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  1. If you customise your case it'll most likely end up looking crap so I wouldn't bother.


    That isn’t necessarily true. It depends how far you want to go with it, but you can do a pretty good job just getting a window (maybe with a decal scribed into it) and some cold cathode tubes. If you get some UV ones with some UV reactive fans, that looks pretty smart too.

  2. I went into a store to purchase a wireless router, but the guy just completely baffled me.


    I'm looking for a replacement for my current (cheap give-away) modem and a wireless solution so that a laptop can also e used at home (and of course mt DS!).


    Any suggestions?


    I have this router. Excellent peice of kit, works with the DS and upto 5 computers connected at a time (in my house, so maybe more). Mine came with a free USB wireless dongle for my laptop, not sure if they still do it though.

  3. I'd have taken the money too!!


    You could have bought an Xbox 360 on Ebay today for no more than £500, and you'd still have at least £500!!


    I'd go along with that.


    Back on topic, I'm all excited that you have all got your new xbox's, I really wish I could afford one. I'm going to wait until the new year and I have sorted out my finances (currently owe too many banks too much money) before I think about it. I cant wait to play PGR3!

  4. I had one, something I can never understand is, if everyone I talk to has one or had one and everyone thinks they're great (which they are) why aren't sega still making consoles, it seems the whole world loves them!

  5. Sounds like a codec issue to me. Im not sure of the format that you are trying to play, but make sure you have this codec.


    As standard windows doesnt come with a codec for DVD's, normally you have to pay, say £10 for one. However, I went over to InterWin's website , downloaded the free trail, and then never uninstalled it. Although you can't use it once the trial is finished, it has to install the codec, and Windows Media Player will still use the codec as long as keep the expired trial installed!

  6. They are both well spec'd pc's! I would have a hard decision myself, but here is what I think you need to take into account:


    One monitor is 17", the other 19", I have a 19 here and a 17 at work, and it makes for much more enjoyable gaming on the larger monitor!


    The ram - this stuff is shit cheap these days, if you go for the one with the better gpu, you can bang in loads more ram for almost nothing, especially when you compare the price of ram with that of gpu's!


    Finally, the CPU. They are almost identical in that they both do hyper threading (or so I believe). You could say the AMD is future proof due to its 64bit architecture, but at the same time, in raw power the Intel is probably better.


    So all in all, whichever one you buy, they will both do what you want straight out the box. You will just get improvements as you upgrade certain components. You just need to decide what you think you will be prepared to upgrade, say in 6 months time.

  7. If all else fails i find a reformat would work well, but that solves almost anything :heh:


    Bah, thats the first thing everyone around here says!


    *puts work hat on*


    There could be a number of reasons for this, obviously the first is the anti-virus/malware checks. I use these, ususally does the trick:



    SpyBot Search and Destroy

    Trojan Hunter (my favourite)


    There is another, I cant remember, I'll check when I get to work tomorrow. Obviously make sure they are bang upto date and do a full scan, if it gives you the option of a scan after reboot, do that too.


    Next, have made any changes to settings lately, doesnt matter how trivial they are, could be the smallest thing is conflicting somewhere.


    Next, have you installed or removed anything recently? Sounds to me like the computer is having a problem ending a particular process, this is common if you have uninstalled something which the process is looking for, as it obviously cant find it.


    Finally, have you made any hardware changes, plugged anything in, or unplugged anything, maybe a webcam/mouse/keyboard, or whatever?


    Let me the answers to that lot then I'll have a go at sorting out a solution for ya!

  8. Well I didnt think I was going to get one at all, being 21 n all my mum didnt get me one this year, then when I got to work this morning, there was one on the desk from the marketing department, great I thought, until I tried todays chocolate :shakehead


    But then...when I saw my girlfriend tonight, her mum got me a madagasgar one!! Madagasgar ftw!!! (that ain't gonna flyyy)

  9. I think that console manufacturers should name their consoles to represent their stature.


    the Nintendo Misunderstood


    The Microsoft Waste of Money


    The Sony Dissapointment


    Here's just a few I thought of.


    How about:


    The Microsoft 'its just a PC with less features'


    The Sony 'quantity not quality'


    The Nintendo 'don't you have to be 7 to like that thing?'

  10. So could we get a complete list of the games you have got?


    I just sold all my N64 stuff on ebay and now I wished I hadn't!!! Luckily I kept my console so maybe I'll rebuild my collection after christmas with my bonus.


    I was reluctant to get rid of my machine as I have the official expansion pack and 2 controllers both with excellent analogue sticks, so now I'm glad I didn't!