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  1. You seem to still think it's about 'sticking fingers up to authority' - which does explain a lot. Have you considered it might be people just don't believe it to be as serious as it is made out, rather than actively rebelling, due to the fact the message is inconsistent? This world isn't quite as simple as you are to things, Ronnie. You always seem to enjoy ascribing wicked intents to people that do not neccessarily have to exist?
  2. Overwatch

    I quite like my Hammond and my peekaboo strats but sometimes I'm not sure if its me being too good or the game but y'all ever get so good at it you decide to shortcut the peekaboo and go full quantum breaking the time space continuum instead? Never ever seen the likes of it before in my life! I enjoyed how it slowly ramped into increasingly ridiculous chaos. Afterwards.
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I'd tried to follow it all even back when plasma was a thing too; but I just got lost. I've never been one to be big on the picture/graphics and tbh all the ms inout timeframes lags etcetc is just not me. I basicslly learnt...you want the black blacks to be blacker than black? If Samsung are still a decent top 5 contender as an average of their products I'll probably be basic enough to just stay brand loyal and jump in with them - I actually quite happen to like their TVs and interfaces as I've tended to see(tho again I'm still sitting here thinking I was super smart get a future-proofed 1080p over 720p tv! So maybe I should just got and sit down in my chair and leave all this to you young whippersnappers )
  4. Yes you can. But people won't because of it. That's probably the subtlety of Dog-amoto's point that you're missing - it is difficult to credibly impose rules upon people and expect them to follow them when you yourself do not abide by their spirit, you see?
  5. The Android Thread

    Here to show my absolute LACK of appreciate for Android and hackers helping root/custom ROM them(trying to freshen up an old galaxy tab). Had about 10-20 diff tutorials and this constantly sticking point - til finally found someone with the same problem as me - all the fucking tutorials don't always tell you the right buttons to press and they do different bloody things! I am gonna be so satisfied if I manage to actually get this working- already bricked once because I got overexcited and did the wrong thing too early now I'm on a whole other page flashing a whole other stock ROM! You'd think with computers so able and capable to do stuff at the clock of a button these days and connected to tinternets it could all just zip it through for you...-.-
  6. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Haha yeah the other night I ended up with just hours longs of remixes chilling in the backgrounded as I BoF2'd away 😁 I find it amazing to think about how theh composed brilliant beautiful complexity on audio chips with such limited channels and stuff. In fact I have come to ask - does anyone know of any good documentaries or vids either about legendary names such as Koji Kondo or the challenges and triumphs of making audio on video game chips/consoles in general? Maybe not too much homehacking stuff tho - stories of the past etc. I recall hearing apparently for cross-plat like say Street Fighter the SNES could render 'better' sound than the MegaDrive for example?
  7. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Should be good for me! We all on same timezones?
  8. "I didn't prepare anything" Mafia Sign-Ups

    Looks like it'll take off - thread here;
  9. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Saw your post in le mafia thread and got it downloaded on my phone. Up for it if/when we get a decent crew? Who's in?? When??
  10. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Ha! I felt similar to the t-shirt when we decided to become 'international law breakers' the other week - I get quite political etc on facebook but my heart truly sits with the pillar of the judiciary and rule of law and ethics etc. Why is it that we seem to be moving into this weird age of erosion of the idea of rules-based orders into this age of flout the rules unaccountably? What has happened to all the checks and balances that are supposed to be in place? Why are these things occuring in the UK as well as the US and other countries globally to? This almost concerted looking effort to move to authoritarianism? The impeachment was fucked tbh. I read Mueller - its bang to rights imo. I didn't really get it at first(I watched Sondheim's testimony too) how....it was wasted?? I recall more recently Bolton did his book and his interviews with ABC or something - and he said he didnt or wouldnt testify in the impeachment hearings because the Dems were messing it up by overpoliticising it - and I have slowly come round to agree since. There are limits on certain aspects and areas of society(curiously this was rather echo'd in the UK's 'Russia Report') such as Intellgence services and how far they wished to go/felt their remit went. Our so called 'governors' on both your side of the pond and ours did not step up and do their duty. Nobody seems to have a backbone for traditional morality and principles anymore now and its really weird to even think how we managed to get to here.
  11. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Cool! I'm still technically recovering from surgerytings and annoyingly the NHS grows shitter so ai have to go UCC tmw - I may be back at my folks for the eve/sat so hopefully keep you posted and maybe catch a bit on sat?
  12. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Its really quite crazy stuff to see in our lifetimes imo - especially from the USA. You guys need to get your house jn order and be prepared for him absolutely fucking off democracy and not transitioning(dont make the mistakes of thinking Trump is bluffing anymore and you can call it) - my hopes for justice/democracy as traditionally seen prevailing soon die more and mlre day by day. I can't say Britian is doing much better mind and thats one big question/scenario I am going to be curious to see - the British(until recent lawbreaking ) are often considered for their democracy and eternal defense of it BUT; If Trump loses the vote and refuses to leave I am very very VERY curious to see how BoJo the Tories our geneeal governance etcetc. then decide to approach it - will they support abstain or object? Sadly the correct action is that last one but I genuinely am not sure this current govt/cabinet understand what the path of correct action actually is.
  13. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    oh aye my post was not at all serious. meant to echo the echo; but this geniunely happened once before in the Bargains thread or so where 3 prople basically posted about the same deal...all also available at Game and seemingly nobody checking each others links
  14. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Seriously does anyone have the link to the topic where this happened before with Wiis or Wii Us or something? It was in the bargain thread or so?? I swear @Cube knows but I never remember who else was there edit: got hopeful with a search but i only found my own 7 year old reference -.- https://forum.n-europe.com/topic/32240-wii-u-price-check/?do=findComment&comment=1507615
  15. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Also available at GAME ; though they charge a £10 delivery fee now. Even if you pick it up.
  16. track and trace me like goodbois plz; https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/24/close-to-100-accuracy-airport-enlists-sniffer-dogs-to-test-for-covid-19
  17. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    I dunno I still like it cos of the JRB throwback and the classic water level music - and some of the stars are a fun challenge! It's just the sub door and lack of sub that makes it a bit suck for getting around later - but it still isn't as bad as the last two (i think i dislike RR because and TTC cos you have to wait on rides or can only go with how the stage was set when you came on relatively - WDW maybe would be more annoying too if it didnt have its in level switches tho).
  18. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    Tbh the whole chopping and changing in SM64 is what can make it really fun - tho how can you not like Hazy Maze Cave for its Metal Cap Funk??? It can be a horrible level at times(red coins annoying too; if you mess up). It too me a while to get used to Shifting Sand Lands originally but it later became one I actually quite liked(maybe that's because I'd just come from Dire Dire Seriously They Did Mean It With Dire Docks :p) but there's a few hidden little things you can get away with on it that can make it less annoying - tho maybe also takes out the challenge too. I really liked the Boss and Inside the Pyramid generally too tho iirc - tho maybe that IS cos I enjoy the fun of shortcutting Have you seen the rabbit yet? Also think you're really gonna like some of the upstairs levels when you get there!
  19. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    Absolutely yes. I am still baffled by the stupidity of the blue coins - collectibles in Banjo-Kazooie and DK64 worlds made sense but the blue coins are absolutely arbitrary, stupid, and completely irrelevant except I guess essentially being an 'extra quest' type thing. If anything I'd maybe say specifically ignore them all until you come to get them and then use a guide to do so. (so you wont spend ages going round looking for coins you accidentally already got and forgot)
  20. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    It seems in my grave smartness to play BoF2 as I thought I had played it on GBA as a kid...that this has not actually ever been the case -.- Tho I think I played this a bit before I should have just gone in order lol(tho I will go back and do BoF after!) it is just proving a bit longer than I recall and I have a feeling I did not finish it when I was younger...still - its pretty decent an RPG so far but went a bit grindy in places to avoid too much challenge - tbh the Switch rewind is a godsend in saving a lot of time from messing up or just horrifically cruel RNG battle hits! Feels like its still got ages to go yet though.
  21. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    hahaha no way. given its just come out on the switch snes online I was coming here to post just this myself! And the one that got me more into it(but the original is better tho I don't know if I've ever heard it properly in game);
  22. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Ooo nice! Never played anythimg but DKC2 before but I tell you what I have been hankering for a little bit of some brain teasing logic and Picross is gonna be a great little go to from time to time! Assuming I actually recall how to do it reliably well...
  23. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    I've seen the news that Cindy McCain(wife of John McCain) has endorsed Biden in an arguably unexpected move - hows it seem to be going down over there? I know Trump won't be happy lol
  24. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Eyyy DJ! Good to see you again - I still remember your Blue link at that Smash-off at Gamestation once - didn't realise it was you til we came on here later tho! Funny enough been having the TV convo with my mate recently. I had one break recently but generally I'm still on old school standard non-smart LCD(no real 4k devices or needs atm) but I'm thinking once I have a PS5 I might start looking into new things. I really have NO idea of this whole TV market these days tho - who tend to be the trusted or respected brands these days? I used to have an affinity to Samsung but no idea if they are any good with their 4k and stuff.
  25. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Oh. I don't neccessarily have an actual 'end' point - so I can see why that's an issue. I don't HAVE the answer to the question - I just like it as a question and pose it for the sake. I find it peculiar to consider the utilisation of a motif which...when you try to analyse its difficult(exactly as you're saying) to determine how it ends up here? Again tho for me this is more because my surname is Singh - akin to how the Sikh males all take it for their middle name because of its relation to Lion/Ruler/Governor akin to the Varna caste system. I did try to say its complex! I was a bit surprised when(a much older me) came to find out Simba as the name from Lion King despite as being as obvious as it was was akin to Singh as my surname. I literally just as a kid did not know or realise how much old cultures shared and flowed together - and in a topic about racism where cultural differences seem to divide us I'm looking more to consider what we share. Ideas cultures symbols motifs etc. I don't believe we were ALWAYS divided and I'd like to hope we won't always be. Unfortunately atm and probs due to perspective of being here - I don't/haven't got examples of similar sort of peculiarities in another culture to compare it to(say...I dunno...some really British animal that doesnt exist on another landmass becoming a national animal/motif? What if china or india has 3 badgers on their flag, assuming they never had badgers on their land? I genuinely dont know if badgers exist in those countries now tho or ever did). Etymologically I was just trying to kinda trace and show its history - I enjoy also studying how Buddhism supposedly travelled down the Silk Road from India and Hindu/Indus river links to develop and evolve into Buddhism - so it isn't neccesarily a question with an end point either of us can answer - and I like to hear speculation for that! lf we are using something in our identity that we don't readily own/have to hand - why? Where did it come from? Is it not an indicator or some shared history or union rather than division? I absolutely understand that it is a stumping question - its why I like it! As for the name - yes I think its actually worse than pulling down a statue. A statue to one person is a bit idolistic to that person - but a medal of an empire isn't quite so(even tho its often 'tied' to the regent and crown of the time) - its less ... hmm. All I can draw as a word is idolistic? As for the idea of not having an 'empire' any more(and the caller before me on LBC said very much the same) - is that a relative point just because it is smaller now than it once was? Or because we have less dominion or power over the rest of the world? How 'big' does an empire have to be to be an empire - and why can't or "don't" we have one anymore? I really don't take much issue with the ideas or language - I actually think keeping the traditions of it reflect the history better. I guess personally on the topic I just think behaviour changes are needed on the whole because they're more fundamental bottom-up things rather than some commitee renaming or changing the 'E' in an term like OBE MBE which feels more top down and probably won't actually reach the people who are most affected at the bottom levels by all these issues? I guess maybe that's it at a crux for what it is now - top down approaches just don't/won't work or last? Again this is not a simlpe topic. It has spanned lifetimes and generations. I guess sometimes I look at it like that too scale/scopewise. I don't have the answers or full solutions tho - if I did I'd ideally be running the world! To sign that off and break a loop of us going back and forth as you rightfully say - its not exactly totally topic relevant but I always enjoy this half silly video of the 'history of the world'. Mostly because it humbles me into thinking what we are doing now is so small a drop in a massive ocean of time - are we even making a difference?? If not then how? We probably have far more in common than that which divides us - but we need to leave history intact whatever it was in order to know that. I guess there us nothing to suggest a rename would erase that - but that's a whole other topic and longevity and why things last(ie why do some empires survive qhy do others not - but this getting into the macro over the micro of racial divisions).