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  1. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Agree with you on all those points - that's what makes this all so delicious. Sadly it looks like the corporate cunts have calculated that it'll be cheaper for them to break the law to recover their positions than to not try and mug off the WSBs. It's fucking outrageous and this WHOLE thing really needs to call a lot of shit to attention. I'm loving how now it's not even about profit(so i take back the bust coming when i thought) just about stubbornly sticking it to the man. A mate messsged asking if I got in but I said I never play the game and don't have cash but I'm tempted to rustle a little hustle and get me maybe £100 or a few more to chuck towards the cause. I want them to be embarrassed. I want their arguments on the global stage of hypocrtically fall apart(i am SO about the memes and commentart right now - and ill be bringing a mini-dump later :p) because that's exactly what they are - hypocritical and without merit. I want it exposed. Stay strong and HOLD my dear diamond handed friends!! oo btw @Will or any other folks - when DO the hedge funds have to return 'all' that stock they borrowed? Is it close of play tomorrow and do we have any sources or is this speculation by folks? Hard to know where to find stuff atm in the fast moving sea of it all; even on the reddit.
  2. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Ah yeah I had essentially been meaning this - without the stock they cannot get any cash/profit out BUT they owe people stock and not cash etc. Had come to say about the RobinHood stuff - things are gonna fall back down now. It's been a remarkable episode though and as far as I can see it's not really illegal due to its organic nature. So funny seeing the Richards get shooketh tho. Anybody who knows more about the whole game got speculations on what we might see next following this? Regulation changes? Pursual of WSB/Reddit? Legal issues?
  3. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Well rather than the share to share idea - if Ryan could cash out now it would as you say destroy the company. If they go into bankruptcy and he has a ton of private cash and can buy them as an entity but with change wouldn't he then own the company AND his change and be in profit? Ofc as this point the company is technically very worthless but then he invests the change and builds it up? Again though its absolutely impossible for me to believe something like this would actually be doable because it would be kinda super broken(but then isnt capitalism anyway? how did phillip green do what he did etcetc.?) so there must be something already limiting that. I agree with the pyramid nature(again why I said I'd be unlikely to jump) this is exponentially hurtling to its own doom and on top of that its now spreading into more and more of the public consciousness which will increase those exponents even more. The funny thing will be if somehow a radical rebellion of small 'losable' sums get invested by so many people who want to hold out on principle to stick it to the hedge funds - IF that threshold became a reality it would be quite amusing. As I see it at the moment whilst the price keeps going up the hedge funds have to buy more or cash out? Ofc some people will lose money too but could a very principled rebellion(ofc purely theoretical it wouldnt happen easily in reality) that insists on buying and holding out essentially knock quite a fresh bit off of hedge fund holdings who continue to hold on?
  4. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Someone sent me a post of a guy who went into his local gamestop to spend some of his profits on a bunch of their clearance stock It'd actually be cool if everyone from WSB did it but then it inspired me a bit into some recursive thinkings(where i often end up :p). In theory - could the everyman speculators of WSB make enough money from this fiasco - where the value of the share*total stock far exceeds any actual material worth of the company - its essentially now a siphon from hedge fund managers - money from outside. Could these everyman speculators then use/take all their profits to altruistically do the same as the dude here and buy out the stock of their locals. Or even better yet - could anybody or even a collection of some of the biggest profiters sit upon their gains and then....actually buy the company(or set up a carbon copy rival and buy the brand later)? How about the guy they used for the jump-off point - this Ryan Cohen or so? He a share and if his share now exceeds the actual total worth of the company and its assets could he cash out now and just...buy Gamestop afterwards??? (ofc many market regulations would probably restrict this but I'm curious to see its tests against this organic community sort of movement)
  5. The GameStop....swizzle?

    It's hilarious. I can see them quietly shitting themselves already. Can it work though? The people have merely started doing what the big bois do - just open and plain and they don't like it that now everyone can play the game? I'm very curious to see how they push back - what is possibly illegal about a public forum giving investment advice and all people attending said public forum following said advice at the behest of their own free will? Expect legislation - and judicial challenges. Oh boy oh boy oh boy it could be so funny depending how things go through any court - will the idea of upholding the rule of law and order mean ruling against the poorer people investing but not the richer man simply because the actions of the poorer man has poked holes in the frabric of the structure built by the rich man?
  6. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Funny enough I was just reading an article about the reddit closure and how even that caused a panic to dip the price a bit lol; https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-55837519
  7. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Ah yeah that's what I'd be about in future when I'm back at a threshold - I agree theres much more increasing economic instability and things like pure cash/money is going to become a bit volatile imo(espesh with the covid and brexit knockons coming etc). Interesting in BTC a bit too - it seems to becoming the new gold of sorts(as it was no doubt intended, too). I agree with the meta take - I love that its fucking up the big boys. There's too much wealth inequality as it is and its gaps are being exponentially grown due to these mechanisms. They haven't regulated themselves enough and now nature is taking its own course against it. Was just reading this one about some of the losses of the big bois(of which i expect we see a very small sliver of a picture - this is not a good look for them); https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/jan/27/gamestop-stocks-us-hedge-fund-pulls-out-after-heavy-losses
  8. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Yeah - I don't touch the markets because you gotta be careful and again - ONLY go in with money you are 100% HAPPY TO LOSE. Playing beyond your means for the instant kicks and dopamine hits is only for the green. Reading how stuff keeps reffering to the 'bubble' and when it'll burst and probs cos I'm posting here. I suddenly remember this very handy visual guide to the stock market as made by Nintendo;
  9. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Ahh cool cheers. Yeah I've been a minor Reddit lurker but finally signed to an account to post last week(partly to for JRE sub but actually ended up doing it for qAnonCasualties - as with the Trump thread and the insurrection passed I'm also looking into psychosocial phenomena around Q and Cults and how, like this, the internet is catalysing and teansmogrifying classic collective social phenomena in new ways etcetc) - my current plan is basically see what various 'traditional' sources like media says and then I'm gonna jump into the sub. It's curious because in my recent redditing I saw their name popping up as a half-meme/half-joke in other reddits and now this pops up on the radar. Do you have any of your own thoughts on the meta of it? That this couldn't have traditionally happened but can now due to the internet and such tech advancement also allowing greater accessibilty to the markets for more people etc? Pretty much my own feels! Potentially super huge returns - but at a super great risk!
  10. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Have you got any links to good analysis and stuff? I'm only just learning about it. I don't actually put money(plus not in the sitch atm) into the market and have no accounts etc. though I have considered it for when I'm at a certain financial point/threshold again depending how the wider economy is looking and what money will be worth. I like the occasionally follow stuff though or check hunches of things I think might move due to social situations/factors over market etc. but its literally just googling a stock and looking at its price over time then trying to place factors for peaks and troughs. Small fun for me lol. The Guardian article above is a bit light for financials of it for folks who dont follow(especially shorts/futures) just on this CNN one now that has a bit more that to it if anyones a bit confused; https://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/27/investing/gamestop-reddit-stock/index.html EDIT: to offer at least a speculative answer @Will I'd be about 80/20 for myself against jumping in now; part because I haven't personally been around or deep into it enough to form my own intuitions yet but I think with this exposure now it'll become a risky boom or bust and I'd likely end up jumping in right at the peak like an idiot -.-
  11. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    You know I've actually found the mix of ethnicities I've seen along with all really quite interesting and counter to this. I guess it's progress for multiracial equality if we aren't excluded from participating in good group-bonding acitivies of hate and racism with our white brethren? (re: trump tech - again a limit was put on me suggesting i was suggesting just his cabinet - given the whole legal entity of 'The Trump Campaign' he has far more than his cabinet at hand. People keep arguing like Trump is some weak powerless man who wont pursue stuff if people around him wont - we clearly know that isn't true. Technical literacy of his *cabinet* is irrelevant and again dismisses the serious issues that people like Trump can cause); Which I mention because I want to put this to folks - what do you think the future of the GOP could would or should be? Double-down on Trumpism/Populism/FakeNewsAltFactsDenialPsyOpsEtcEtcEtc or move away from it back to some semblance of self? Asking as reportedly the Arizona branch of GOP have...decided to censure a few republicans who haven't agreed with Trump? Mostly stupidly of note being Cindy McCain - the late John McCain's wife(the LOSER who didnt have his mate trump up bone spur bullshit actually served got captured like a fool and stuck it out - typically non-conservative ideas) and a few house/senate members I think. It strikes me however as the most amazingly ridiculous and disconnected thing to do - UNLESS you want to appeal to the Trump base. Yet....why would you when you as Arizona just lost the state to Biden and iirc senate seats too - under the Trump ticket? Ofc I'm no fan of the GOP but politics is politics. I personally think they need to enact a slow purge of the Trumpists(blanket on all who objected to electoral college votes on Trump's behalf) and possibly nebulise around Mitt Romney. I think whilst Trump has gained a lot of followers - some Republicans are getting really turned off(The Lincoln Project a great example in modern sphere) and I'm intrigued to see what their future holds whilst they decide between being The Trump Party or The Grand Old Party again. EDIT: More to do with the insurrection; seen talk of this robocall for the 'rally' pop up a few times in news but seemingly nobody knows or has much if any accountability for it. Now it's being suggested it was a conditional dark money donor push; https://amp.montgomeryadvertiser.com/amp/4243389001
  12. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Ofc I agree with this and the rhings above - but this is exactly what I'm saying. Sure it wouldn't be up to anything the others were - but it would have been something whilst he has so far had nothing with such a minimal outlay. Besides which - who has to go anywhere? You get all of Trump's sycophants to tweet the site/link. Just link everything - lets be honest how often are most of us already every day just pasting and clicking links and not going to websites? Get Jared Ivanka etcetc to tweet out the site(thus you know its genuine by association) have them explain to folks how to bookmark - what is it more than just another click of a button the same way you'd click onto Trump's twitter? I'm not saying ofc anything being said isn't valid - it's all exactly the sort of reasons why you wouldn't do it. But man....with his momenum the moment he got banned imagine an exclusive Donald Trump website just popped up? Posted to by him for him - they sell it as his temporary twitter replacement and develop it into his next platform over time - aiming to build ground up self-sufficient. Honestly the more I look at what happened with Trump and all of it in these past four years and just how *obvious* it all was it almost looked dumb - just think if they'd been even just a little bit smarter. They weren't though - and I recommend having a look around tinternets about the fall out within qAnon as a social phenomena - it's shattering some very fragile and (snow)flakey 'realities' for some, though this report amused me a fair bit; https://lawandcrime.com/u-s-capitol-siege/qanon-supporter-asked-authorities-if-he-was-being-duped-after-expecting-pence-arrest-at-insurrection-testimony/
  13. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    *RANDOM STREAM OF THOUGHT* possibly a stupid question just popped into my head but like if Trump has so much tech strat folk around him etc - why when he was banned from twitter did he not just....make a website? old school? buy a wordpress format host it yourself or buy some hosting and literally just get jared to tell all the lads ivanka to tell all the ladies - if he just needed/wanted a voice and platform....he had one just setup elsewhere? like...did he NEED social media right then? if you gave him a blog style site where he could essentially tweet from - what loss? people can share the links on twitter. on facebook. on parler. etcetc. i feel really stupid for only thinking about it now but srsly - a website is nothing. if its a single twitter feed of Trump its also super low key resource-wise barring the traffic/flood protection? ofc hindsight is 20/20. But he coulda smashef himself a cracker if someone in his team and maybe just thought a hit old school and grabbed a Geocities? Am I mad in this? It seems so simple so obvious that it wouldn't have worked but...compared to him now having no real public voice I'm surprised nobody has put this idea to him - it could still work even now?
  14. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    I'll respond to any posts etc. later as I'm following this and other things atm and not currently checking this thread but this has so far been my absolute favourite meme so far(if you don't know who; check Stacey Abrams from GA - unsung hero many of us will not appreciate - she possibly just flipped the entire US away from Republic power due to GA runoffs alonh with her election efforts);
  15. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Just to address what I felt was obvious given ourselves here - I never and was never referring to 'newspapers' as it were. I am not popping to the shop every day and reading just one news publisher's output. In this current modern digital world that just doesn't happen - and whilst you guys may be focusing on headlines and attention grabbers YOU see I'm talking as somebody who regular checks various different outlets and their output - would you be willing to find me one single site that is a UK media based organisation that DOESNT report on ANY foreign politics? Foreign news is still news. It always has been. We've always seen foreign correspondents. I am not critiquing main headlines - I READ the sections of papers where they offer their foreign news - yes I was being facetious but I compare news outlets within and of themselves as well as at the same time comparing differences between them. I won't pretend I'm taking some highly empirical approach to all this - but it seems all 3 of you have presumed I'm just popping down the local picking up the Daily Mail every day or something(who curiously actually had MORE prominent reporting than I expected to encounter on Melissa Carone when I was looking into that issue but thats just a nuance) - do any of YOU do that? How do you guys consume YOUR news? In a digital world its nothing like the newspaper world of old - and I don't live in that. I have millions of websites at my fingertips to explore - there's no need to jump just at headlines no stick to just one source. I presumed this was kinda obvious.
  16. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Inaction has consequences.
  17. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    You mean the one asking me a direct question quoting me? Cease and desist with me Ronnie - or I'll temporarily ban you from this thread(tbh been so long since I had to not sure if thats even still a thing, but point stands). Only warning. Cease and desist with me.
  18. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Yeah or you could read my direct reply to that immediately above, instead of blindly commenting uselessly? Trying to Troll me here, @Ronnie? We all know that's not cool by the rules. Your form gives you no pass. I'll give this too - it was a Saturday call and its a weekend - less happens. Yet if you look at various outlets there is often an absence or lightness of reporting(and lets not pretend no UK media jumps at Trump just as much as they liked to jump at Corbyn). I see some of the Americans themselves are now speaking out in condemnation and that's being reported - but why don't papers report the seriousness and potential legal implications with their story? Look at all this election fraud stuff - many courts dismissed for standing let alone then merits if they could even hear the case - its not difficult to explain or report - but the news articles don't bother to explain it much to people - hence Trump can say stupid stuff like saying he's not assigned a Judge for his cases or that they won't 'hear' the case not listen etcetc. Patent falsehoods.
  19. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Well I was obviously being facetious - the point being any and all media that vilified Jeremy Corbyn should surrly rightfully be vilifying Trump for this pretty illegal looking phone call. It's a sad shame of media as a bias - but is the difficult case of complaining about what they are NOT reporting enough rather than what they are - and them I'm QAnoning. Consider most of the tradition coverage of Trump as he's always been a headlime grabber but...why not now? Call him out seriously and publicly? The media helped cause this do they not have some responsility etcetc. (this is, ofc all, just rhetorics from me. We both this whole thing is far more complex and nuanced than that - but I can't really deep delve all that sort of stuff in a passing forum post :p) As for us not being surprised - sure very few of us are. That's a problem though imo. I think it's real damn dangerous just normalising all of this. Or writing it off just because its Trump. That's the Cult of Personality. Edit: Basically its not fucking acceptable to me that in a few months all the Trumpers(in office/position of power) and 'allies' will basically just be that monkey puppet meme thing. Accountability is imo important - and its dying out even morr than it already was amongst the upper echelons. It isn't sustainable.
  20. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    This is seriously surreal. It has to be some crappy deepfake hoax. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-raffensperger-call-transcript-georgia-vote/2021/01/03/2768e0cc-4ddd-11eb-83e3-322644d82356_story.html%3foutputType=amp
  21. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    I want to say I'm surprised at the absolute lack of international outrage and condemnation but I guess I am not really but fuck me what the fuck are our media doing if Jeremy Corbyn is basically reportedly murdering Jews whilst Trump reportedly gives candy to all the kids like the nice old man he is?! https://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/03/politics/donald-trump-brad-raffensperger-call-washington-post/index.html
  22. Christmas 2020

    Happy New Year Guys!!!! xxx
  23. Questions

    "Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don't know we don't know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tends to be the difficult ones.[1]" Not to be my actual usual political self but I do wanna say - null values are one helluva of a drug....hehehe.
  24. Brexit - UK negotiates a deal

    yeah but we're getting our NetScape back 🤦🏾‍♂️ https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnsons-brexit-deal-refers-23236197