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  1. Well done for not resorting to violence mate, people like that should be stopped from reproducing, cos you know their children are gonna be just like them.


    I agree. Send them for the chop! Their children (all 20 of them from different women) will be worse by about 10 times and then their 20 children (thats 400 now in only 2 generations*) will be 10 times worse and so it goes on! Trust me, stuff global warming and terrorism, we should be worried about problems closer to home! If the governement stopped giving them our money it would be a damn good start....oh god, you've got me started!!!


    *note: 2 chav generations are comparable to 1 normal generation due to the fact that they start reproducing when they are about 12/13.

  2. basically just put thing you have often wondered and see if someone has an answer.


    1) this really doesn't have an answer but it is something i have always wondered. COLOUR. when we are kids we are told that is blue that is red that is green etc. What if what one person see's as Red another see's as Blue. we could all like exactly the same thing but not know it as blue to me might be a nice colour others see it as red (thinking it is blue) and do not like it.


    see where i am going with this? confused?:shakehead


    2) Why does easter egg chocolate taste different to normal chocolate?


    thanks anyway.:D


    1 - OMG, I thought I was the only person that wondered that! It is impossible to prove, so I guess we'll just have to wonder forever!


    2 - Good question. And would it be so nice if we had it all year round instead of just at easter?

  3. I think it looks awesome! What have you made it with? the 'e' in the main 'Nintendo' title looks a bit deformed, and the font for 'Online' top right should be the same as the 'Home' font, but otherwise, I love the style and colour I think it's great! Good work.

  4. Having anti virus is great but the front line of protection is hacving Windows 100% up to date daily.

    It's amazing how many will spend £30 on Norton but not update Windows XP when they go online.


    Agreed. The critical updates are extremely important. It's these holes in the OS security that the virus's are designed to attack!

  5. I have two copies of Enter The Dragon on DVD. They have both been edited so that they are missing some of the more violent violence, but between them they are just about the full original movie. My question is, how do I cut them together to make one ubertastic dvd of violence and death?


    I would ideally like a timeline type interface so that I can cut the scene that is missing and paste it into the right place, like Sony Sound Forge for those of you that have used it.


    The only thing I don't want to do is lose quality, so any tips?

  6. The board news & issues area is hard to use, I didn't know where to put this, I have already put it somewhere else but I'll put it here too. For some reason I can't subscribe to threads anymore, the drop down menu where you choose it from won't drop down.

  7. I'm on a placement right now. Have been here since last may and will be staying until September. It's not 100% related to my course. My course is Computing and IT and I am doing IT support here, but its pretty close. Loving it on placement, earning money and having something regular, no coursework and all that stuff, its great.


    Not looking forward to having to give it all up and head back to the student life :(

  8. I watched Howl's Moving Castle last night, and I thought it was brilliant! I have Spirited Away too and really liked that as well. I might get some of the other Studio stuff now. I have to say, watching things like that always makes me feel a bit weird, kind of, on edge, I can't really explain it, but I still love them!

  9. I never had or never knew much about the old Saturn, I don't know why, it just never hit me as something worth getting, but I have heard loads of good things about Nights, so I'm going to get one off ebay and try it out. I had a look at wikipedia and it seems that there were 2 models in this country, one with 'oval' buttons and one with 'round' buttons. My question is, does this make a difference? Is there something I should try to avoid, or try to get?

  10. Perfect Nick, just think HD is shit.


    Is that sarcasm, or do you mean 'it's the shit'?


    I got a 3rd party vga cable from ebay, don't even know what brand it is, works a charm tho. You get a nice feeling connection when you plug it into the back of your xbox.


    I wanted to plug it into the same monitor as my pc as my pc uses the DVI connection, but it wont swap between the two. Once I plug the xbox into the vga slot it swaps to that and wont switch back with out loads of fiddling around.

  11. Ok, first off, what do you want to do? A basic website with some text and pictures is easy. Frames are a bit harder, and sites with database servers at the back end are usually too complicated for us little people.


    If you have got Frontpage in your office suite, I would recommend it for a novice, it is excellent, especially the latest version. You can just make it all in a Word type fashion and away you go.


    I would personally recommend HTML. The easiest way to learn is to teach yourself, but I'll give you a helping hand to get you started.


    First off, create a new .txt file on your desktop. (make sure you have your machine set to show file extensions)


    Open up the new file, and copy this code into it:


    <TITLE>dis is da pwornzorzz11!!</TITLE>
    <BODY BGCOLOR="black">
    <FONT FACE="Tahoma" COLOR="white">


    I'll explain the code in a minute. Now, save and close, rename the file and change the extension to .html and open the page with your browser, and huzzah, you have a website!


    If you look at the text, there are some things to notice. HTML uses 'tags' the tag to indicate to a browser that it is a html page opens with <HTML> and closes with </HTML>. That tells your browser that anything inside those two tags should be interpreted as HTML.


    Everything in html is done with plain text wrapped in html tags. You always have the basic setup of:




    I should probably note at this point that it isn't case sensitive, but it is good practice to try and keep your code tidy.


    Here are some sites to give you some more help:


    This site is perfect to explain what I just said in a much better fashion:




    Here is a site that has all the tag's you'll need:




    If you need anything else, write back here, or PM me!

  12. I haven't finished an FF game yet, got to last disc on 7, hardly played 8 (a bit pooey imo) got to last disc of 9 and last boss of 10, never played 10-2, and 11 was the biggest load of BS ever, maybe this'll be the one! Will have to buy a PS2 tho, don't have one of my own, besides I want ICO and Shadow of Collosus anyway!

  13. will these specs run the game fine?


    AMD64 X2 4400+

    1gig ram

    Radeon x1900 All in Wonder



    Yes, but you might want some more RAM. I'm surprised you don't have more when compared to the rest of the specs!


    Pc would never run it (1.2 gtz ati 9800 512 of ram), i might just wait untill i get a 360, but it just wouldn't be the same.


    I would wait until you get a 360, play Morrowind in the mean time, it'll run great on your box and its about a fiva in Game!

  14. Getting this on the PC, just wondering how high i'll be able to crank up the settings with a GeForce 5200 and only 512mbs of RAM.


    From what I have seen, you will stuggle with those specs, I know they have released the recommended specs and that you come in the bracket, but seriously the 5200 is really old now and not capable of much at all, especially not the 128mb version. Anyone who wants to play games on their PC should always have between 1.5 and 3 gig of RAM too, 512 just doesn't cut it. (I'm not flaming, just giving some advice).


    As for the PC vs 360 arguement, if the xbox version of Morrowind is anything to go by, be prepared for disappointement. The PC version was smooth and quick, ran well and had tiny loading times. The xbox version however was awful. With bad draw distance, looooong loading times, random crashes, jaggies and all the rest.


    Anyone who would class themselves as an Elder Scrolls elitist would be daft to get this on the 360 over the PC. You will need a very high spec PC, but it would be better for sure!


    Anywho, I'm going to get this, on the 360 (can't afford to upgrade my PC) and I'm really looking forward to it. Was the reason I got my 360, morrowind was uber and this game is massive, 16 square miles! Yikes!

  15. I have my xbox 360 connected to my MCE pc, it's great, however, if you want to watch format's not support my MCE (which is just about all of them) you'll need this little 3rd party app!


    It basically automates this process.


    As long as your PC can handle it, the program will convert your files 'on the fly' to a format that MCE will play. It is CPU intensive however. I don't need to use my PC whilst i'm watching any of my AVI's which is probably a good thing as it pretty much grinds to a halt.

  16. Shorty, I think the idea is that on occasion you will get a link to a file that when you click it, it automatically opens and plays, and the link isn't right-clickable so you can't choose 'save as'. With this you can copy the link, create the right-clickable link then you will be able to right-click and 'save-as'.....I think that's its purpose anyway....


    EDIT - Just found a use for it! I got a link in a hotmail to a thread in a forum and hotmail won't let you shift-click it to open in a new tab in firefox so i whacked it into the urlmaker and then I could! hurrah!