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  1. House buying is the worst

    I'll reply another thing after this - @MindFreak i think we have a different market nuance here; see follpwing; but I want to make this point - definitrly see brokers(yes plural see at least three and NOT just one) who give no obligation. Most estate agents have them but ensure it's maybe a bit of an IFA leased rather than in house(ofc its a money business so...y'know) - mortgage brokering is a weird middle market but it exists and there are many ways you can explain why - it is weirdly mostly of benefit to everyone tho. Having said that my broker couldn't beat my own efforts and I did my own mortage but he was a decent enough guy and I let him run my life insurances/assurances for his kickback - also cos the mortage and the way i did my shiz wasnt fair for what he'd usually charge he waived and altered and said I could walk away and do everything myself - never pressured me so I let him have the insurance kickbacks. He was an IFA but was in house for my local Robinson Jacksons. It's a middle market but its a market nonetheless - access and use it for free if you can. Mortgages incur big costs on tiny percentages long term - it can matter a lot.
  2. The Wrasslin' thread

    Anyone following AEW? I don't; but I caught Tyson's appearance the other day. Tyson is, as mad as it sounds saying this, a still very underrated fellow. He's often been thuggish; but he's got quite a good mind and a lot of hearty respect for power/strength in the old school warrior creed senses - and he had a respect for the 'art' of pro-wrestling. I'd love to see them get a boxer who take a few pulled but slightly stiff/shoot standup punches with Tyson into a big of a boxing setup turned wrestling madness match(you'd have inner circle and is it the pinnacle involved too ofc? it wont end as a 1 vs 1 clean that wont work a good story for Tyson or the firm cos if his legendary prowesss as an actual killer boxer).
  3. Fun with Flags!

    So....anybody else kinda confused by this whole mad flag push happening recently/at the moment? Was tempted to pop this elsewhere but thought I'd just topic it up. How do people feel about this? Does anyone care? I'm not against it but I am mostly baffled about it, indifferent, but still nonetheless thinking about effects and impacts and what might subsequently manifest. For a few references to varying flag stories atm; I reaally feel like we surely have more important shit to be doing right now?? Am I crazy?
  4. General Switch Discussion

    (im slowly thripping this over now...i think) EDIT: See below in GGD! The Markets of Video Game Pricing - Day 1 full retail, or wait for a drop??
  5. MOD POST/NOTE: This post isn't really part of the thread. I used it for a placeholder as this thread has been thripped out of General Switch to here. Please continue to discuss!
  6. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    That's the eseential crux I guess - but its always a spectrum over black and white. Anything that could 'prejudice' a trial is grounds for appeal - but as noted George Floyd was already big enough an issue/case it was already impossible to have not seen it in the media - so that kinda raises the bar BUT there was the explicit condition and agreed to by Jurors to ignore further news during trial specifically and actively - and they are presumed to do so. Not the same manifest but the principle a bit akin to when Tommy Robinson 'in the interests of free journalism' and definitely not as part of his fucking bellend PR shit went filming in courtooms to 'expose' a muslim pedophile trial which 'wasnt being reported on'. Why wasnt it being reported on? Because it facts were not public and journalists were barred from reporting at risk of case jeopardy. Whilst Tommy was saying he was 'exposing' pedophiles he actually came very fucking close to giving them a complete clean run and exoneration by tainting the case. Luckily the judge was on the ball and cleared the court and the jury, had Tommy summoned in front of him and iirc put him immediately on remand(Tommy had previoysly existing conditions relating to this).
  7. Thread consensus on this? May push it to GGD over Nintendo parent but happy to split if folks want? (I was gonna comment myself on the subject but tbh mine is actually more into meta of market economics and thought i'd address this first rather than contribute that)
  8. Football Season 2020-21

    I drink far more than I gamble. Gambling is far more dangerous and destructive. I'll argue this with any man - and I will win.
  9. Football Season 2020-21

    Admittedly I, too, am mostly coming from a position similar to @Glen-i generally but specifically do agree this won't occur - and maybe rightly so. The threat of sanction was enough to kill this league; and imo rightfully so. You fans need to learn and be weary though, and maybe let me say something controversial; Abandon your financial support for your glory. Follow your big clubs if you like but remember the roots of football. Cut all your money to big clubs and literally find your local fuck whatever the hell league they are in buy tickets and go and see them every few weeks. Support them. Build the game from the ground back up again like it original came about. Money makes the world go round. As for me and supporting 'big' football - who would I? Why are all you Arsenal fans arsenal fans? In my mind in theory that should/would be the team I support but how the fuck can I? Who or what even were they by the 90s? How is it teams get to build their backs off of local support get a name get a brand and then fuck off for pastures new and leave all the community behind? Football has always been a corporate bastard - I think its amusing how quickly capitalism bothered people this time round.
  10. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Ah. Obvs sites still doing live articles as we speak etc but these are my main goto legal dudes for US stuff as I often can get direct links to court documents etc. for original source material. It's some opinions from legal folks on what I referenced above re: Maxine 'Hot' Waters and turn of appeal, may be of interest @Glen-i. There's an irony to be had on top of this with Maxine Waters as I think a week or so ago she told Jim Jordon to 'You need to shut your mouth' or something to that effect in the House whilst he was attempting to bully Fauci a bit - tho in reality she was telling him to shut his mouth because his time was expired and he was acting Out of Order.
  11. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    This is ofc an age old problem; so courts are used to dealing with it. In fact essentially it was eeked/tweezed out in the jury selection - but it is indeed an arguably increasing issue in the age of social media(and even just this week after a growing favourite of mine Maxine 'Hot' Waters of the dems made a public defense moved for mistrail - Cahill dismissed it as not significant enough given the already high profile nature of the case and prev commitments by jurors re: this but he did publicly admonish Waters within his court and I believe even too stated the risk it leads to for potential overturns on appeal - many people arent away the 3rd degree murder charge is often notoriously difficult to secure guilty verdicts on as it is depraved mind or something and also that it was almost not on the docket - Cahill had dropped it but there's a pending case of something else that set a bind on him for now). All I'll say is whilst I take and appreciate your concern I've been very impreased with how Judge Cahill held his court. I did not know of him before now and a food few spanners could have been thrown in at this case - but he was pretty deft just and swift in many issues. On varying sides. I believe he conducted a pretty decent trial, personally. (note that 'decent trial' is NOT the same as end verdicts or outcomes, tho a decent trial should end in right justice which will have right verdicts)
  12. Fun with Flags!

    Seems despite building a nice shiny blue screen flaggy press room...the govt has decided it is not so fun anymore ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  13. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    "Fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, 44, was found guilty on Tuesday on all charges in the May 25, 2020 death of George Floyd, 46. A jury of Chauvinโ€™s peers decided that he was guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter." I don't expect this to be yet; and it will be curious to see what things get put in for appeals etc. I have a feeling eventually some charges may be reversed or diminished - but its only speculation on my part. For now, hopefully, it is a sign of happening change and not just one lone piece of Justice.
  14. Social Media

    ah fuck this i had a longer post and lost it at the click of a backspace on my phone. so i wrote the rest out AGAIN and it seems i may have flicked me a stray backspace on my phone before i posted; meh. But yeah basically exactly what you said. I don't often even/ever do stories but if its certain cats or animals I know in them I will or just a couple people - stories still feel too much to that weird insta level stuff that spawned taking pictures of your food or semi-off-shot angles of your holiday in the sun you are on featuring roughly 17% of a random bronzed titty. So the stories stuff I ignore already buts its annoying its pushing. I'm also noticed pages I follow that are popular; commented on by certain other but more niche/less popular pages I follow - the lesser pages comment is like the default attached comment to the preview of the other more popular content in my feed. Either like they are SEOstyle commenting for gaming the aglorithms or they've paid for stealth promotion or the algorithms just fucked up thinking I care for that shit. I swear it shows me their comments on popular content in my feed that they do the actual less poopular's pages actual pages/posts/contents. its fucking me off so much im gonna just cunt off their page soon. so stupid. dont know how to block without blocking the page.
  15. Yeah a lot of subscribe to his ethos and it's worked out; me and the bois all Cyberpunk 2077'd right there on Day 0 and honestly we definitely cashed in on that. Luckily most of us managed to polish up out swarve smarts having earlier utilised the exact same excellent business model approach of all buying Day 0 Wii Us ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ’ŽโœŠ๐Ÿพ
  16. Social Media

    Another thing with fb - did anyone notice more recently over last few months the kinda content the feed/algorithms was pushing was differing? I was gettting a lot more direct 'notifications' of just whatever friends were sharing and posting even though I didn't change and follow settings etc. - usually before that was what I'd expect to come across casually scrolling my news feed not in my notifications bit. Why do I need a notification telling me Michael Jamieson has posted on his wall telling me he loves cock; when I could see his love for cock in my feed or if I wanted to indulge in his known to me love for cock I could just go to his wall and choose to indulge it off my own definifely free non-love-for-cock-lured will to induldge in it? Why does facebook need to notify me specifically of what's on HIS wall over what is on EVERONE's wall
  17. The Android Thread

    Man. I've been getting pissed off at my phone increasingly for a while now cos I don't wanna have to buy a new one because i basically cant afford to with pandemic fun times but it was getting to the point where the bloody usb-c port was getting looser than a wizards sleeve. ofc i finally did the thing any sane person would do at the end of their tether - google the exact question they should have immediately googled the first time and every time since on the very same device right in their hand at every. single. point. of. the. problem. tl;dr TIL lint kinda is a dick and depending on the exact length of the cable protruder bit you are plugging ineven if minimally shorter it will fall out because lints a bitch carefully fucking 10-20 second ream yer usb-c port with a toothpick a wee bit. then check port grip. this is not financial advice.
  18. Football Season 2020-21

    I don't do the footballs on the regular but without a doubt this came up lots today in my casual perusal of everyday happenings and political goings on. It basically sounds like a guaranteed pay-to-play with will itself pay for playing; at which point it becomes pay to win? It's remarkable to me how fast this has unified people against basic unregulated captitalism thag concentrates wealth and encourages hoarding - but also how quick supposedly govt. and public figures are to be moving against this. Looks to be faster than they did with school meals, or rashford, or recent irish issues, or basically ANYTHING brexit and their shambles with covid, looks to be faster than they are on greensill lobbying absolute wasted public money on crony contracts test and trace access to Dido Harding etcetcetc. Remarkable. It does seem absolute batshit insane tho - how does this league work if these big founder teams(i understand NOT at the tops of curent leagues) can never ever be relegated out? does that mean they can never be promoted either or just can infinitely be done so? do any new teams rotate in and out? is there enough variety? if teams CAN come in and out/be promoted or relegated then how it can be a sensible/fair league of competiton when these founder member clubs cannot be? did you just actually....hate on my bois and the only thing that ever actually made me finally understand cricket cos ok you may have a point but plz dnt(also ironically now i dont follow it cos its on channels i dont get without paying!) Lol. Smash is DEAD bro.
  19. Overwatch

    Anyone got a loose disc on this they don't need/use cos they went digital or don't play? Got a mate who might be interested but CEX is still selling at ยฃ18 and that's madness high. Anyone wanna sell me a disc copy at a better rate?
  20. Social Media

    Indeed; and I subscribe to much varying philosophy on a variety of merits. Humour is definitely one of those lines - and a joke on facebook with a clear forumite friend of mine on my own page my own wall - are you somehow suggesting that facebook were truly justified in the proportion neccessity and reasonableness of their action against my post given that? Is humour no longer allowed; because the bots do not understand it? It is with that great irony I reflect now upon Turing himself; and how algorithmically(bad algorithms) we judged him based on the parameters of where he consensually and humanly chose to place his genitals. Caring nothing truly for the diamond of the man or for the diamond nature of his human soul; we castigated and chastised him. Castrated him. As the algorithm dictated. Did the algorithm pass the Turing test; though? To say it was not human is in some ways true; yet in other ways absolutely false. It was the humans who executed that algorithm, and that man's mind, due to parameters of where he put his genitals and so thus it was as human as human surely can be. Does the machine pass the test, sumo? Where do we decide our limits on what is and what is not? Was this bot a good bot, a bad bot, a ghost within the machine or something maybe even still far more nefarious beyond my own imagination?
  21. Social Media

    Oh yeah it was also a joke(also it is a forumite i just decided to do standard courtesy instead of permission disclosure blahblah - we both chuckled after I said it got me a ban). It's curious at the moment as it seem facebook is temporarily imploding a bit as they struggle to 'moderate' content but also to 'moderate their moderators- which he is a bit of a weirder thing in so much of the 'moderators' are ai scripts etc. Besides that though facebook clearly are playing a two faced game. The bots get me and similar content - more now than before but notably if you your group your page etc is *public facing*. its a pr coporate damage limitation - **they do not seem to give a shit about this content and their bots less so too if it is on a private/secret/privileged to access page**. That isn't pure chance. Facebook are selling out to people with money(now a lot of state/coporate contract actors) where and when they can and then throwing bait pretening they're 'doing something' by cracking down on public use me making a joke etc. The bugs in the bots spread to one of my actual bug groups this week which amused me tho ๐Ÿ˜…;
  22. General Switch Discussion

    ill be honest i only have my switch cos i insisted on custody of it(with fair trade in return) from a mate as it's launch/g1 and I wanted to ensure access to a supposedly hard hackable switch(thr fact i say supposedly shows i did absolutely jack all about the hardhack vulnerability) and whilst I do super like it - its as a handheld. And actually I say super like it much do I play? Very few retail games appeal to me. There's a good few eShop or even freemium games out there to entertain enough too. And maybe that's the problem. The switch entertains, but for me it only seems to entertain *enough*. It's almost like my phone that isn't a phone for 10 minutes whilst I have to charge my phone. Or its the gaps in between rounds of games on my ps4. Or it's something I wake up to and do my freemium dailies on. Whatever it is; it seems to fill the gaps. Gaps are never really enough though.
  23. Do you ever visit us anymore, canand? I've been curious where life may have taken you; it was strange that you would dissappear and now it's been a few years. Hit me up if you're still about!

  24. Social Media

    This will be a double-post(if I don't get too lazy partway). Yes. I am here merely because my socials have been reduced again. I commited an egregious crime of replying to somebody who may or may not be a member of this forum with what I thought was a harmless joke in response to their harmless joke. Little did I realise what I was actually doing, completely unware of this fact at any point, is that I was ACTUALLY inciting violence. I can definitely see that this was totally was I was doing; rather than making a counter-joke relating to the original post which was about.....non-violence. From a pretty famous dude on at least the internet too(not sure how many people have heard of lama irl, ofc.) Whilst this doesn't bother me tons as I'm getting far more into reddit now with my time as facebook grows increasingly dry and increasingly desperate in its algorithms to get me clicking, Ifind it highly interesting a thing. The 'decision' was made within I think minutes - the appeal 'decision' also so. It's curious to think of a few things relative to this; 1.) actual disinfo on fb is rife. anti-vaxx and anti-covid a plenty. Much content of which I've combined reported 50+ times now maybe. Much still there groupwise. 2.) The sheer quick algorithmic nature of the application of review. At worst - an actual human did it; and that worries me more because no Turing Test excuses cam be made an actual human did a bad job evaluating human content theg are literally employed to evaliate for exactly that reason and that single decision could impact people who aren't me a lot heavier(some folks losing facebook commenting/posting even in the tail ends of lockdown who have very little social connections otherwise for example) and its remarkable how swift how definite and weirdest - how instant yet hidden; it is. Nobody will know I've been silence for 3 days unless they are told. It's a passive dissappearance that is, in some ways, kinda creepy ethically. 3.) Ok I wrote so much in 2 that I forgot what 3 even was gonna be. Enjoy me rambling less that I often might EDIT: 4.) I didn't hide me on fb in the images. I have for some intents and purposes kept my fb public for years now(also another factor probably influencing my greater amounts of censorship) and in part exactly for pushing their algorithms. It is also not exactly particular stealthy trying to hide with a unique name such as Rummy and how everyone here is smart enough to find anyone on the internet - so I didn't/don't bother. Also there is literally zero beef with said forum dude that's just me doing internet courtesies of real name censorship he is a very decent guy from all the times we have crossed paths. (tl; dr: facebook autobots cant past turing test yet wish to moderate human content/bad human attempts at humour and parody)
  25. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Have you got anymore background data into this? Any potential ideas as to causes and why etc? Not related to covid per se and not quite racism itself but I was trying to explain a little bit to my mate just in passing the other dag about bias in healthcare - a major main basic one being women not always getting addressed/diagnosed as much as men despite equitable symptomatic presentations etc. Then how it's kinda echoed in any minority group and exacerbated between - ie black women getting less despite equala symptom presentation etc.