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  1. This is so hard, errrm:


    1. Zelda OoT - I have never played a game as much as I did this one, not just Nintendo games either, any other game ever, omg, take me back to the day that was released now!!

    2. Pokemon Red

    3. Pokemon Ruby

    4. Goldeneye

    5. Mario Kart (N64)


    I am worried that I might change my mind if I give this more thought, can we change our minds before the closing date and still have our new choices used?

  2. Of course im not going to be downloading anything illegal,,,cough,,,,cough(Its not actually illegal to download music,its up;oading it thats illegal)


    I would just like to bring this to your attention.


    In particular:


    If all I do is download music files, am I still breaking the law?

    Yes, if the person or network you’re downloading from doesn’t have the copyright holder’s permission.