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  1. Ok, so I got the sexy new hardware yesterday (I'll get some pictures tonight if your interested), this is the setup:


    Asus M2N32 SLi deluxe

    AMD Quad Core Phenom 9850

    Ati 4870 - 512Mb

    2 x WD 250gig Sata drives in Raid 0

    4Gb Crucial Ballistix (800MHz) Tracer ram

    Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit


    I was pleased that Vista recognised the raid, I was worried I would have to poke around injecting drivers, but I didn't, and Vista was intalled in about 15minutes - wow!


    I haven't overclocked anything, and probably not going to, we'll see.


    UT3 installed, everything on full, and runs like a dream. I need to do some research to see if there is a way of editing the config files to make it run with higher settings. More on this soon.


    Tonight I am going to spend some time tweaking my OS install. There is a lot of bloat in Vista that I don't need, so a bit of streamlining will make a nice improvement.


    I was surprised at the amount of heat the ATi kicks out, I am going to do some testing on this too, at least it will get better after a few cycles.


    So nothing concrete to report yet, but initial opinion is...AMAZING!

  2. Let me know how you get on Oli, i'm due an upgrade fairly soon and i'm trying to decide between sticking with my existing Mobo and popping a Phenom in, or going with the new Intel chips. If the system runs well with the Phenom then i might go with that and save myself the £80 it'd cost me for a new mobo.


    Will do, the kit is due tomorrow and I can't wait.


    I know that everyone says Intels rock atm, but I'll always love AMD in terms of bang for buck.


    I'll try and give a nice accurate opinion but can't compare it to an Intel as I don't have one :heh:

  3. I'm looking to upgrade my machine, I'm pretty happy I have chosen a decent CPU and some tasty RAM, but I need some advice with the graphics card.


    I currently have a single 7600GT on an SLi capable motherboard. My question is, do I buy 2 better cards and run them in SLi, or do I spend the same amount on a really good single card.


    Been looking at some benchmarks on Toms Hardware and 2 x 9800 GT's seem pretty good, and really shine in the high end tests.


    On a side note, it really confused me they were talking about 9800's lol. I still have my trusty 9800 pro in the machine I'm posting this from!

  4. I got 39 but totally forgot about the Pokemon rap that I know all the words to ^^


    I'll have another go when the results aren't fresh in my memory :D


    Plus I couldn't spell some...once I put in all the ones I knew from memory I started reliving the series and the card game in my head to get some others.


    Can someone take a screenshot of the most missed? I don't feel like waiting 12 minutes for it :(


    Here you go:




  5. Sigh, now I have my S3 helm I don't really have anything I want to do. All I wanted was full S3 and with the ratings on S3 shoulders and all of S4 I'm not going to be getting any more gear before the expansion comes out. I have decided I'm just going to make some money, a little bit each time I play. Then when Wrath hits I can send it all to my Death Knight (which will by new main). In the mean time I plan to catch up on all the games I have missed out on in the last 3 years lol.

  6. That was indeed an excellent article. And he makes many good points with regards to why that era was an excellent one for gamers. I would also add the point (continuing on from the internet one) that MMO's have ruined gaming for myself. I am a self confessed wow addict and have barely played any other game since its release 3 years ago. Oh how I have missed so much! *Cries*. The problem is that every minute your not playing you feel like your wasting time that could be spent better improving your character with some kind of endless grinding session.


    Luckily there is an expansion coming out soon, so between now and then I am playing wow less and trying to at least try to catch up on some of what I have missed in the last three years :D

  7. I am going to be buying a pair of 8800GT cards for my computer, but I can't decide which vendor to go for. I have searched google for hours looking for a comparrison of the different vendor cards but no one seems to have done one. I like the look of this one:




    It claims to have 1Gb of memory, however according to both Nvidia and Wikipedia, the highest amount of memory available on any 8800GT is 512:





    So I can't help but think that something isn't right. Can anyone shed some light on this, or would a card from a different vendor be better?


    I am replacing a 7600GT so this should be a nice upgrade :smile:

  8. Yeah I agree Ollie, I've just had a few problems on here. Just with people making offers/backing out/making an offer and then asking me to wait a while til they get money and then receiving a better offer which I turn down because I've already agreed to this other offer which is taking ages to come through. Thought I'd let ebay deal with all that side of things.


    I'm sure they'll be bargains either way though, just thought I'd let you lot know.


    Okay, I can see your point :)


    I'll be bidding on a couple...will you combine shipping if I buy more than one?