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  1. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Man I got a shitstorm of not being able to click what I wnated to click on my browser phone then couldnt get a year on year specific one for PS4 - just general all consoles LTD. Tried googling for other sources and just as I potentially found exactly what I wanted on one site BAM! Paywall motherfucker -.-
  2. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Internet so annyoing these days. Does anyone have year on year sales of the PS4 roughly to hand across/between the main territories? Just curious to compare projections to that personally.
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Yeah my kinda issue here is - why are the SoC giving bad yield? Will it potentially mean an issue longevity wise and flaws appearing in launch consoles later? SoC fix would surely mean big official repair costs outside of warranty too?
  4. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    I think the thing with Tick Tock clock is the fact its surrounding a massive abyss and a bad fall/jump/camera flip could cost ye(especially at the top lol). For RR i think being last course the player is supposed to be more used to it? Also you can quickstep via the back and some long jumps to the blue coins section without the rides - so again maybe twas just a first thing I tackled! It definitely took me a while before I got comfortable with wall jumping etc - but I felt(as annoying as it was) putting that star of Cool Cool Mountain early on in the game kinda nudges the player towards it(and oh my can you utilise side someersaults and wall jumps in a few places for shortcuts later on!)
  5. Been avoiding life. Gonna head to my parents in time now for the morning whilst buses are quiet - they told me I could come for my appt still but conviniently wouldn't confirm I had a negative covid-19 test. I'll be doing my best to push them for it because its such a joke and shambles imo; i had to break isolation and travel to get a test at one site to visit a different site tomorrow and maybe that test/journey was completely irrelevant if the test doesnt have a result...(it probably does tbh...surely??)
  6. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    topic actually for a bigger thread but this is sticky so not a big big bump but i also dont have enough to really merit a post so ima take a punt on someone who might @Dcubed any thoughts on ARM Holdings being sold to nVidia and what, if any, impacts you think it might have for any aspects of British industry at the moment? Or ofc anyone who pays attention to hardware/chip stuff? Didn't really know where if anywhere to put this I just don't know enough except knowing they were a hugely ubiquitous architecture especially amongst Nintendo hardwares too.
  7. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Ah yeah I had thought earlier when it comes the price etc also the issue of supply and how mad this might be to get? I don't need to rush(again its OW I want and I still have my PS4) but I would like it early on for the experience as its been ages since I've touched a console on launch. Also again wondering with Brexit etc in addition to Covid-19 but its a bit of a huge double whammy for trying to launch an international product right now :/
  8. Spellbreak

    In the latest controversy of horrendous violence caused by video games ;
  9. Reviews

    Tbh back in the day I'd probably just read N-E news and reviews(particularly because of the community you kinda know the gamer behind the reviewer) but otherwise I wouldn't bother too much unless it was big hype so I'd do maybe first exclusive(think BotW). Nowadays? I'll usually google check the wiki for a few scores look at aggregators have a scan of a few sites maybe take an extreme from each side(the n-e pros and cons) maybe also check HLTB to judge what playtime I'll get out of it and maybe then check some Youtube gameplays or reviews or something. I feel like getting a shallower look of a range of views(basically what conversation on a forum was back in the day) and then deciding to explore/delve deeper is just a more efficient approach for actually finding stuff I'll make a good decision to buy. As for other mediums - nothing really unless it crosses my path. I even stopped bothering to watch trailers and hypes for films(tho i used to use cineworld card so didnt have to choose between cost of film) - but really it just ended up making me overager and impatient for stuff! It's been more fun where possible to find pleasant surprises in stuff - and also to judge stuff with less expectation potentially clouding things. I've had a few weird experiences with films people I have seen and I sometimes think people went hype and made minds up beforehand(but this also makes masterpieces even better).
  10. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    Hmm. I don't recall super hating RR for coins but again I've played so much I probably forget(plus also SM64Ds playthrus with diff mechanics). Since my playthroughs as young I used to only collect 100 and exactly only 100 coins for every single coin star for a tiny bit of challenge so maybe I focused too hard on that Think I probs agree on DD coin star however! Tick Tock Clock as a whole can be annoying in places though still prefer it overall to RR! The star next to them both IS indeed the star I expected to be most annoying lol. Wet Dry World I always really liked as a level! Probably did spend much time on it but I found it kinda cooly surreal I just enjoyed playing on it every time especially with its world mechanics.
  11. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Oh yeah to be fair to drahkon I have no recollection of ever doing anything less than Jugem's clouding that fortress til I was a grown-ass man(21ish, maybe??). Dexterity...hmm. There's a lot in the ice but I think I know the one you mean(my save state is on 2-1 atm) - it and 7 are two of the worst worlds imo! 8 you can get used to more. Except maybe for that one bloody fortress.
  12. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    So I asked in the other thread BUT - which of you did the world 8 fortress and did you know how to before doing it??
  13. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    Yeah. I know exactly which one is gonma get you. It's one of the secret ones. (totes didnt realise you guys were doing the onlone stuff until earlier today btw! i dipped into smb3 recently but im trying to trigger all the secret stuff i can along the way too. actually...which one of you did the fortress in world 8 :p??)
  14. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    One of the reasons this doesn't appeal to me is I've done it time and time over(i know you do the SMW run - you get it). I also find it doesn't take me as long anymore - but that seems to be the way with a lot of older content now. It's obvs a very fun and good play - I'll be curious to hear which 5 stars you find the hardest of all; cos I have some ideas edit:^sm64. sunshine killed my interest in collecting all because of the blue coins.
  15. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    One other point - what happens to old systems? Like I just thought...if my ps5 is backwards compatible with all ps4 content and hardware I own....what do do with my ps4 next? Ofc the answer to that is I don't 'get rid' of old consoles I've owned personally - but if I don't need the ps4 maybe I'll up long term loaning/'gifting' it to someone I know? BAM. Another one joins the Sony tribe.
  16. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Yeah I get that too. I think the gaming market has shifted tho(look at all of us still here and gaming but older). I was Ninty fanboy thru and thru as a younger broke at 17 to get a ps2 slim but there just were none and we had a crystal xbox in stock and price seemed similar so I jumped to that. Fable was enough of a game along I got a 360 eventually(not on launch and not til a price cut but mine came from somewhere else). Then a few years ago I was in the pub talking about industry talking about Nintendo talking about how despite how much I disliked somy they were turning themselves around and accidentally sold myself out of nowhere into buying a ps4. Since then I've probs helped at least 3 more PS4s into new hands(tho some were facilitating 2nd hand trades) - but come back into the idea of what they can take on digital fronts this will have meant profit for Sony. And also with that sure you mention the online stuff - but I have ps4 and the ps5 is backwards compatible(and im pretty much converting a person's intention to buy a ps4 now to buying a ps5 in a few months instead) so for me...£100 or so difference for a place I have no presence in the ecosystem and far less friends who play compared to Sony connections? Given I'm mostly a social gamer and my heavy want atm is Overwatch 2 - honestly all of that alone makes me want a ps5 NOT a ps5 OR xbox the xbox just isnt even in it for me. And I think at the moment is that no really the state of the market between the two? Sony are holding the bigger market share?
  17. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Not even JUST that but anybody who has already previously made that brand shift have likely done it with a lot of emotion - the curious aspect that can come with this not only do they abandon something they might have been fiercely loyal to before they can transfer and even increase that further to justify their decision of moving over - actually making it even harder in reality to expect them to return to what they used before.
  18. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    How much reeqlly IS the Xbox competing afainst PS5 these days compared to old tho? Are many people here weighing up a toss of either or or do they already know ecosystem they wanna be a part of? Sony have me just because Sony have me! Microsoft don't. Re: price I thought I read build bill of mats was something akin to $450? presume for disc version? cant see it getting too crazier below the $350-500 region for US market tbh but I am guessing with very little data.
  19. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Tbh I doubt 1:1 with Brexit turmoils atm - this is a console launch and its very difficult to 'up' a launch price - but surely any shifts in potential GBP values and possible losses as a result will get factored in?
  20. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    I think I'm in agreement with Will here re: consoles vs phones. I think whatever comes out of this legally there will be room(and pursuit by) the console makers to disapply a ruling on mobile phones the same way to video game consoles. Thats if Epic even get anywhere to begin with - so its gonna be interesting times!
  21. I presume the 'bubble' thing still applies? I visit my folks from time to time and stayed last week cos I wasnt well(waiting in a covid result atm for a potential surgery tmw too) - and even so how am I a person in single-occupency supposed to have my post-appt aftercare without going there? Also been visiting my friend's since before lockdown even happened - they all had covid and maybe even me too then so its always been in my 'bubble' but as people have said they mostly only want to push economy and not clarify much of this?
  22. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Can you imagine how many times people of colour have to deal with tgis shit though? Very often too at young ages/younger than 18 when they're supposedly living their best years and their formative lives? Again for me maybe I walked things a bit different and used it to be more of a Warrior but you can get to bits where you have no choice. It gets even worse if you think about the fact that just being out/about as someone not white with other folks can pose risks to your equally innocent friends too. The absolute refusual of the men to leave when warned repeatedly is just a typically tired thing about how privilieged idiots can believe themselves to be and can lead to dangerous behaviour that as we see doesn't even stop with/after police intervention.
  23. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    It's been a while and I still do want to address previous posts but oart of it is an eternal tiredness of fighting and making effort. I just came across this video on Reddit and oh man; it rings such a chord. This is such an invisible thing if you arent visually differentiable - but if you are you'd be amazed how quick or how often idiots and fools decide they have a right to resort to violence against you. I am personally somewhat quite martial in those arts but thankfully I had wise Senseis. I never was a fighter originally as a youth tho - I actually sadly had to learn to become capable just to survive from time to time. It is not something I neccessarily woulf have chosen even though I am glad for it now. This the true Art of War though imo - Capability with Restraint. You'd be amazed how often targets of societal opporession have to do this - in mental and spiritual realms too beyond the physical alone.
  24. i'd jump in all this but i think its clear that I'm Totally Mafia™ so ima sit back chill and let you guys consumed yourself in your own chaos;