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  1. My last sexual partner could be construed as a goth, she was lovely. The only lasting impression on me was a liking for H.I.M, and I'm not ashamed of that.


    As great as HIM might be, I would have to disagree, they are not even remotely goth. Any self proclaimed goth listening to HIM is in denial and is in fact only a wannabe!

  2. Right, I have had some positive response, that's a good start :D


    I think the retro board is pretty quiet in comparisson with some of the other boards here, so tell your friends we need their feedback!


    In the meantime, ideas for a name (that hasn't already been used) and some feedback of what you would like to see implemented would be great!


    EDIT - I have made a small change to my example to give you a better idea!

  3. So, I had this idea. A reference website for every Nintendo game ever, ever. Basically, for example, in its first incarnation it would list every game ever released for every Nintendo console which you could see alphabetically and search through.


    Once this was available, I could add stuff like box art and average scores, and even 'average' prices for the cost of the game today. It would effictively be a massive online database.


    So my initial questions are: Would this be worth the time investment? I.e. - Would you use it/do you think it would get used?


    Let me know your thoughts!

    P.S - Feel free to help out, if you want to help, PM me :-)


    EDIT - I quickly put this together to give you an idea.

  4. I have been on a Vista trainging course the last two days for work, and although I have had to sign a NDA I can tell you (i think) that the hard drive encryption is an option that can be turned off. I can't tell you how it works etc but I think I can tell you that. Also I can tell you, be very excited, it has some totally impressive stuff!!


    II should get my hands on a copy of a feature complete version next week so I'll let you know what its like to actually use :D

  5. PvE = Person versus Environment

    PvP = Person versus Person

    RP PvP = RolePlaying Person versus Person

    RP PvE = RolePlaying Person versus Environment


    So on a PvE server you get to lvl 60, whats next? Err...nothing! Do the same old high level instances over and over......boring!


    PvP, reach lvl 60, whats next? Alliance slaying!!!! w00t. IMO there is no point in PvE once you reach level cap there really isn't much to do.


    I found that on the RP servers everyone is really anal about actually RP'ing which I guess is fair enough as thats what they are there for. And it is actually quite good fun even if your not into that sort of thing, but they like to flame n00bs which makes it difficult to get into, just read the WoW RP forums to see what I mean! The best thing to do is create a character and hang around for a while, see how it works!


    Im on the Bladefist server if you want to create another alt, I have a lvl 34 Tauren Hunter and an Orc Warrior (now my main) at lvl 23. I am the guild leader of RedHearted which was a 30 man strong guild until I stopped playing for a month or so, now there is only a few of us and I don't have time to recruit whilst I'm levelling. I'm working on a website in the meantime tho.

  6. I have also played this game for over a year, and I even bought a 360 that I don't play because I play this alllll the time, seriously don't have time for any other games!


    I don't even notice the subscription anymore, especially if you buy the pre-paid cards from the shops.


    As far as Rogues/Hunters are concerned, Rogues are easy to play well, hunters are easy to play but difficult to play well. Especially in PVP! Oh yeah, that reminds me, PvE servers suck, once you get to lvl 60 there is nothing to do, make sure you head to a PvP server!


    I could talk about this game for hours, but I won't, just ask if you have anymore questions.

  7. If you decide to go for it now I reccommend looking for a 6800XT - it's a little under the 6600GT performance-wise but has far greater overclocking potential -


    wow, this is confusing, so your saying that the 6600GT is better than the 6800XT at stock level, even though the model number is less?

  8. Ok, so i am building a PC for someone and I have chosen all the components except the RAM and GPU. I am building this on a budget so I think I can afford up to £80 for a graphics card.


    I have a 9800 pro and it is an awesome card, but these are still expensive. I was thinking maybe Nvidia for this system as I haven't had one before.


    What would you recommend. It will be used for playing games like WoW and the sims and zoo tycoon etc.


    I have bought an AMD 2800 CPU and an 80gig Sata drive, so with some PC3200 ram this machine will be quite capable for these games, I just need a good GPU.


    Thanks in advance for all your help.

  9. I have a load of AVI files that I want to watch on my xbox 360 (streamed from my PC) but the 360 doesn't support the divX codec. There is a work around available, but I want to try all my options before I decide what to do. So if I want to convert an AVI, what shall I convert it to? The 360 supports:


    MPEG-1 with MPEG audio

    MPEG-2 with MPEG audio or AC-3 audio

    WMV 7, 8, & 9 with WMA Standard or WMA Pro audio

    WMV Image 1 & 2 (Photo Story 1, 2, & 3)


    Now I assume that MPEG-2 is better than MPEG-1 and WMV 9 is better than 7 or 8 but I would like to know more.


    Are these formats as good as AVI? How about file sizes? I found a program called Win AVI Video Converter, is this a good progam (as I'll have to buy it).


    Any help much appreciated!

  10. I would have to say no. Kameo is awesome, it looks great and plays well, and some of the voice acting is sooo funny.


    PDZ is awesome too, the aiming is hard to begin with but with some practice it is even better than normal as you can really go for headshots instead of some crazy auto aim screwing thigs up. Let me just say, if you have doubts about PDZ, play it some more!