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  1. Can't wait to get home from work so I can get my S3 helm on my hunter tonight! That makes 4/5 vengeful which means I'm pretty much done with my hunter. I will be using him for dailies and my 70 druid for farming alchemy mats to make money for when the expansion comes out and I can re-roll my death knight!

  2. Looks good man. I'll take it, I have some 360 games and would be willing to swap but I only have a couple I'd want to part with including the simpsons game or skate. So if they aren't to your taste I'll happily paypal you the cash.


    As you are a fairly new member, do you have some ebay feedback I could check as well please? :)

  3. I'm looking for BBA, ideally I want a UK one with mint box. I can get one without a box on eBay for sub £10 but it is for my collection so thought I would ask here first incase one of you lovely lot have looked after one.


    Also interested in obtaining any of the following at the right price:


    PSO Version I&II

    Gameboy Player for GC (Got one from Rokhed)

    GC Component cable (OFFICIAL)

    Windwaker (2 disc gold box) (Got one from Rokhed)

    Pikmin 2 (not players choice)

    Pokemon XD

  4. I'd say its extremely unlikely anyone will give you their database. It's what their whole business is based on. What do you actually need the info for?


    Its top secret, well not really, but I want to have a proof of concept before I ask for any opinions, but its for a website idea that I have had. Similar to some of the games sites already out there (the likes of IGN and GameFAQs) but with some extra functionality.

  5. I'd also try:



    Moby Games


    Depending on what fields you need and what exactly its for I may be able to help with data also.


    Well I need the data in a SQL database ideally. I'm currently working out if I should contact people at GameFAQs and ask if they can provide me with a database (which I imagine is about 0% likely to happen), or alternatively, write a script that goes through the websites in question, parsing the data.

  6. I either need to create or source some videogame databases and wondered if anyone knows if they already exist? I need a number of them, off the top of my head, these are:


    - A complete list of all games available for Wii, publishers, number of players, online functionality or not, and that sort of general information.

    - The same but for DS/X360/PS3/PSP.


    I know this is a long shot, but it would save me a hell of a lot of time. Although I want this info as a database, it doesn't matter if it comes in a spreadsheet or something.


    Any ideas welcome :)

  7. well then what's the issue? he's a reviewer giving his opinion, doing it for laughs sure, but his points aren't pure fantasy. especially those about fanboys etc, not to mention the...dubious depth of the controls and the average match of smash bros.


    Well just because you don't have a sense of humour, doesn't make this guy a cock.




    Well my review of him is that he is a cock and thats my opinion. :smile:

  8. Don't be asburd. We all know that Shenmue 3 is being held back for E3 when it will be revealed that the third part of the series will be released in the form of a cake. Yes, that's right. Cake.


    Video games are interactive but Sega are taking the Shenmue exeperience to the next level, baking all of that goodness into the mix.


    * Allergy Warning * - May contain bullshit


    The cake is a lie!

  9. I haven't touched a console since WoW took over my life. As with what a lot of other people have said, I spend too much money buying games, there are too many games I want to play coming out all the time and not being a kid and having lots of free time anymore, I just can't finish them.


    I do actually believe that something has changed with games, the peak for me was my N64. All games I ever played led to that era, but nothing has since made me WANT to play. I simply play now (consoles) because I feel I have to. I do honestly think thats down to lazy developers rather than nostalgia. Bring on the days of Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing and Zelda OoT. Go away Halo, WoW and PGR. Don't get me wrong, these games are great, just not as great.....

  10. Ghost is a classic film, sure a bit soppy but the basic premise along with Whoopie Goldberg and the way it is executed is brilliant. Point Blank, Donnie Darko and Dirty Dancing are the only other films I really remember him from - which all have their merits.


    Hope you get better Patrick, would be a shame to lose another decent actor.


    You forget ROADHOUSE best Swayze movie ever!!

  11. I have been pretty ill for just over a week now, but I didn't know I had Tonsillitus until Thursday when I went to see the doctor. I used to get it loads when I was young but thought I had grown out of it.


    I am BORED out of my head, I don't know why but when I'm ill nothing is interesting, for some reason my attention span is just a few minutes!


    What do you guys do when you're ill? Anybody got any good tips for feeling better if you've got Tonsillitus?

  12. Haha, owned. I'm not sure who is more in the wrong here. The wife who was technically cheating to make some more money for them both, or the husband who was obviously going to spend money in the brothel.