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  1. Not really a hustle, not really a swindle. More of a swizzle? Has anybody been seeing this slightly peculiar but interesting news abiut GameStop stock in the US? It seems some subreddit /r/wallstreetbets decided as a collective to buy a bad/failing stock for the lulz - and its now skyrocketing the value on the market. I've just started reading about it and it seems quite curious - baffling traditional econonists/models a bit too apparently. One irony in this too ofc is its fucking major traders and hedge funds etc who might have tried to play futures on GameStop with a projection of the price falling and tanking even more - prior to this just happening. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jan/28/anarchy-in-jokes-and-trolling-the-gamestop-fiasco-is-4chan-think-in-action
  2. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Most of the short squeeze is dead but the Apes continue to Ape, in support of their brethrin; https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2021/03/reddit-traders-are-using-their-diamond-hands-to-save-the-gorillas/ edit: lels the fund has slipped the meme into front page APES TOGETHER STRONG https://gorillafund.org/
  3. ok im late to the party but a cheeky little monkey told me about a lil' thing apparently called HGH Gut and im starting to think someones been leaking something into this King's pond since he was a kid; https://lmgtfy.app/?q=hgh+gut&t=i
  4. Google Stadia

    So....Google dropped the ol' 'Do No Evil' motto at some point iirc and who could possibly wonder why....
  5. General Switch Discussion

    Didn't we also just have a bit of a very minor sneeze of a recession a wee before that too which has drastically driven up prices globally since? Actually - even without the above and I'm too lazy right now to do it, I'd kinda be curious to see how a pure dollar comparison of all the consoles over time would compare as I'd expect each successor to outweigh it predecessor but it would be interesting if there were any weirdly notable dips...
  6. My girlfriend turned into the moon.
  7. The GameStop....swizzle?

    lol, i know! but it IS in itself almost as absurd as all that. most people i talk to about it know OF it but don't really know the whats or whys; and by time you do things seem to have changed again(there's been a whole ton of admin/mod drama and turnover on the WallStreetBets subreddit as a result; spurred by the old 'founders' returning trying to usurp control for money) - but its definitely absurd. And I gotta be honest my regular one page source isn't exactly the most sense-making thing either (changes most days tho) ; https://isthesqueezesquoze.com/
  8. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Given the unusual nature of the situation that to me(not pointing at you here ofc) just isn't saying anything in something almost infinitely more complex. What if 75% of investors only invested $500 or less? What if 75% investors on average lost a cent each? Curious to see the wider implications of that. Ok, imagined it happened here on N-Europe but then you got a lot of old members/mods/admins that haven't been here for years becoming the guys approached 'for the movie' AND claiming they're the ones to be approach about it(to cash in) when they weren't in any way actually actively part of any of the forum goings on/discussions around the Stonk at the time, having disappeared years before. That's reportedly what's happened mostly so far with anyone being approached for 'films' being made around the subject - partially because its such a weird fractured ground up movement its difficult to pinpoint a 'ringleader'(there probably IS one of sorts in a guy called DeepFuckingValue who kinda started it off but its not as simple as that. He just likes the stock.)
  9. The GameStop....swizzle?

    This is the madness I'm struggling with atm. No definite enough ideation of what caused this bump. Annoyed cos literally monday or tuesday i was thinking of redipping with some new money to hope if it doubled I could clear the old money(im literally only a few hundred quid in) and then this bloody happened! So weird how this time nobody seems so sure as to why though. All that stuff's supposedly working out behind the scenes BUT - there almost may need to be a film about the film if it gets made cos basically I understand the 'people' the 'media' approached re this(im talking media like hollywood movies etc) were old gen original mods who started the sub and abandoned long ago - then sniffed cashing in om brand following the Gamestonking last month. It's all really been a remarkably fascinating story; and whilst I've only part delved into varying bits of it(and my markets knowledge is pretty much nonexistent) I'd actually try and help explain whatever I can of it to folks. Seems recently a number of my focuses are turning into fascinations with collective/group behaviour somewhat outside of the norms for even that.
  10. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Work is some jet fuel has arrived and there may be another attempted excursion to the moon. Doubled pretty much today may have doubled again by tmw - not been following only just been informed by someone no idea whats driving it if it isnt the idea of shorts closing positions(tho if hedges agreed to push prices enough to encourage paper hands to help out their closes....hmm...how many apes are still out there buying.....💎✊🏾)
  11. The GameStop....swizzle?

    DFV is not a cat. He likes the stock.
  12. Technology In Ten Years Time

    Apparently it's been just 20 years now since we hit our true zenith; https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/11940
  13. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Dammit yes sorry I meant interest dunno why the hell I wrote inflation those are not the same things.
  14. Social Media

    I've(as ever :p) got a LOT of opinions on this subject but I'm gonna read all the posts and construct something myself. I did post a piece in the Trump thread about facebook tho that I think is quite telling with kinda what you were saying about content - and hints how/why it is driven, or ignored as a problem, which ofc as always...money, basically. As we all know. I think us kids of the pop-up days realise how profitable ads and pushed content are I don't think many these days do as much. https://m.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/FACEBOOK-INC-10547141/news/Facebook-Knew-Calls-for-Violence-Plagued-Groups-Now-Plans-Overhaul-32321243/
  15. The GameStop....swizzle?

    I swear I saw something im passing about discussions being had with BoE banks financial services etc about impact measures of us going into negative inflation interest rates* at some point in the near future. Madness times to live if true eh. *thank you Will for pointing out my glaring mistatement
  16. The GameStop....swizzle?

    please meme it 4 me
  17. The GameStop....swizzle?

    To follow tangetially from the above - to understand and play in these realms you need to invest not just money but time too. A large piece of which will be learning and self-education. Much material will be long regardless of its merit and you have to read it all before reaching conclusions(less likely in these quick dopamine hit worlds we live in now). However for those interested and willing to read I am currently approaching the end of this article - and its very much justifies many of the idealogical reasons as to why the dimehands like myself wish to HOLD. We know we're gambling against stratospheric odds - but fuck me won't it be the biggest miracle of our times if it pays off if we make it to that goddamned moon. And I'm not even talking about the money. The moon is just the start for these diamond hands. http://counterfeitingstock.com/CS2.0/CounterfeitingStock.html
  18. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Despite the diamondhands of the Gamestonks I'm still staying somewhat abreast of devlopments on this - I don't think the Republicans will break enough to vote against future office(who knows tho) and impeachment won't carry cos they're all fucking terrified of the consequencr of setting a precedent that actually forces accountability on the executive officeholder. Anyhow rather than Trial stuff itself I was catching up on how stuff is still progressing re: insurrection stuff amd what not and I found two rather interesting articles. The national guard one perplexes(bar a few potentials; one i suspect but will not be able to verify) but the facebook one I'm quite shocked hasn't had a more damning amount of reporting - but you can easily see why they were quick to jump on the Trump ban train to cover their skin, https://m.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/FACEBOOK-INC-10547141/news/Facebook-Knew-Calls-for-Violence-Plagued-Groups-Now-Plans-Overhaul-32321243/ https://www.nationalmemo.com/miller-disarmed-national-guard
  19. The GameStop....swizzle?

    This is not an investment. Nobody should be playing with this for gains with things they cannot afford to lose that id absolute stupidity. I've had a few people ask about it and I'm very clear that this is absolutely a market abberation like Tulips on steroids but also that I'm pretty retarded so this isn't advice but I like this stock.
  20. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    Yeah I know I just wanted to make a nostalgic joke There honestly really isn't any situation vaguely anything worthy enough to ever be held in comparison to Rare. Made me sad when they sold cos of the Britishness of them Sega simiarly have few comparisons to be held against them and are ofc a totally different kettle of fish to Rare.
  21. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    Are those the same guys who bought that studio that had a minor hit or two? Name was something like Rare or so?
  22. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Yeah. If I want to I really can think of getting more easily but I live with a variety of 'buffers' even if they are amateur ones in my finances to hopefully buy me some time. I bought my house almost 7 years ago now though I haven't been working for 2 years now - but thats complex. I lived off savings. On top of this though I had decided when I bought my house to overpay everything and anything I could and given the terms I am on I'm well clear for at least a good few months mortgage break if not a year or two - that's where I put all my money. My land and the brick walls around me. I've got a well I *CAN* tap there if I want but obvs it has a greater barrier to doing so than cash or bank accounts transfers etc. I kinda did it originally in my head not modelled on money but rather on a 'time buffer' ie. if something went super fucking wrong and I lost all my money/income how long could I buy time without paying the mortgage off to find any sort of cashflow income. I paid more in the past to ensure I'd have flex today - especially with the general economy and Brexit even all those years ago following 2008 - I figured hard times could hit us all. Stopping work was half seen covid wasnt; but I haven't had to be as uncomfortable as I could. Ofc I don't wamna sacrifice tons of that for GameStonks and dimehands but when you're talking mortgages £200 a good few months or years of overpayments on the terms is a small affordable - tbh probs saved well more in interest with my earlier repayments back in the day. /financialramblez
  23. The GameStop....swizzle?

    This most certainly be the case - but what else? It's exactly the nature of how these boom busts work - the early investors reap better than the late investors. The market is a gamble on smarts of timing of some sorts; and in essence using that to cheat energy gain rates as means of money(money IS just a medium of exchange after all - so what are you exchanging if the money is just the medium??) so yeah it does suck in a way that the phenomena you describe exists *if you are in a position of a late or non-adopter* but thats because we're human and this whole shindig if anything has highlighted the human factor massively - but there isn't any other way for 'this' to exist what is happened without the 'that' of early adopters winning big. It is in theory actually just a classic sort or normal distribution curve with the correct model if you zoom out enough - but when you're zoomed in as a human about profit and human things its difficult to consider that PoV, imo. And I should add this is ofc very my own PoV on all of this
  24. The GameStop....swizzle?

    I've decided I know that I want to take this oppurtunity to possibly help really fuck up a bad status quo that can often drive pitiful inequalities. I know it won't work and I know it's a waste but I've told a mate to get me £200 worth depending on a couple ranges on my behalf(not like either of us know what we're doing) fully prepared to dimehand it to the end and then earn my hands of diamond. Its stupid and reckless but fuck me its gonna feel funny if it works even if my money did shit all to contribute.
  25. The GameStop....swizzle?

    Yeah I'd be prepared to diamond hand down a few hundreed and lose it just to fuck them tho - genuinely if it felt I'd helped even a tiny bit I'd feel happy with it. Had I actually been in the game or where you're at I'd probably have tried to set small points where I draw out X profits but keep holdings at Y with a project for profits to then increase again to another sort of X level - if that makes sense? Keep my value around the same level and slowly draw off at certain points - ofc this slowly slowly slowly shrinks my growth overall if I've made this all up right but makes it a steady yet functional piece for myself. If this doesn't make any sense - you can probably see why I don't actually dabble Re:closing yeah I guess I thought the same of it just being smart standard to close out on Fridays(a two day weekend of closed market...a lot can happen). Did any of the hedge funds double down shorting after this whole increase though - expecting/waiting for the boom? I guess though that's also the smaller pieces of the effort for holders to contact their brokers and ask them not to lend stock.