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  1. good stuff thread.

    ah shit nothing worse for a maths boner than the MoD and I mean that really fucking literally too. “This is only a foretaste of what is to come and only the shadow of what is going to be” RIP. A living god - chastised by powerful white men who cared where his dick had been. I will NEVER forgive it. We would be great beyond measure as a global society if it were not for that fucking human ignorance. He was a King.
  2. good stuff thread.

    Yeah I kinda expected as much on that. You analytics and statistics definitely tickles my dick tho(and you'll have just been invited into my top sekrit sekrit binary society elsewhere) - what sorta shit do you do??
  3. Questions

    Absolutely and always. I need to earn my bread as a mod afterall! Anything beyond the mark can be dealt with as it comes - I don't think proscription has ever been our major style nor are any of us heavily against speech just because it offends sensibilities - everyone has different views on politics, religion, and ofc most important of all - Video Games on the internet.
  4. Laptops?

    Hello all - after advice! I haven't had a working laptop for a year or so now and thinking I should really get around to sorting that out now. However I am super out of touch with the market and where are good places to look buy etcetc! Anybody got recommendations? I'm not after anything particularly fancy(again I have been on a phone only for like a year or so now :p) but think I probably want something with Windows just for the sake of compatabilty; though I may put a linux dual boot on if I can - with that I think I'd probably want something with not too small a hard drive? I see SSDs seem to be quite standard now but I've little idea of how much crap Windows takes up etc. In terms of what I'd be using it for - tbh nothing too fancy. I'd like to be able to play a few steam things/maybe HDMI it out to TV from time to time(tho not a neccessity) but I don't imagine I'm going to be getting into any fancy gaming. I only just logged into Steam for the first time in years anyway I'll probs be trying to get into some machine learning practise and stuff but even that isn't going to need much fancyness, right? Not looking for a beast to process that will be just getting practical basics etc. Given all this I'm basically thinking atm - do I get a basic bottom of the range Win 10 PC and maybe invest in extra storage or get something a bit more mid-range? I know people say buy cheap buy twice but I'm thinking given I don't need it for anything too fancy I might go cheap now and then in 2-3 years get whatevers happening then - not sure how fast tech is moving these days and how quick things change?
  5. Laptops?

    Tbh given some of the last discussion in this thread(tho tbh they came to mind anyway) I would probs tag @Goafer and @Happenstance for two with opinions - not sure how much Happs does macwise but I know that I can barely close a window on ' my mum's ' macbook pro or some shit(my dad is a tech idiot taken on board with the apple thing as work uses iphones and ipads, so he bought it 'for' my mum...but she probs uses it the least our of me my dad and my brother. Me and my brother dont even live there).
  6. good stuff thread.

    lol, you could just reached out to Ashley or Me(who would've just reached out to Ashley or Cube) and seen if you coulda get a reset I presumed you were just one of the some who slowly drifted/moved away from the place - and iirc you had started writing on your site elsewhere and I presumed that just took your gaming focus alongside life and the family! Big up to your dad tings tho - I was actually thinking about MadDog recently and maybe getting another(and i wont lie maybe last) proper meetup sorted - but like in advance of NOW for next year cos we're all supposedly proper adults now(not me ive been outta work since before covid and had an annoying run of health so im a bum now lol).
  7. Questions

    I dunno, I heard someone saw that Rummy guy sneaking around in the night.... Vote:Rummy
  8. OK. Weird title I know. But now in this big ol' internet of things v2.50 it seems pushing weird content on me is actually having an effect and reach - I meassged probs Flink and Sheikah about this when I found it a few weeks ago cos I didn't realise autoplay was on and it was....weird. To not make it too long or complex a matter - were people aware there are game logic 'randomisers' out there that basically take the logical flow of the game re-arrange it all into another still valid flow that you can play and complete the game?? When I saw it I really thought again it would be up @Dcubed's street if if he doesn't already know about it(and the crafty wizard probably already does :p) Also given my SMW code injection post in all-stars i'll tag also @drahkon @Will @Sckewi and @BowserBasher cos you may find *vvv THIS vvv* weird (warning: MM spoilers) So - I opened abstract; why? So I can just let the art speak for itself. This shit has been cracking me out lately. Goddamn YouTube autoplay finally got me.
  9. Here's me never even realising it saw the light if day anyway! What went so wrong with it? Here's me never even realising it saw the light if day anyway! What went so wrong with it? Re: servers it annoys me in the modern age(and especially with Nintendo for how they've failed to care or to plan for them sustainably) - I completely do agree/wonder how nuch REALLY is it to upkeep these things? I never understood why they had to kill SMB35 for example(where as with Wii stuff done thru GameSpot servers was it I can understand - Nintendo really should aim for some server longevity imo).
  10. Tl; dr. (jk) an unfortunate story i read in the opposite as a result of blanket policies, blanket thinking, and innate human nature of squeezing personal worth; (r/hobbydrama) [Video Games] The Story of “Summer of 58”: that time an indie game developer went on hiatus after multiple people bought their game, played it, beat it in less than 2 hours and then refunded it
  11. Ah, I see how close I was to this thread whilst posting in the other -.- I'm reading the court document atm because I'm weird like that, but can anyone who knows kinda explain what this means? From what I saw in a quick google it's a BananaMan in a suit - but I feel like the Apple reference in the footnote should refer to Epic? Ofc I do see the irony of a banana appearing for court in a suit...
  12. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    Ah yeah as I kept having it pop up I looked for threads and noticed we had about three knocking about a bit so I ended up hefe lol. From the article I saw that they were owed the money/30% of whatever epic circumvented i think due to a contract breach or so but after this ruling surely the 30% is not as bound now? Tho as I said I haven't looked at the actual court documents yet but it'll make a change to reading Trump cases lol and ill hopefully crack through it this week(strangely i like court documents). Btw poss makes sense to reply to me in more active thread if you think so and reply to this feel frer to tag me there.
  13. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    Haven't read the court opinion/order yet but it's apparently 185 pages(im out today so probs wont start it til tomorrow) but a federal judge has ruled against Apple's original practice and forcing all payments(and thus their cut) through their store;
  14. yo Calv! ain't nothing just saw its your birthdayday and thought I'd say a randomhello, been a long time since wifikarts by Charlie and all your excellent 3DS Miiverse drawings :p hope you're all good bro and happy birthday!

  15. The Tencent problem and Next-Gen.

    Apple are yielding somewhat in settlement elsewhere - supposed speculation is the Epic suit may recieve some judgements akin but who knows;
  16. Tech Pouch

    i mean if you wanna get crazy how about systems on a go? obvs live usbs are always handy imo, but what about going mad to have a system with you? tbh i started this sitting here randomly wishing i had a wireless keyboard/mouse in one to cuss out ps4 noobs faster and then i thought - do they still do those hdmi systems on a stick? overkill on tech but a quick wireless keyboard and a whole OS you can stick into a hdmi port - well; tbh its more useful for social stuff than professional i guess(cos why would you use a system on a stick over classic hardware) but was just a random thing i remembered contemplating back in the day myself. also btw the actual idea of a tech pouch is something i never considered but might do myself. poss a number of usb cables of various types a liveusb a portable charger pack a mains to usb plug etcetc. my only really problem is i used my pockets as a bag mostly; and whilst i like the idea of it being handy prepped easy to transfer easy to go etc. i can totes see myself losing a tech pouch and crying at all my lost shit thats super useful
  17. I'm gonna interrupt you here - you have argued in bad faith quite a few times here and you just buttload your posts with fallacies to avoid responses to how unjustified the things you slip in are. Scattergun approach and what I currently see a bit as arguments in bad faith. I won't argue points with you - but I will argue the meta of critical thinking as it's quite blatant how bad faith you are being sometimes. Let me explain the fallacy in the above - the BBC are guilty of one thing therefore they are quilty of 100% of things and can never ever be trusted with anything. An argument to the extreme loaded with a few other fallacies. It doesn't wash. Does this argument extent to suggest that any criminal convicted of a crime who serves their time are still a criminal and should be judged, even though society already once had? Please consider your rhetoric, your motivation, and how you want to make the points you are making. MOD NOTE: This whole topic is sensitive, bad faith arguments will get a harder look from me(no matter what point you are arguing) and there may be a few times where I remind folks to tone it down a bit - please do or I'll simply start excluding people from this thread. Remember the olden and golden rule - posting is a privilege, not a right. I always use it if I have to and I will here. Please carry on.
  18. What I'd like to ask you then - with so many other unknowns in your life that you risk every day why is this one so disturbing as a priority for you? I see many people(and I have here lol) argue this whole thing in extremes and false dichtomies - but you face unknowns every single damn day; yet this one is possible more documented or looked at than your life is(which contains the risk, but without a vaccine you can't avoid the risk of covid if that makes sense) so why feel so fearful of this one thing here, despite it being global? Yet at the same time you don't want to consider big data neccessarily, you also do not want to account for small data of the individuals in a risk category who can't vaccinate or aren't affected by the vaccine(ie no immunity develops) so you won't vaccine for them? This is a thing that confuses me - its neither big data nor small data that can convince folks in some of all this; so what WILL convince you? If anything? Note this isn't a judgemental or as pointed a post as it sounds, but I've come to this thread with bigger issues but we're both old school enough Dazz that I think you know I ain't hating on or attacking you here(and frankly the environment of such feeling being fostered in this thread is not useful nor conducive to the discussions or the forum, but that'll be gotten to later this post it just by me as a member in the thread)
  19. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    ah fair enough. ive had mild constant drift(can usually fix) but the actual trigger triggered drift was basically having off sights in every single shooter and id have to adjust a bit if it happened - luckily i dont play many precision shooters 😅 also this is one remedy i havent tried but came across today apparently you can add a 3rd stick in certain cases? im sure this at least alleviates some of the frustration at the problem whilst asmittedly not completely fixing it;
  20. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Just for my own curiousity(I've had so much varying stick drift issues lol) is this just a freely drifting stick all the time or does anything either trigger it absolutely or even conditionally? I know my maddest issue was I had stick drift but for whatever the hell reason it would ONLY trigger when I actually pressed....well, my right trigger. OFc in shooter's it's goddamn bastard annoying as you aim you aims then hit your fire but the aim drifts off...
  21. Raspberry Pi

    Bomp! Is there a term for Pi folks?? I have just received me a Raapberry Pi 400(integrated into keyboard) but I know little to nothing practically of the world of raspberry pi of today! What are some cool places to start?? Thinking I may get a few extra/smaller SD cards to run diff configs off(a handy gaming/entertaining install/setup on one for example; and maybe coding projects on another). What's some cool things to do first or places to get started?? Been a long time since I coded much but I've got basics in my head; this could be just the spur I need to get back into it!
  22. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    Ok so. I haven't played GTA since my cousin kept calling me up to go play games with him whilst I was in the middle of my usual gangster shit but what is it with GTAV that's got it still going? Was it all that amazing as a single player? Why is online so popular? Why am even *I* getting tempted by the ads I see to find out what it's all about?? I'm sure I tried to play it on PS3 once anf it had like...different dudes and felt a bit too longtings until I felt I was doing much that was actually fun and productive so I kinda stopped? I think I was just turned into a rich dude running around my own mansion and whatever missions I had done seem completely unmemorable. I remember pissing about with outfits in the wardrobe and driving cars but nothing remarkable beyond. Tho maybe I didn't give it enough time to get going?
  23. The Android Thread

    I'm not gonna lie still now I am amazed at how much grip has returned. I lived so much of my year as a fool -.-
  24. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    MOD NOTE(warning: its a bit long) Ok so. I have things going on at the moment but I saw this, I was informed of this, and I have let this play out a bit. It is a fact many in this community is tired of Ronnie. It is a fact by old rules he would have and should have been banned a long time ago from these forums. Traditionally(and this was before my time and I'll be honest SINCE my time I have had an issue with it) moderation has been somewhat opaque to the community at large - which is not a way I deal with conflict resolution(don't @ me literally I used to be paid to do a job which involved more conflict and resolution than most of the folks here can imagine - because of that I have always moderated confidently and stand by all my actions, trying to keep them transparent and thus questionable). I moderate transparently if and where I can. I was planning to ban Ronnie for 3 months from this specific thread because of the highlighted post and his exceptional record of previous. However I am currently acting without consulting anybody else of the mod/admin but in my own capacity as a moderator of these forums. This may cause me an issue later - again though I will be transparent. I haven't moderated much since forum upgrades etc. and Invision is rather different to what I used to know. I AM going to discuss this with the moderation team to double check whether I can do thread bans and if so I will go with my original plan of banning Ronnie from this thread for 6 months - it will not be the forumwide ban but this specific thread. This is not a promise nor a guarantee - it is an intention but I will see how my discussions go. However it seems thread bans are not inherent in Invision I think it needs a plugin and I don't think we have it but I could be wrong(ie a permission on backend I don't have). Regardless I am tired of the toxic effect Ronnie has on this forum, and it was clearly expressed by members within this thread for a comment and this is added upon all previous by him in my consideration. I have thought upon this for a few days now. As of immediate effect, because it is what I think is my only available option without consulting with others and waiting and ultimately letting no action take place - I am banning Ronnie from the entirety of the forums now for 2 weeks. People seem to think they can act with impunity and troll and not apologise and just ignore things when they have. Ronnie, for reasons beyong my understanding, has been given leniency I have never seen before on these forums with anyone ever. As far as I am concerned when we banned Wii Ronnie should have been banned also - and Ronnie has passed the criteria that Wii based that resulted in his ban. I won't get into back end politics, but I'm taking this action NOW and will be consulting with the mod team immediately afterwards regarding it. It may cost me modship or even my membership of this community - but the latter part is mine and I share it with every single other member here. As a member and not a mod I am tired of it being toxic because of one person(and this is consistently evidenced, and no shock to anybody). As a mod I have wanted said toxic element removed for years but I do not enact unilateral justice in terms of permanent bans usually as I think it is an extreme/last resort. Today I decide to act. Nobody has for years - but we all know the elephant in the room. I will not enact the permaban without the consultation of other moderators and admins - but as of now Ronnie is restricted form posting any content on these forums for 2 weeks from today at my sole decision. For anyone wishing to discuss this topic - as I said I will enact justice publicly so I encourage the discusssions on my visitor wall. For those who wish to discuss privately, I can be PM'd in confidence and will respect this confidence. As I have always said - discussion around this moderation decision is NOT to be continued in this thread where it will derail. If the options of posting on my visitor wall or PMing me seem insufficient for the community I can explore this further later. This is not to be discussed further in any currently existing threads ANYWHERE on the forum by ANYBODY. If I see or find such - your posts will be deleted. Keep it to MY visitor wall or my PMs. @Ronnie you can PM me, or as I suspect, again ignore me and run to others. I would suggest it is in your interest to actually cc me into ANY communications you have with others and I will likely see them later anyway - but your choices are yours. As are* the consquences of such choices. This ban is a consequence of your actions. I have sent you this exact same forum post in a PM - if you want to know the 'reason' its your obvious baiting and trolling. EDIT:*i made a typo soz.
  25. I am restricting you from posting any content at all on these forums for two weeks. I will PM you this as well. Contact me or others, see your PM.