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  1. Wahey! Been into GAME, and they said I'm guaranteed a Wii on launch day. I wasn't exactly snappy getting my preorder in, so I can only imagine how many units they're getting. I can sleep easy tonight now
  2. Your Wii, When, where and how?

    Should be dashing down to the local GAME after school. Oh that is going to be a long day, doubled up by the fact that one of my friends is getting one there too; we'll be the ones flailing our arms across the classroom during the day, playing the Wii Sports we don't own yet
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys, this is a great site you've got here. I'll give GAME a ring tomorrow, or maybe go in when I'm in town on Friday. I'm hoping against hope that I've got a place in the preorder line. Of course, knowing my luck the letter will turn up tomorrow. Thanks for your help so far!
  4. Hello N-Europe, I'm new here! I'm currently crying myself to sleep, as I haven't got a confirmation letter or anything from GAME yet. I must have pre-ordered about a week or two after they started taking them, so I can't have been that far down the line. Reckon it's worth giving them a ring and finding out where I am? A friend of mine has got a letter from them already, and he used the GAME about 5 minutes down the street. Is there any way to find out how many Wii units a store is getting, perhaps?