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  1. When I logged off last night at about 1am UK time there was a few 60 DK's but no level 71's yet. I'm swapping my main for wrath from my 70 hunter to my (now level 59) rogue.


    I'm hoping in a weeks time when I get my rogue to 68 that for the most part there wont be too many ppl in the starting zones of Northrend.


    I got a collectors edition, woop, ppl are loving 'frosty' the pet when I'm levelling my rogue in Outland :)

  2. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I am doing this and it is currently in 'full steam ahead' mode. I am working on it with a friend and it is coming along nicely.


    For those of you that PM'd me I will get back to you as soon as I can!


    I am however having a problem choosing a domain name, I was thinking of myvgc.com (which is taken) which stands for my video gaming career. There is the domain my-vgc.com which is available though.


    Anyone have any catchy ideas for website/domain names?




    EDIT - myvgc.net is also available......not sure if myvgc is what I really want tho :/

  3. It is a pretty cool idea. I have to warn you that there are similar things around, there WAS an application on facebook similar to this visual bookshelf where users could add games they have completed, games they've played, games they own, games they rented, et cetera, et cetera. I can't find the precise application but they earn some revenue by directing users towards amazon results for the books/movies.


    If executed well enough, with enough social interaction required for successful sites these days, it could be very cool. Combined with the xbox360 achievement thingums that all the cool kids have in their signatures, it could be very cool!


    That is the kind of thing I want to create, although I have a facebook account I do actually hate it for many reasons. The primary function of my idea is to allow users to keep a record of the games they have played, a timeline of thier 'gaming career' if you like. Initially I didn't want too much 'social networking' for the site, but it would appear that is what people DO actually want.


    That is a good question Chris, I think php is my best bet, but I need to sit and plan it all out first, I still don't know what data should be recorded etc.


    I don't want to create a site that is monotonous and boring, entering data shouldn't be the primary use of the site.


    The boring and long part for me will be creating the database with the games in. I think to start with I'll do it for a selection of core systems say, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, PS2. I can add more systems later. I toyed with the idea of allowing users to enter their own games but after writing a list of pro's and con's for this decided it was a no no.


    For some games tracking achievements will be easy, 360 games all have achievements built in which can be tracked via gamer tag, but for games like Zelda for example, I would have to decide how the best way to do it. Completing the story is one, collecting all the heart containers is another, and so on. Plus there are many games I have never played and won't be able to decide on 'progress points' by myself.


    Perhaps a forum is required to allow requests for new systems/missed games/progress points etc?

  4. It depends really, how would you make money from it?

    Game sales via TradeDoubler may give a good turn over if you set it up correctly.


    Well actually I wasn't really planning on making money from it, that said, read below...


    How would it be monitored?

    Seems hard to prevent people from lying.


    I don't think people lying would be a huge problem for the website because it doesn't involve any actual money or rights of ownership. Pictures or it didn't happen could be simple enough for proof.


    I think pics or didn't happen would work too, in it's original incarnation there wouldn't really be any point in lying about it, like my anime list, there is no advantage to 'pretending' you have watched all the episodes of Naruto for example.


    Well it's not like they would win anything by lying. And with the 360 proof often lies with online leaderboards and achievements.


    I think it's a pretty cool idea :) if you want to do it, I say hurry up, make sure nobody beats you to it. Get the basics working and a pleasing simple design and launch. Then it's just a case of word-of-mouth advertising to bring people in... eventually move on to profile pages, groups, clans, blogs etc. Could be great!


    I was originally going to try and avoid another social networking type site, but with the statistics that it would be possible collect I would be able to sell advertising to games companies which would allow them to target specific groups. For example, someone who has completed 30 FPS games, would be perfect to advertise a new Halo or Half Life game to.


    As for the 'stealing' my idea, unfortunately this isn't something I can dedicate hundreds of hours too, so if someone beats me to it, I'll just have to suck it up :shakehead

  5. I have been toying with the idea for this website for sometime now (probably going on 2 years). I can't decide if it would be worth the time investment to make it happen. Some of you maybe familiar with http://myanimelist.net/ and the 'my games collection' listings available through IGN, my idea is similar to them both.


    At a basic level, I want to be able to track my gaming career. By this I mean I want to have a record of all of the games I have played, and how far I have got with them. If I have any high scores, or worthwhile bragging rights etc, etc. I buy and play many games, but I often can't remember a few years later anything about them.


    I have mocked up a VERY simple page on my domain here but you will have to imagine the design for yourself. My question is would you use a service like this? Imagine that you can first of all catalogue your whole collection, then record data like percentage complete etc, then maybe upload photos or screenshots showing high scores etc, and being able to link your friends to it.


    To make this website worthwhile and usable will require an incredible amount of time investment by myself, so is it worth it?

  6. I see it going right.


    But to the fools who don't believe she's going both ways, here, have this:



    Believe it now?


    Wow, could only see clockwise before, now I can see both and easily switch between, so weird.... what does that mean?


    She's pretty hot for a silhouette :blank:

  7. Ollie, if you want atmosphere check out STALKER and the System Shock games. They drip with atmosphere.


    Also really you found Shadowman to be better on 64 than DC? (Everyone knows it's better than PS1 version....) Also oddly enough I was about to post Shadowman since no else had when lo and behold there you were.



    I think I played a demo for stalker, is that the one with the little girl? On PC?


    Obviously truely horrid games like Doom 3 will make you sh*t your pants but that is just because they make you jump.


    Just Shadowman was/is a little gem. The music, the voice acting, it was all awesome. Maybe it's my fanboy-ism clouding my judgement over the best version but I'm sure I remember the N64 version being better.


    Anyway I just bought a copy from ebay for £5 devilvered. Win.

  8. What's strange is that this is the second time I have had Vista, first time was when the RTM was released and I had the same problem then. I went back to XP but decided now SP1 was out it should be fixed, alas.....:(

  9. Guys can you help, I'm having a weird issue with Vista which I have looked around for answers too, but haven't had much luck. When playing games, I get a weird stuttering, which makes the frame rate drop slightly, but enough to be annoying. I have taken a couple of photos of my G15 screen when I have FRAPS running as this is the best way to show you what happens:


    Normal behaviour:


    (In this photo there is only one spike, the second one is a reflection).


    Stuttering spike:



    I have tried disabling indexing on my hard drive and disabling the search service but neither of these things have worked.


    Any other tips?

  10. Thanks for the advice so far guys, these are what I took out of my old box:


    AMD AM2 Dual Core 3000 (I think, it's currently got dried thermal paste on it).

    4Gb 667 RAM (in 4 x 1Gig dimms)

    nVidia 7600GT

    80Gb WD Sata drive (intend to get another one for Raid 0)


    So I need to buy a case, mobo and PSU. I'm thinking of this case. Apparently it is actually quite big and seems to have lots of cooling potential.


    I have had Abit boards in the past and have an Asus board now, both of which have been amazing tbh.