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  1. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Look man give me a decent turn-based game like a Mario RPG and I'll be all on it
  2. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    As I'm layed up at my folks for a few days despite grabbing my ps4 yesterday haven't set-up and deciding to utlise Switch a bit. Just cracked into a classic I originally discovered via my sister on GBA which is on the SNES VC - Breath of Fire 2. I loved it on GBA but never played the SNES version(later tried to do BoF1 SNES-wise but found it lesser - we'll see if my tolerance has changed after this). It's been seriously ages since I played an old school RPG style like this because I tend to find turn-based boring but I'm feeling weirdly...excited for my adventure! Hopefully I'll finish it without abanoning it and actually write up my thoughts here! Otherwise probably also just working through some SNES VC - notable SMB3 atm via All Stars.
  3. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    You say this - but will you do all 150 in order too :p?
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Ok. First things first cos I gotta get it off my chest. You and some others will know I'm super sociopolitical on all fronts and this guy's name bothers me every fucking time because I keep thinking why is Mark Carny former BoE governor making decisions for Sony. Every. Single. Time. BUT. srs notes. Yeah I am kinda with you on the idea of almost hybrid longer term storage and swapping in/out with SSD. Basically its a macro model of RAM and swap space in computing as it already is anyway - just in huger quantities like those old SSD hybrid drives. In fact when I posted I thought to myself...why not throw a TB or two in on a traditional drive an utilise it exactly like that? Keep things nicely backend the frontend users don't need to be worrying about these things etcetc?
  5. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I took forever to actually put my 2TB in(literally years left a good drive idle as) - and I did think about this a bit BUT - with the custom SSD surely its gonna be less hassle just erasing and writing? Like I don't think BBand speeds will bottleneck it and the SSD write speeds etc - will it not be lightning quick style data management?
  6. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Traditionally a reason I liked the UFC is that despite its immense brutality the sportsmanship of the competitiors was generally pretty immense. Can you imagine having some guy kick the fucking shit out of you for 15-25 minutes break your nose bust your eyes and after it all you embrace him in a hug? There is a weird peace found within the violence of martial people like that - but I'll end up taking this all too far off topic with this - I'm going to be curious to see the result come Sunday/Monday and the general reaction of things to it by tinternets and medias.
  7. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I used to be into it quite a bit after the UFC game came out - just playing the demo got me interested in the people. Fell off quite a while ago whilst Jon Jones was just constantly on top but agree it's very interesting. Apparently Tyron Wooley actually made points to Dana White back since 2016 and the Brown killing that he wanted to try and utilise the platform and be a voice for BLM but it wasn't really taken to. I don't know much at all about Colby Covington beyond the name. My kinda 'issue' here is what power it gives to either side who are vested in a race-conflict and the outcome. Getting off a bit more into religion but when McGregor kept trashing Kabib for being Muslim the sanctioned violence turned ugly post-match. I don't agree with any of the ring run-ins that occured but I did see Kabib being very passionate about how insulting McGregor had been to his culture and religion and that it wasn't particularly...polite? respectful? disciplined? I dunno quite the phrasing. Again for me with martial and all my interests(and a reason i enjoy martial arts and MMA) is that it can very starkly highlight lines and boundaries in 'acceptable' and 'sportly' behaviour. Not sure everyone always sees it the same though. Not even sure I'm making sense tbh.
  8. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Whether it's smart or not deliberately conflating violence into these issues(and I don't know these fighters) - it seems one UFC fighter is bringing the #BLM to the Octagon;
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Are you even really a gamer if you don't have a 2am urge for pew pew wizards and suspend your switch between your thighs whilst in bed just to get your fix?
  10. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Look man, it's all about pro-money. Pro consumer just tends to, would you believe, correlate with that rather often and more so in this current world. But people want to get pissed at Sony for this? I explained before how anti-Sony I was once and I still haven't forgotten - but these are the same boys with constant dropped lasers in ps2 that seemed to be intentional designs to fail, the boys who put fucking invisble rootkits on audio cds that would install without your knowledge if you put that in your pc, and also the fuckers who basically shut down lik-sang.....no? Have I mistaken any stories? The shock and surprise confuses me - sure we're all gamers still but we grown a bit more now and hopefully we kinda just realise...this is how this business is? This is how it does?
  11. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Got well tempted by a TGC bundle but got distracted and everything was changed - was apparently 510 disk model extra dualsense AND the headset dealie thingy; if that bundle becomes real anywhere again that's me for launch. Not even bothered about ps5 games. What a mad world I'm about to buy a console without a care at all for a game on it per se - when I was a kid it was the games that made me want the system!!
  12. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Tbh this was something I was about to mention in response to @Will and yes it throws back to someone else's comment earlier - Nintendo have been doing it for ages so why are people outraged about this now like it's some shock horror? Was nobody on this originally nintendo-based and nintendo-centric forum not paying attention to the industry all this time? It's just obvious business. Love doesn't pay the bills man.
  13. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Ohh....hmm. I still can't see the SMB3 parallel - but I get the DKC one? Like you can take it in turns to control the duo per level? Or alternatively you play the tag option on death/teammate barrel hits? I'll have to have a look at the game again too(as I said really with DKC I never touched it beyond passing on SNES - I half recall two-pad action and I think I hopefully am recalling it correctly to understand the idea of Contest vs Team?) a bit later. Still as I said don't take me for guaranteed yet I just had some surgery hence my rockiness on what I'm upto.
  14. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Tbh all this PS4 stuff/complaints from folks confuse me a bit - the PS4 install base is huge and the numbers are still growing as the console remains popular(again I still have people interest in adopting who don't usually - like gaming is expanding into less common gamers and Sony seem to be taking their fancy). Doesn't PS4 have some of the best LTD sales records in relation to historical performances? Like already top 5 to date whilst still in active circulation? I don't care what anyone is gonna try and say otherwise money makes the world go round and if you're gonna ignore the potential of 110m+ tapups for even a minimal profit hit - why wouldn't you? Sometimes I think people forget all of this is an industry and a business - and as shitty as you may feel it is whilst I really isn't depriving you it's actually offering more accessibility across the board if they didn't do things like this and leave the money on the table someone else will have it and they will have less to invest and improve your end offerings in future. Don't get me wrong I don't believe Sony always took this outlook - but with the PS4 for me their industrial business turnaround on their model and their level of increased engagement with the West compared to before really made their fortunes - and all of ours.
  15. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Does anyone know if they're helping or courting any indies to get a small but decent marketplace of digital titles etc available on launch? I need to look into this ps+ collection gamepass thing or so people were talking about? Essentially too are all current ps4 marketplace(or say 90-95%+) downloadable titles also going to be just as playable on ps5? ie if i can buy something on ps4 at ps5 launch can i buy all those same things off the digital marketplace and have them play on ps5?
  16. Spellbreak

    STILL no takers for this?? I'm at my folks atm due to a bit of surgery and not got my PS4 but had a game on Switch this morn(probs with crossplay off) - I'm dockless atm so handheld but played with loose/handheld joycons - may need to tweak settings doesn't feel as fluid to my body as PS4 version but the differences aren't major and thankfully despite losing one squad member early(and us all being scattered miles across the map) I caught up with a queen of a killer of was smashing shit left right and centre whilst I was mostly assists/cover fire. Game gets super fun at small circle stuff and still its felt to me like the least frustrating of all the BRs I've played. Still got depths to it I haven't considered too much too in the 'levelling' system and the talent system. The 'levelling' is in-match and kinda cool - you essentially get more powerful over time and thus can utilise your spells/gauntlets im diff ways. Also whilst frustrating getting a secondary gauntlet to match primary - the idea of giving the 'Primary' some more abilities(you pick primary at match outset cannot change secondaries you find and swap) from the outset is a nice touch. For example Primary frost can make quick frost paths to travel on and feels super cool - but if you pick it up secondary it doesnt seem to have that as part of it. @Julius I know you mentioned before about crossplaying with your bro now you've moved out and him having a switch - ofc you havent got a ps5 yet but I do believe you CAN crossplay with the system on this. I haven't tested it but I can't see anything suggesting it isn't doable atm.
  17. Spellbreak

    So I was randomly hitting up @DriftKaiser and he told me about this interesting new offering. F2P; basically a pewpew wizard battle royale. Only had a few games so far and its felt a bit empty/unchallenging but I have died a few times too! Battle has been fun when it's actually occured too. Anyone else out there been playing? I'm on PS4 with cross-play turned off but if it doesn't pick up too much I may see how it goes with it on. Edit: article from Kotaku for context; https://kotaku.com/spellbreak-is-avatar-the-last-airbender-the-battle-ro-1844999545
  18. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    look im a massive Pothead(like srsly massive...tho bookswise only i dont like the films too much :p) but I'm still down with this. I haven't seen the game yet but I am so done with that franchise now. How so? I mean in some ways I find rhe ubiquity of these games across systems almost makes them platform irrelevant? Ofc I don't follow that ecosphere much and I don't fully know how well other freemiums etc do(take my latest of Spellbreak for example :p) Are you UK based? Just cos if you are I know I said before about me faciliating sales/trades but I probs still know or have a few people who could be interested! Not everyone neccessarily will want to jump at PS5 given the price - tbh even I at the moment am kinda indifferent. Going through the showcase and news and nothing is jumping at me too hard - Spider-Miles I'm sure will be cool but I still haven't finished the PS4 one and didn't even buy its DLC so if its too much more of the same I dunno if it will draw me much. Demon souls etc style stuff has no interest to me - and whilst I deffo like the price the only real thing I want my PS5 for immediately will be OW2. Contemplating considering however that I'll deffo be getting that to just get a launch PS5 and pimp out my PS4 to someone(probably encouraging them in the meantime to play Overwatch with me :p)
  19. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Kill that record Ronnie. You used to have the same bugbear re: Nintendo. You have form and I won't hesitate to utilise that against you - one day you'll run out of light warnings and be off this forum. No you weren't or arent the only one but you've been informed years ago to cut that shit out. So. Cut. That. Shit. Out. any further discussions anyone wishes to have regarding this post with me or anyone else take it to PM or public visitor walls no reactions in this thread.
  20. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Aye. I casually study a weird variety of stuff and a bit of nano/quantum is in there. We are reaching again some physical limits of our small stuff that accuracy/reliability seems to be becoming a bit of a tradeoff with the precision! *proceeds to catch up with thread*
  21. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Hmm. I feel out of my depth here! Contest means more simultaneous playing? I haven't even done any all stars online(in fact a practise to illustrate the diffs may be useful). I haven't got my dock or official charger(got usb-c) but may catch a ride home later to do a few bits and head back here so may grab them but I'm good handheld atm too anyway! Just a bit shaky on when or where I'll be atm.
  22. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    Inject things you say @Will? /smw throwback
  23. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Ah so its natural fallout of sorts from testing? As long as it will all be elminated from end product. As much as I moved over to Sony I am not going to pretend there have not be definite perpetual issues around their systems over the years(the ps2 dropped laser particularly kicked me off) such as heatdeaths sticks eject button melts or even like xbox and rrod etc.
  24. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    I'll take up a bit of co-op if anyone fancies the hosting? Was always peripheral to the DK games really apart from DK64 - I am at my folks' atm for maybe another day or two too and I have my Switch with me I think!
  25. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Have you used a fast charger on yours like designed for a mobile phone? Very bad for them - but tbh I'm with Goron the immense battery life I got from my DS4s and how quick they charge was really impressive. My bigger problem is I fried one pad's loop or battery or both by not realising about fast chargers but even worse than that(because what goods a battery with a broken engine) is the pad trigger/stick drift inteferences many have had. I have had it on two pads and I know a couple people here have too. I'm surprised it was never really a bigger issue(the reason is due to its minimal impacts on a macro level tho, imo).