. Given it about 10 games in DM maybe? The fairly quick respawn scoreboard/in game for entire duration and the movement seems fun/decent enough need to get a bit more used to weapons and interfacing to check what I have etc. Can't say how long it will last and keep focus but not a bad little thing even with its mild edge of nostalgia and worms throwbacks.
  24. I honestly can't stop thinking about how accurate this meme is since I saw it. Gotta agree with the show(based on S1 only) - I was really really impressed with it. Diverse casting, representing things in better ways than I could even imagine, weirdly leaving out too much of the daemon work yet keeping the show rolling oh man it was all so good. Ngl saying I loved seeing Will be cast as a black actor(across from Daphne Keen too she's such a great acctress) too - obvs being brown myself but never did I imagine the books in such a way when I read them. One thing though - despite getting excited and knowing Season 2 was happening I have actually so far held off of it and may wait for when it's coming to an end - I dunno if I can be arsed with the week on week wait with lockdown as it is right now because I love the series so much - thinking I might wait til its final weeks then have a binge day of it or so; or maybe on a more christmassy feeling day. It's weird how tinternets has really changed my consumption habits - not touched many books recently though I had a few on the go - did just finish up a very slow read of The Prince(of Machiavellian fame) and read Miyamoto Musashi's The Book of Five Rings over a day last month but I just find myself being meh at getting into anything of much atm; so weirdly I guess the more philosophical/political stuff is drawing me in easier atm.
  25. Trust me - like really trust me(totally not even sus :p) - that is a TRILOGY that is basically one massive big long book. You're sorta getting out of the beginning but the midfle and the end are still to come - especially if you read a paper/scanned copy of Subtle Knife(second book) - theres a minor visual thing in there that come to think of I dunno how you can do in an audiobook as its so small in nature(realise you probs booked it but just making comment generally). Honestly crack into Subtle Knife you'll be hankering for Amber Spyglass in no time. It really explodes out from here - in ways you can't even imagine yet.