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  1. It doesn't help but half the people I work with are in the same position.


    I would image there are very many people out there like this. Instead of whining about it (like I normally do) I have decided to actually do something about it.


    There is another similar one I can never remember. I always found prospects better anyway. There is a discussion board on there but its hidden under "my prospects" > "talk to graduates online". Best of luck :)


    Apparently I'm going through what is known as a 'quarter life crisis' on this site, haha.

  2. I finished my degree a couple of years ago and got a job, a job that was never really supposed to be a long term thing, it was more of a good place to be whilst I learnt my trade and decided what I wanted to do a bit more long term.


    Well I'm still here, and I'm bored and feel a bit stuck. A few months ago the company I work for got bought out by a big American firm and in that process I lost a fair amount of my responsibility and my identity within the company. Now obviously right now isn't the best time to be making any major job decisions, what with all of the redundancies etc, but I can still plan and research for when things settle down.


    I did a degree in Computer Science, and have a job in a support role, hardly what my degree was designed for, in fact, no one I work with has a degree, and without trying to sound big headed, I feel over qualified, especially now that I have almost no responsibility.


    The problem is that I feel my talents are wasted here, but I don't have anything to offer a new employer, I can't get training here to boost my CV but I can't imagine someone who offers any kind of training would be interested in taking me on with my current CV. Hence the reason I feel 'stuck'.


    So the point of my thread is, what should I do? Where can I get advise from, and how do I get it? Are there good websites for finding specific types of jobs? Anybody else like this or been like this in the past?

  3. Heh, it could be said there is only one thing making me feel crap: me. And very efficient and well-versed in it I am too. It's not a talent that exactly spruces up one's CV, though.


    Despite how my posts clearly come across, I'm not mindlessly moaning or seeking sympathy and attention; there are far more deserving people on here, those with real problems. If I don't think a post would be of use to or entertain someone then I won't type it, or at least delete it — ideally before it's inconveniently quoted. For all the advice I give out I'm terrible at taking it, so at the risk of sounding ungrateful people shouldn't waste theirs on me as I'll only squander it.


    Anyway, your plan sounds like a good one, although I must admit I wonder whether you would truly go through with it. But I suppose that's irrelevant; the plan is for its own sake. I have ideas too, but I'm a methodical, boring person that always tries to make the most informed and 'best' decision: big decisions can be paralysing and take time to work through. Oh I can be spontaneous sometimes, sure, but I've already wasted far too many years. I don't want to be aimless any more.


    Yadda, yadda, yadda. At least I've hammered home my anthrax point.


    3 words...fix. your. avatar. :heh:

  4. But if I did that I'd have to lace each copy with anthrax — as anyone willing to pay money for such a thing would be better off that way — and I'd imagine that would wipe out my profit margin. Still, something to be considered should my baffling optimism give way to misanthropy.


    Aimless, first off, fix your avatar, cos it rocks and it makes my day :yay:


    Second, without going through all your posts I don't know if it is only your job you have lost or if there is something else making you feel crap, but you could always take this chapter in your life to do something totally new and positive?


    For example, if I loose my job I already have my plan, I'm going to sell everything I own and travel the world on my motorbike. I wont have much money and I don't have a route planned or anything, but that's the point. I'll just pack and go. I'm not suggesting this is what you should do, but perhaps this is a blessing in disguise?

  5. Depends on what you need. Firstly, know this: they're all shit and you should hate them.


    Then try to pick the one you wouldn't mind so much being screwed over by.


    http://www.jdpower.com/ These guys are a good research company (mostly UYS findings) and helps show how shit they all are. In 2006 TalkTalk was the wors for UKt; in 2007 some TalkTalk callers came to my girlfriend's house and we let them in - only to skin them alive.


    Anyway - BT are alright. They mostly own the lines and can deal with any problems in that way (especially with old providers being attached - where they just sort it, where as other providers have to contact BT to get rid of the old providers attached, etc). They have a decent list of options to take that suit usage quite well. Decent speeds, as they all seem to have now days (even though the speeds are LIES) and their router they give you is pretty good (the old re-branded Thompson was alright but had one problem which is now fixed with the newer routers).


    This post is pretty much what I was going to say too, the only thing I would say with BT is never expect any helpful support. Generally nothing goes wrong but if it does (assuming its your computer/router and not the 'service') BT are COMPLETELY USELESS. So you might need to post in here if you need help :smile:

  6. Another year, another shitty new year party with the family. Yay, lets celebrate to 2009 and the downfall of world's economy, who knows what evils we will unleash the next 365 days.


    Edit: \(O_o)/




    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that!



  7. Get Mario Kart and you'll never look back! Once you go online your life will disappear!




    I've really only played this and I have 5 Wii games now, picked up MP3, Nights, and BW2 in the sales, but can't stop playing Mario Kart!

  8. Awesome, more must buys than I thought! Best get saving, been playing Mario Kart tonight, I love it so much, almost as good as the N64 version and so much better than the GC version! But N64 rainbow road should have been in there!

  9. I got a Wii yesterday at last woo! I got with my Christmas vouchers and also got myself a component cable and classic controller. My family got me Mario kart and Mario galaxy for chrimbo and I used the stars I had reserved to buy some points and got DKC for the VC.


    Have to say I have been looking forward to this for getting on 2 years and I'm loving the 2 Mario games I have, they really are amazing!

  10. Why in the world do I need to call Microsoft to end gold subscription? It would be so much easier if I could do it myself from the account on the 360.


    Just found out I have been paying for it for two extra months. Only bought for one month because of Fable.


    Yeah that really annoys me, it should be possible either through the dashboard of via xbox.com tbh!


    I have no one from N-E on my friends list, I should probably go through and add some of you none of my irl friends play online :heh: